It's a very simple yes or no question, not whether someone else told you that you are one, but do you personally consider yourself to be a Lightworker. Explain why and such, and if you don't, why you visit ACC. [I want to know why people visit ACC, not that you shouldn't be here if you're not a "lightworker".]


Edit: Honestly the intention for this is just like a survey. I've been accused by people who also don't consider themselves lightworkers as to not belonging or that I shouldn't be allowed here because I don't recognize any kind of "lightworker status" in myself - which frustrates me to no end because I know the most lightworkerish people I come across here are the ones who don't elevate themselves to any kind of "holier than thou" title/ status. So I decided to make a discussion for everyone to put their own views on it, it's not an attack or anything. I have a major headache today so I'll come back and reply and stuff later.

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  • Yes I do, I care about all and am visibly conscious of 'cosmic' light from lightbodies and crystals.

    I am still learning but hey, I work with light. I can tell much more, but practically this is it.

  • Sweety, you may be getting such responses due to the way you've asked the question. "Asking for an explanation and if one cannot be given then you shouldn't be here."

    A lot of people on AC are not "lightworkers" in the sense of the word but all are part of the Greater Collective Conciousness. By having AC as a place to come together, we are amassing the collective and enhancing the energies and sharing the Love and the Light. That is the Greatest work we can do at this time. Nothing more is needed.

  • No I am not a lightworker nor am I a darkworker.
    I am a shadow.
    I am both light and dark, I am in balance with the universe.
    I can interact with the elemental beings known as.
    Gnome, Undine, Sylph, and Salamander.
    I can interact with the mist and talk to the recently passed that I care about.
    I can feel the aether and its push and pull in our lives.
    I catalog information as a secretary for an organization that does not exist.
    I also teach nine levels of ascension that deal with physical, mental, and spiritual as one entity.
    I am who I am.
  • I have not often used the term 'lightworker', but I believe it means as it reads8114189100?profile=original  One who works with the light, around the light, sharing the light.  Light as opposed to dark. When life here in 3D doesn't feel so heavy and gloomy anymore, than perhaps you have found the 'light'.  When you feel there is hope again, then you are with the light.  Shouldn't be too complicated.  It's not really a title, or name.  You feel illuminated by love and hope and caring and you share that with those around you.

  • Hail, hail, James!  That was so well said!  I could never have said it so lovingly and kind and articulate as you. Everything you said resonated as a truth to me.   Thank you, thank you.   Blessings for your day, Yvonne8115969269?profile=original

  • Thanks for your reply, Reikara. You speak a lot of wisdom.

    I know I should let go and accept that not everyone is like me, that I should just focus on trying to do the best I can to make the world a better place. But in order to make the world a better place, in order for justice to prevail, things have to change. And I can't change them on my own. I wish I could, but I can't.

    So for the last five years, I have been trying to spread the word and engage people, to get them passionate about the inequality of the world, and to realise that, TOGETHER, we have the chance to change things. But no-one wants to listen. I tend not to talk about ETs and UFOs because most people laugh it off, so instead I have been linking everyone I know to evidence about the cabal etc.

    But you're right, they don't want to face up to it. It's too much for them to have to handle, they would rather live in denial. And I don't blame them for it - if I could go back to sleep and not care, I would. But my eyes are open, and I can't stop caring.

    And it's just so utterly lonely. I know I have this forum, and it's great to know that I'm not alone in a planetary sense; but there's no-one physically around me I can talk to, who understands and agrees with me, no-one who tells me I'm right to care about these things. And this loneliness makes me so unhappy.

    Then the unhappiness gives way to rage. It's not fair that I'm suffering because I care about injustice more than other people. I don't deserve to be miserable. I envy everyone else for their simple existences. I'm not like them, and I never have been. And if there were benevolent ETs watching over that cared about human suffering, they would not leave me, or anyone else, like this. If they knew how much I was hurting, and they were as compassionate as they claim, they would step in. It wouldn't be violating my free will, I would welcome it.

    But they don't. And so I don't believe that they are there - or at least, if they are, I don't believe that they're as loving as people think. And if this is the case, how then can I trust anything anyone says about them? I've substituted religion with belief in divine astronauts, because I desperately need SOMETHING to believe in; I have to believe that there's a REASON behind my suffering. But all the promises fade away and are broken and forgotten, replaced with new ones, every year. It's a joke.

    I enjoy comedy, but I must admit my laughter has become completely hollow. Human beings are the only animal on earth that tells jokes, simply because we are the only ones so hopelessly unhappy that we need laughter in the first place.

    I'm hoping and praying for some kind of miracle to give me faith, but every day it seems less and less likely.

    Sorry, this is rather depressing.

    Love and light x

  • I never consider myself fully lightworker because I am not quite experienced and I don't do regular meditation though I do it daily, Besides it takes quite a effort or commitment to rank that status because the more you are subjected to many attacks by negative people out of nowhere. the lower vibration you will plunged and you need to raise it up, again and again. It's quite stressful because finding the real lightworker is not really easy as they form the minority of the Earth population. I seen and heard many so-called lightworker holding certificates and degrees hanging on the wall but does their method works? Do you need so?

    I am just an ordinary man raised in a lowly average family, quite a fluctuating environment until my father passed away 17 years ago. My parents regularly quarrels even for small reason and it is painful to my sight and heart. Now staying with mom, and still struggling financially to support her, living costs and loans, I never see that life up to now is always easy for me. I look at society and their lifestyle, all I can do is sighing. "Why?"

    However, I have read a statement from a meditation guru. "A person who meditates silently for their beloved ones and for the whole world WITHOUT revealing themselves as a lightworker to promote themselves to public. A person who devoted lightwork UNCONDITIONALLY and without hoping for anything in return from others. That is why these people are called "THE REAL LIGHTWORKER".

    I never tell even my mom or my sister about my such meditation work but don't get misunderstood. I don't come here to get publicity because I don't want to get famous. I don't want fame, it's no use. Being what I AM now will do me enough. That's all.

    This is just my opinion based from the little sources I found. Hope this is helpful.

  • I want to know the answer of the OP. Do you consider yourself a Lightworker? Why do you visit ACC?
  • -------------------------------- ( ( ( YES ) ) ) ------------------------------------


    “Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” 

    ~Robert Nesta Marley


    ------------------ ( ( ( Half Measures Avail Us Nothing ) ) ) --------------------- 

  • Many of us have gravitated to this site in a pursuit to find a way to prepare for the "golde age". To be much better people than we already are....Many of us are using the words and ideas of the contributers to find out who and why we are what we are.  Many of us are inherently good people - and in being so, naturally do our best , showing kindness and love to the peoples around us.

    After reading article upon article on how ?? to move to a higher dimension, Ascension ????  I still have absolutely no idea how this will be accomplished. I have moments when I feel "righteous" and at "peace" with myself and the people close to me - this is great feeling, but I cannot with any honesty say that I am progressing in any way to a "higher" dimension. I have no idea how.

    But before you condemn me - I dont know how !?

    I have not seen any UFO's, had any revealing visits from "others", do not know any "channelers" live in the southern hemisphere - which is NEVER mentioned in any of the articles....

    So I find your question a little "loaded" - yes, I AM A LIGHTWORKER... I'm a good person, caring for my fellow are you a lightworker, what is your definintion of this ? how do you maintain this state, how are you working toward a higher state ??

    Maybe you have seen some article or have had some "divine" intervention on how to be a "lightworker"

    This response in in NO way derogatory or meant to be offensive.....I spend at least 6 hours a day scouring theses sites for some sort of direction.....Show me (and probably many others)  how to see the light ? ....and become a "worker" for the bigger cause....

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