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Dying to Love” By Elijah David


The yearning to love can be deeply felt, but also frustrating. The most profound issue is our need to let go of any agenda or regret by living in the present, in a state of "allowance". When love is illusive, or we are lost in reaction, we tend to overthink issues, when what we really need is solace and quiet to release the incoherence of our thought & feelings.


There is a paradox, you have to let go of your need for love to embrace the Source of Love which is your true nature. In other words, you need to merge with the formless first, in order to be conscious of the dynamics of form.


A desire for love will always be compromised when you are acting, or feeling, from the viewpoint of an assumed self. This falsity is created by parenting, schooling, your religious persuasion and culture. These conditions are inherited first, and then developed, they comprise your identity which creates your sense of separation from others.


If you wish to evolve to the frequency of unconditional love, you will need to identify with “Beingness” by flowing with the life force, the energy that sustains you. By doing so, you become the Witness to your thoughts & feelings.


You can’t solve issues with your mind, for the mind is the same program that keeps creating them. Emotions require movement, but Mind requires "Stillness" before you merge with eternal presence and transcend the limitations of time.


People have a deeply repressed fear of surrendering their assumed self, the one with which they have identified since their earliest childhood memories. This is an existential fear, a final wall that prevents a love affair with the eternal, and it includes the fear of dying. The door of the cage may be wide open, but you can still be loath to fly out.


The “gate-less gate”, and the “pathless path”, don’t allow excess baggage - so you must lose yourself to gain the Self. Once such a profound act of faith occurs, the demand of relating to what’s “out there”, particularly others, disappears.


Your inside & the outside become One, the Lover merges with the Loved, and the One perceiving & the perceived are One. There is nought to gain, and nothing to defend, you are One, the Presence of Unconditional Love. This may occur suddenly or gradually, but in the end, the final thought, is to surrender the idea that “I am not already there"....


Elijah David

“Alchemy of the New Earth”


Video - "I Am The Embodiment Of My Divine Self" -


Happy Thanksgiving with Infinite Blessings of God's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance for All of You every day,

Steven Hutchinson

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