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Early reports of Spacecraft Sightings by Greg Giles

V shaped craft videotaped by two seperate witnesses over Phoenix, Arizona on March 8th 2008.

Go here to see video:

Ascension Earth 2012

In recent days both the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light have stated they would step up the number and quality of the sightings of their ships, and I wish to make it clear at this time that is all they said, as neither galactic command mentioned anything about a mass sighting or any major event on any day.
I have received reports of two separate sightings of ships, both spotted on March 22nd, and both in Scandinavian countries. One was sent to me by Andreas Janson of Sweden, who after reading the messages from the galactic commands went UFO hunting with his girlfriend. Andreas states; “15 meters above my car a V-shaped UFO hovered, by 2 cigar shaped ones. There were no spotlights on either of the ships, and there was a lot of movement among the stars.”

Another report was shared with me by Sandra who lives in neighboring Finland who witnessed star-like lights above her building. Sandra states “I think I saw 5 small flying, I thought it was stars, and one big one with really bright lights. It didn't make any sound and it was fast.” Sandra also says that the city newspaper said it wasn't anything but space junk. “I know what I saw” Sandra says, “The big one was kind of really close. I could see it even when it shut its lights off.”

My friend Sam has also reported that he witnessed the V shaped craft over Phoenix, Arizona on March 8th, and I have gotten a chance to view his videotape of the sighting. The tape clearly shows a V shaped craft that appears to be the same type and size as the craft in the above video. He and his wife also witnessed a craft that shined a bright orange glow on Monday, March 19th.

It is very interesting that the ships witnessed by Andreas and his girlfriend in Sweden and Sam's sighting in Phoenix match the description given to us by the Galactic Federation of Light of large, black, V-shaped craft with lights running down both wings. The cylinder shaped objects that Andreas has also reported match the descriptions of the mother ships used by the Galactic Federation of Light. Sandra’s sighting in Finland matches closely what the Ashtar Command advised us to look for when identifying their ships, and Sam and his wife also witnessed this type of sighting this week. The Ashtar Command explained that when witnessing their ships we would see only bright lights, differing from the color of the background of the daytime or nighttime sky, as from our 3rd dimensional perspective we would only be able to perceive lights and not the actual design of their ships.

Posted by Greg Giles at 10:07 PM

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That's great - but what does it mean?  What's the purpose of it all?


Please, can someone explain?

Thanks for this great article Greg and bless you Mr.Ed for posting it! : )

I saw an orange flaming object fly right over me last night. I've also seen quite a few 'shooting stars' in the past two nights (I see them all the time but not usually one after the other). I've had my camera ready but the lights were too fast and everything I recorded was just black. But I did accidently take a photo and was surprised to see a red light in it which wasn't there before...(see Eve's post 'Looking For Ships'-

Here's another photo I took tonight:

(the moon-like circle in the top left hand corner and the one below it weren't there when I took the photo, zoom in to see them clearly)...

I'll definitely keep looking and can't wait to see the starship footage others are getting, good luck everyone!

Namaste : )




Hi Greg, I just want to ask, did the V-shaped craft in the 1997 Phoenix Lights ufo sighting come from the Ashtar Command?

I am really starting to wonder about Greg Giles.  

He, to my knowledge doesn't have one video of himself.... I am starting to wonder if this person even exists at all.  I don't know where his messages are even coming from...

There is just no evidence to back up that he has any connection to the real Galactic Federation...

I am definitely not trying to debunk what he has said, because he has posted some things that I resonate with, but I guess I wonder who this guy really is, even his picture looks kind of made up to me...

Just a feeling I get from him... 

Can't comment to your comment Kelly so I'll post it here :-)

You're definitely correct, we should go with our instincts.  That said, I may be totally incorrect here too.  I just... find it hard to believe that he has never made one video, and only has that one image of himself.  Again, I am not trying to be disrespectful, but it's just me in wanting to actually understand who Greg really is.

That and I had a strange dream a few nights ago, and I kept waking up and thinking about him for some reason lol :)

If you see someone in action, hearing them talk, it's easier to get a lock on who they are - and actually know they exist, but to my knowledge there is nothing out there, and I've looked at a lot of sites....

Again, I mean no disrespect, I know that in time all truth comes out, so I will wait until my questions are answered :-)

We are being prepared for open contact.



Actually I do have video of myself, you can look at it right on my profile page!  There are also numerous photos of me there as well, and I can provide you with more evidence of my identity if you want...  

In regard to Bashar, he has posted numerous video's of himself, as well as numerous images, that again lets you know who he really is...

But with Greg, he has no website, and has never posted any video with him in it, and he just has that one low quality image, which I also question... something within me wonders why?

Again, I don't know if I am accurate, but I am wondering who he really is.  Everyone has the total right to stay a mystery to the world if they choose to, but for someone who is posting that much information to stay a mystery.... something within me is starting to wonder why.

I know the truth will be shown to me, regardless of my personal feelings about it, and that is what matters to me.  

Truth matters ~ and I know it will be shown to me in time.

I thought I would add this to the pile of recent UFO sightings. This guy has done this very professionally, beautiful camera, good tripod and great footage! I got my camera ready, do you?

Ed ~ Yes I did clicked your links, which took me to a webpage (blogspot), it's not a "website".  I am not interested in speaking agaisnt Greg in anyway ~ like I say he has published a lot of cool messages that I can see truth in.

I just don't understand why he has never... ever made one single video ~ and only has that one low res pic of himself...?

I don't know why, but for some reason it makes me wonder about him.

This is something that is speaking to me and I'm not sure why.

This just happened all of the sudden, I had this strange dream a few nights ago, and this thought was going through my head when I woke up in the middle of the night multiple times. maybe it's because I've also thought of trying to open to channel recently too...

So if Greg is reading this, sorry not trying to say anything negative, I am just wondering why... so with respect I ask these questions.

~ Namaste ~



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