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Does having to go to sleep and end the day make you feel depressed?

I don't know why, but I detest sleep. It makes me feel depressed to see that the day is over. Time goes by way too fast!

Allot of the time I don't go to sleep until I pass out.

I haven't slept for two days, but I don't feel tired at all, its kind of weird.

When I try to sleep I constantly have annoying thoughts and toss and turn all night! Ugh! I feel like I have better things to do than just lie in bed waiting...


I know I sound stupid about my sleeping patterns and random, but I have been wondering if anyone else here feels the same about sleep?



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You are not alone.  I have trouble getting myself into an sort of constructive sleep pattern.  I know exactly just what you mean about wishing the day would not end so I just continue to stay up and do what ever activity I am engaged in when it is time that everyone else is in bed sleeping.  Sleeping to me is something that I do not relish much, I feel like I should be accomplishing something 24/7 and can go about two days without sleep and then I conk out and am lucky if I sleep for six hours and then feel compelled to spring out of bed and start an activity of some sort the minute my feet hit the floor.  A lot of that has to do with being terribly ill and almost dying on a few separate occasions and coming back from NDEs feeling driven to do as much as I can not knowing why I got a reprive, lol.  I have been accused of having ants in my pants, lol. 


 I think in part though that my lack of a sleeping schedule led to my having narcolepsy, when I had a year or two that I fell asleep at the most inconvenient times like at work, on a work telephone call, while I was doing a phone interview when I worked for the workers compensation board for awhile, all sorts of weird places and times.  It is because my body would tell me when it was tired by simply falling asleep when it felt like it. 


Finally I figured out that most of my sleep "disorder" started when I was young.  I was abducted on a few occasions (long story for another time), and thus because it happened while I was in bed sleeping, my mind decided that as long as I did not go to sleep then I would not be abducted again.  This habit of fighting sleep nail and tooth lasted for quite awhile until I was abducted in the day time and in broad daylight out doors.  Then I figured out that it did matter whether I was asleep or awake, if it was going to happen it would irregardless of my actions.  So now even though I do not want to sleep at night, I force myself to let go of the day and sleep for about 5 hours nightly.  That way I am not proned to falling asleep at inappropriate times.  Thank goodness I do not drive or I would have either killed someone falling asleep at the wheel, or killed someone else for sure.  I am not saying that you have a sleep disorder though, just saying that you are not alone in having the feeling that you do not want to go to sleep and when you do lay down your mind goes in fast-forward.

Yup Shabad, I have.  I feel that we plan our life experiences for spiritual growth before we come into this incarnation.  I guess I thought I needed to learn a WHOLE LOT, and oftentimes I think about what I had chosen for this life's experiences and I think to myself "WHAT TO HELL WAS I THINKING??????????????"  I hope I get a do-over that is less eventful and not so many traumatic lessons to suffer through, haha.  Hoping for ascention and then maybe a reprieve from any more harrowing existences.  Maybe I earned some peace, sure hope so.  That is what keeps me hanging in there (and "semi" sane, lol).
hello shallon your not alone with what you think i wish there were times when i would never have to sleep cause theres so much out there but sleeping wont let you get to see whats out there this was a really good post you put on here shallon
In most cases: Unfortunately YES!

I don't like those nasty disturbances from being awake (=Need4Sleep) at all as well!

Nor am I able to sustain any regular sleep patterns. To recover fully during the night I have to get about 12(!) hours of sleep a day!

There is actually few that I dislike more than having to get up early...
Awesome idea Keldario!  Just like producing and directing your own personal movie where you are the star.




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