Bucegi mountains , also in Romania, a the very eastern end of South Carpathians. The are very popular and overcrowded in several places, but rich in wonders. One of them is the unusual rock that builds a part of them, a conglomerate made of large boulders rather than pebbles. Another wonder are the Babele rocks sculpted by wind in sandstone. The highest peak of Bucegi, Omul (2507 meters) is crowned by a sandstone spire that gave it the name ("Omul" means "The Man"). The hut, situated on the top plateau, has no access to water; water must be carried from a few hundred meters away. But it offers marvellous views at all times of the day and night, like the one here , toward the Bucura peak (2503 meters) and Ialomita valley. In addition to such gentle landscapes, Bucegi have something also for rock hikers, like the Hornulire Malaestilor and the Bucsoiu valley, and even for extreme climbers, like the Caraiman east face and east buttress.

More here : http://planetearthvortex.wordpress.com/tag/bosnian-pyramid/

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      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • oh yeah-this 3d is moving away from cause and effect/exchange into 5d with everyone becoming not only 'enlightened' but releasing kundalini and going into permanent  nirvana-sounds good-but no only higher vibes as the earth moves into the aquarian age expelling lower vibe spirits but human nature, luciferian (Star Wars Sith) power games, and the core establishment matrix programming will stay the same-you must be the gang that programs the matrix to create a new paradigm 

  • I couldn't resist a cheeky little plug here... the Bucegi mountains were actually the inspiration for the mysterious mountains in my fantasy book... I called them "The Great Buvarious Mountains". I visited Romania in 2006 and the place really left an impression on me. if you are interested, please check out my website. I have some great photos there of my trip to Romania and also some chapter excerpts...    http://www.knightsofeternity.com/

    Join the heroic Knights of Eternity on a daring quest into the mountains… Join King Alectorious and his valiant knights in this sweeping fantasy worl…
  • Here's something interesting related to Bucegihttp://humansarefree.com/2010/11/another-true-history-chapter.html#A-

  • Information, links, video and one of the most greatest finds ever yet (and more to come...)!  That's how it's done!  Thanks, Sylvain!

    Spoiler Alert:  There's a spacecaft under the pyramids/sphinxs.

  • example; the town of sacremento in the beginning-nothing there but the freemasons and others built it-communists m.o.-create an insurgency within a country built by others overthrow it and take the best gangland style-chinese communist party members extorting money from people all over china right now and you can imagine what would happen if you don't pay-a joke of the lowest level

  • rich-the communist is more ethiclal than the free mason-Bush was involved-this guy is an disinfo operative for the nwo

  • interesting ... Balkan Region is fascinating with its ancient history ...

  • Really interesting! Thanks a lot for posting!

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"Psalm 112:4
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