The graphic that is portrayed on the cover of this book was designed by Archangel Michael in cooperation with Matia Michaelson. The reason he gives for this request, is that those who view it and those who read the information that he has given to Carolyn Evers, may find their mind sparked with a remembrance of home and their divine plan, and that they have contracts to fulfill.The lightning represents the power of the 1st ray’s blue flame of love, will and power sending a constant stream of light to the Earth for the freeing of the lightworkers to give them the strength and will to break away from the ego mind and the lower dimensions.The scales represent the karmic justice coming full circle since mankind has been unable to balance it all of these hundreds of generations since the fall. So the time has come for the Earth herself to balance that karma with or without mankind’s help.The clock is symbolic of your Earth time ticking away in these last days of the 3rd dimensional reality, and to spark within mankind the awareness that the days of the reality you presently know on Earth are now numbered. It is your free-will choice, whether you spend this time assisting the higher realms making the shift with grace and ease, or continue to live and serve the illusion of the 3rd dimension. Choose now whom you will serve.The crystals around the earth are a representation of restoring the planet to its original crystalline structure before mankind so decimated Mother Earth through their separation from God.The light around the Earth is symbolic of the Creator Father/Mother God’s energy flooding the Earth at this time/point of the shift as the Universe ends a 200,000 year cycle drawing back again to the source of her creation. These new energies have not been seen before and will create within each evolution embodying on the planet a return to their original blueprint and pristine state as the Creator Father/Mother God says "thus far and no farther." It is time to return to your original blueprint and remove yourselves from the lower realities.The sky represents the cosmos from which all life came and to which all life will return as we complete the evolutionary process and learn to once again join with the higher dimensions and become our true selves.May the power and love of the Father/Mother God spark within you the vision of awakening to your true potential of living in the light and may you do all this with grace and ease. The Father/Mother God do not want their children to suffer any longer . It is time to come home.Archangel Michael through Matia MichaelsonThe Crystal Pyramid

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  • From the book " Earth History - Past, Present and Future "
    by Archangel Michael

    No One Will Be Left Behind
    Archangel Michael

    Archangel Michael's Conclave
    through Carolyn Evers

    We are here with you and we work with many others from my side. There
    have been many angels assigned to this planet at this time. They have
    experience in performing this service of working with souls to bring
    them through the time lines of energy to a fullness of one spirit.

    Other planets have gone through metamorphosis, not in exactly the same
    manner as your planet, but there are templates which have been placed
    in a library of sorts for all to see and study how energy reacts to
    thought and movement within space and what you call time.

    Time is not exactly as you perceive it on Earth with one event
    followed by another event and marked on a calendar showing a
    progression in events called time. Rather on my side there seems to
    be more of a circle and along that circle are events so that all can
    be reviewed simultaneously. I realize that this is a difficult concept
    to comprehend as it is so different from what you have ever
    experienced there, but when you were on my side between lifetimes you
    wore that knowledge well. When you finally move through this energy
    band of which we speak, you will feel at home as this is your home,
    and not the experiment that you experienced.

    I will be here to welcome you back as I have done many times before
    when you transitioned back and forth between this place and the earth
    which you consider part of the reincarnation process.

    I wanted to start with this thought so you could feel quite
    comfortable with the idea that things on my side, even though they may
    appear different, are understood by you and you are experienced with
    its condition.

    When you saw me last you left to follow a trail to Earth and your soul
    sent a blueprint first and as you entered the condition of being
    conceived in the physical, you incorporated this blueprint and a body
    was formed with the raw materials and building blocks from your world.

    When you move to my energy band or dimension, you will not have to
    leave your body this time, as you will still be part of your physical
    yet you will be here in my domain. You have used the word ascension as
    if it is a new concept that you struggle towards. I would say that
    yes, this is a new and great progression; however, it is only the
    beginning of a truly marvelous experience.

    I have experienced all that is before you and I say it is beyond your
    earthly imaginings. There is no disappointment here as you can create
    what you desire. Those who will be with you will be full of love so
    that creating what one desires will be in full cooperation with
    others. Where you are now the history of your experiences has been
    one of strife and struggle with one another, and many times you have
    felt alone or abandoned.

    Here there is no struggle because all have the same goals and belief
    system and there is a cooperation and understanding of one another
    that is unknown there. The closest thing in your world history that
    is similar to this estate was in the early monastic movements where
    communities lived in full cooperation with one another and working for
    the good of all. They lived under the banner of true spiritual
    striving of love for all, but loving their creator first and foremost.

    Here, you will be able to explore and create as your mind and desires
    dictate, and you will have the tools to follow your dreams. The love
    energy here is encouraged and grows because each one who sends forth
    their love encompasses all and that force grows with each individual
    so that there is a form of bliss that multiplies among the group. It
    is a very satisfying form of existence.

    I want this for all of my followers who came with me to this planet,
    but as I said before, this will not be the case as the time is growing
    short and there is much work for some to do to complete the
    requirements of this transition.

    I would like to take a moment to explain the difference between the
    estate of the souls who transition between your physical earth and my
    dimension who are still subject to the rules of reincarnation, and the
    state that will be achieved in the new earth that we have been discussing.

    Presently when someone dies on your plane, it is true that they
    transition to a place that has all the memories of their past
    lifetimes and they are given the opportunity to review these lifetimes
    and especially the last one. It is in this manner that they are able
    to plan to incorporate new goals for spiritual achievement in the next
    lifetime which they are able to experience. Also this is necessary as
    there are responsibilities that need to be finished. No one can leave
    a dimension unless all their responsibilities to any form of life have
    been satisfactorily expunged.

    When one finalizes their transition to the new earth, there will be no
    need to reincarnate and that process is finished for them. They have
    moved to a new experience without any connections to the old as there
    are not any remnants left that need to be corrected; all the traumas
    of the past would have been turned away in the physical.

    Let us take a moment to mention that those souls who might not be
    presently working on perfecting their spiritual life, there can be an
    instantaneous awakening. It has been accomplished before and I hope
    that this information will awaken some to remember why they are there.
    Clearing the physical can be done quickly if one becomes awakened and
    I yearn that all may become aware.

    Earlier we spoke of a division. You now exist in the physical earth
    and you understand what that entails where you are now. You have heard
    many times that the Earth is clearing all the undesirable pollution
    that has clogged her systems for so long. She desires to become that
    pristine wonder that she was when she first came into form. She is
    doing that now as we speak and doing it perhaps quicker than expected.

    As Earth is clearing her systems there is also being pieced together
    what may seem like a duplicate of Earth. Right now this duplicate is
    faint and cannot be seen by most, though there are some who are
    sensitive to subtle energy and they can perceive this building up of
    matter. This duplicate might be considered a mirror image but without
    the imperfections that have befallen earth. The image and the hard
    physical stand almost within one another they are so close. So there
    are two miracles going on simultaneously, one relates to the duplicate
    planet and one relates to human changes.

    Since the two earths are so close in proximity, humans can exist in
    both worlds so to speak. The two worlds haven't split off from one
    another yet, and this condition has been evolving for over twenty
    years. The beginning of the building up of the mirror image of earth
    was very slow in the beginning, it was practically a thought, and
    today it is being hastened because of momentum and is almost complete
    in design and blueprint.

    Soon the Earth will begin to harden but that process has not begun
    yet. It will be at the point of hardening that individuals must be
    ready to transition to the new earth. There can be no turning back,
    one either has the ability to move with the new earth or they will not.

    Once the new earth hardens and that group of humans who are able to
    move with her have finished their process, there will be a progression
    of events. There is a second sun presently waiting nearby. It has not
    been discovered as a sun as such because the energy which comes from
    this celestial body emanates light that appears different from the sun
    currently in your solar system.

    That sun will come forth and join your sun so that this will become a
    planetary system with two star suns, though the second sun will be a
    star emanating a spiritual energy and the light will have a bluish
    tint to its glow. That glow will be of divine energy and directly
    connected to supreme creator in the center of the cosmos. It will
    invigorate the spiritual aspects of soul as you have never before
    experienced while embodied. It is at that juncture point that your
    memories of who you ever were and hope to become will be activated so
    that you will remember all of your experiences since you were created
    as you sprang forth from your creator. I can't express to you in your
    words so you can understand what that means to soul, to remember your
    God. I can only suggest to you to make an effort to try and feel what
    it was like. If you try and feel what it was like, you might remember
    on some elementary level the joy and companionship of being attuned to
    your Creator.

    There was a time before you came to Atlantis that you were connected
    with Prime Creator through an energy pattern. In that energetic
    connection you could trace or review and understand the results of
    your planned deeds and compare that to the will of the Creator,
    however even then you did not have all the memories of soul.

    I can speak of this connection as I have never lost that connection
    with my Creator, yet I cannot describe it in terms that you can
    understand with your limited human understanding what it will mean to
    you once remembered. You have yearned for this memory through all of
    your experiences since you were first thrust forth from Creator in the
    beginning of your soul development and experiences, though you were
    not always aware that it was this experience that you hungered for.
    And I tell you my beautiful friends; this experience is so close to
    you, your gift is at hand and I rejoice in communicating these words
    to you.

    I have watched you from my realm and I have grieved at your suffering
    as I am so close to you and I love you in a special manner that you
    could never know, and I am so joyful that many of you will finally
    experience what I know you crave. There will be no strife in this new
    world, I can promise you that. There is only love here and
    contentment and a memory of joy that is to be had and shared among
    all. At last you will finally recognize one another and know their
    paths and yours and how they have intermingled with one another.

    Yet I must watch others who will not make the effort to prepare for
    the divide that is on the horizon. My heart is heavy at this thought
    and knowledge that this will be many of my friends who will not find
    the new Earth. They will experience a convulsing of the earth that is
    beneath their feet as the last stages of renewal takes place.

    The new Earth will not suffer these dramatic changes as it is being
    formed of energy that is spiritual and it will be whole and complete
    and without the pollution that fills your Earth now, and it will have
    no need to renew itself. The core and plate system of this new Earth
    will be similar to yours, but slightly different so that it will not
    have an aging plate system, though it will be planned with a renewal
    system if needed. All systems in creation have the benefit of
    possibilities programmed into its design, and the new earth will not
    be an exception.

    We are not privy to the information as to how long the two suns will
    exist in tandem with one another, but at some point that has not been
    designated to us yet, the new sun along with the new Earth will move
    to another section of the cosmos with all of its inhabitants along
    with their governing spiritual hierarchy which includes myself.

    So, many will be saying goodbye and many will be saying hello. There
    will be no memory of division or heartbreak with those who move with
    the new earth. Those who remain will be occupied with the changing
    earth and those forces that are full of domination and control. Those
    left will either choose to stay or transition. Those who transition
    will reincarnate to a new planet that has emanations similar to the
    Earth they now occupy and they will have all the assistance that can
    be provided to them along with the opportunities to elevate themselves
    spiritually, though their angels and members of their spiritual
    hierarchy will be different. Their guardian angel will move with them
    as they have followed them through all the moments that they existed
    from the very beginning.

    Those who are diametrically opposed to the creator in all their forms
    will inherit the Earth as it goes through its convalescing. They also
    will have a chance to change and grow spiritually, but it will be
    difficult for them as they have not developed the ability to love and
    be compassionate and therefore are not able to utilize the light in
    the energy as it comes through the sun.

    Let us speak of justice for a moment. There are rules that have been
    set down by the Creator and they must be followed as they are rules
    which will be applied to all. All had the same opportunities and all
    were loved with a force so great that they were given free will to
    explore and experience as they desired. All will be given the
    information regarding renewal and it is a choice of each individual
    soul to become aware of what is in the future. We consider this
    justice as the godhead considers this justice. In their great love
    for their creation they will allow the singular choices of individuals.

    So where I might feel saddened by the loss of elevation for all the
    souls under my care, I know that this opportunity will come again to
    all when it is available again though it will be a very long time as
    there is a cycle that must by its very nature follow a designated
    round overseen by the movement of celestial bodies and the movement of
    the cosmos in general.

    The creator forgets no one and everyone is precious in their sight.
    They sit in the center of the cosmos and understand all that has
    befallen each soul. Though there are many souls, the creator is aware
    of each and every one of them and they are etched in creator's memory
    and thought.

    And so I end this part of my discussion full of expectation for those
    who will join me face to face, and though I am saddened by those who
    will not follow me, I know they will be provided for in love and a
    tender care because all are special in divine providence.
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