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"Do Not Forsake The Present For The Future And Forget To Live In The Now" - One Who Serves



"Do Not Forsake The Present For The Future And Forget To Live In The Now" - One Who Serves


One Who Serves (OWS) channeled by James McConnell


These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on February 11, 2018.  


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Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!


(following all of us chanting Om for some time) How you feel now? Are you out of breath? Or did you add breath to you? Did you add energy?


It is all about adding energy, creating energy here, raising the vibrations. And at times it is necessary to do this. At times it is very important to do this. You can do it in your own mind if you want, but if you are able to, sing out. Sing out. Let everyone in your neighborhood know you are Oming. Try it, you might like it.


And they’re going to say, what is going on over there, the crazy people those neighbors of ours. They’re at it again. But it is a wonderful feeling when you Om like that, when you resonate. Not only when you resonate in a group -- that is wonderful certainly -- but when you feel the resonation within yourself the resonating within yourself. That is important. Because you do not do this enough here. If you were those in a eastern area of the world and you do the regular meditation in a cave or whatever that might be, then you are doing this type of thing regularly and you are raising your vibrations.


But in your everyday lives that you have here, your hustle and bustle, and going hither, tither and fro or whatever those words are, then you are, you’re experiencing the continued 3-dimensional illusion that you have been trapped into or rather that you have trapped yourself into purposefully. You have done this purposefully. And it is time now to purposefully come out of it. It is time now to raise your vibrations. Find that resonance within yourself and raise your vibrations to the highest levels that you can. Let it go let it all go. Let it be. You see? Let it go, let it be, let it all out.


Do not be concerned about how you sound, or what you are doing, or anything of this nature. Just let it go and let it be. Okay?


Now as you continue on in these times that are coming, very important times are ahead here but always remember and we always need to keep reminding you over and over, be in the now. Do not forsake the future or do not forsake the present for the future. Do not let yourself only look toward the future and do not forget to live in the moment. That is so important. Always live in the moment. But in knowing that you are living in the moment, you are preparing for the future. And the future that you are preparing -- all of you as a collective you of this planet right now -- you are creating a marvelous future beyond anything you can imagine yet. And we know you have very vivid imaginations. We hear many of the things you are saying about going out into the astral world and having sex and all these kinds of things. And it is all wonderful and yes there is some truth to some the things that you say. Not exactly the way you say it … certainly not exactly the way some of you are thinking [Laughter] and not coming out and saying it and so we are saying it for you, you see. You are experiencing so many changes that are going through you now but if you really get down to it you have had these changes before. You have gone through this many times before. Those of you that have been gone through some system to system and planet to planet and experiencing the same thing over and over with little variations here and there. That saying you have, ‘been there, done that,’ is very, very true here. You have all mostly all of you have done this. A few, a few differences here and there, but mostly you have all done this before.


Some of you have gone through experiences over and over where you were watching, you were observing what was going on. You were not taking actual participation in the events that were happening. But here, now, those of you that are here and now -- and certainly as I am speaking to you, you are here and now -- then  you are experiencing the participation part of this; the being the warrior part. And that is very important.


And next week, and we did not have it happened this week because there was a need to raise the energies here … not here in this room. We are not speaking of that, but that also, but we are speaking of raising the energies within each of you and especially within this one we are speaking through. It was important to raise the energies here for this one. Because there are things coming in the next weeks here and even the next week that you find yourself again together. The next Sunday Archangel Michael will be here with you. We are telling you that now because he has a very important message to bring at that time.


Something that many of you have been looking forward to. At this point James has no idea of what we are speaking of but that is kind of the way it goes sometimes. So we are telling you now that there are some important happenings that are coming and are already in the process now.


Many of these things that are going on in the background that you yet do not know of, or that you are getting inklings of because they are real. This is all real. There is no cover-ups here that we are performing. We are just telling you that the cover-ups are coming to an end. Very much so. And it may continue on for a little bit yet but it is going to be less and less and less. And more of the truths are going to come through, filter through, be revealed and you are going to find that everything indeed has been orchestrated as we have been saying for a time now.


So everybody keep those seatbelts fastened because there are some amazing times coming. And some yes, they will be a little rocky at points but that is because your  3-dimensional illusion, the paradigm you have been programmed into, is coming to an end. And as one paradigm comes to an end it crashes and there is chaos. Chaos before the order, you see. We are not speaking about the new world order here. We are speaking about the order that comes from chaos. The order that will take over here in terms of bringing into your, to your knowing the New Golden Age.


And it is going to be a New Golden Age. It is already becoming a New Golden Age. And if you look at it from the point of view where everything is one, you are already in the New Golden Age. You see?


And everything we hear, those things you speak of in terms of 6D and 5D and 4 and 3D and all of this. And you are in all of these D’s at this time. You are in the 3D and working toward the 4thD. And many times you are not in the 3D anymore. You are operating in the 4th and 5th dimensional. And even yes sometimes you go beyond that in the experiences that are beyond your knowing and beyond your understanding. Then you are in those higher dimensions. But then when some of you do understand them it is because you have been there before. You are just going back home. You see? This is all about coming back home.


And this is the ascension process. You are going through the ascension process now. You are going to experience the transition as you're going through it. You are going through the transition right now as well, but it will at times become a little bit disconcerting for you, but at other times it will be wonderful. And it all depends on how you look at things; how you see things. If you look around and you see the ugliness that many of the population in the world are seeing, then that is what it will be for you. That is the timeline that you are creating.


But if you are looking around and seeing the chaos but seeing the beauty and the order through the chaos then everything is going to become that for you. That is the timeline that you are moving on now. You see?


So when you come together the every seven days here as you do, that is important. There are no should, of course, but that is important for you to gather as a group as one, coming together experiencing together, sharing together, growing together, being one together whenever you can.


If you cannot do it on a weekly basis then so be it but do it if you can. Find yourselves together in this way because  "where two or more are gathered in my name there I will be amongst them". That is what Yeshua said and that is so true. Because when you come together as more than just the one individual, then you create the extra energies, the higher vibrations come easier to you as a group. You understand what we are saying here. Because you have felt this before. You have felt this in a group environment.


That is important and that is why we have the Advances (formerly called retreats) here. That is why we encourage you to attend the Advances. If it is in person, wonderful! That is the best way certainly. Best way for you because it is very easy for you then to experience the energies directly as they come. But for those of you that can join on the phone, then that is also wonderful as well, because there is no time and space so even though you are on the phone you can also still be there in the room. But there are those times that James has spoken of, and others have spoken of, which are in between the meetings and those times are also wonderful because wonderful things happen in those moments as well.


So we will get off our soap box here now and ask for any questions. Are there questions out there?




Q & A




Q:  Some weeks ago you mentioned that something was coming on February 18 (2018). Since then I've heard another channel mention this date repeatedly with reference to some kind of date line or end of the transition period and beginning of the reconstruction. Can you provide any further insight on this?


OWS:  Well you all know how we feel about the datelines but we are going to answer this somewhat, because here in a sense we have already answered this, because the next time you come together guess what: that is the 18th! And that is when Archangel Michael is going to be here with you and share something important then at that time. So there is an understanding here in that particular timeframe that you are speaking of. Also it is following your next solar eclipse and that is also important here.


So many things to consider as these things continue to move ahead. You have passed through a lunar eclipse, and the blood moon, and the blue moon, and once in a lifetime happening that occurred for that. Many of you did not see it but that is okay. You did not need to see it you just need to feel it. And feel it, many of you did. And you are continuing to feel the effects from that. And you are also going to feel the effects from the next one, and the next cosmic events that are coming … and we are speaking in terms of plural here. Cosmic events that are coming. Some are going to be spoken of ahead of time here by your scientists but some are going to happen without you even knowing it. This is what is bringing the waves of energy we have spoken of many times, and what is going to lead to that great Galactic Pulse or The Event as you tend to call it and what we call the changeover. Okay?




Q:  Zorra of Hollow Earth speaks about millions of aeroships/UFOs that are currently cloaked in position and in our skies in every city, state, and country around the planet. He has described the beginning of the Galactic disclosure as there will be an announcement over all communication devices (televisions, computers, and things,) and then the Ashtar Command will authorize all aero ships simultaneously to de-cloak and send a massive healing signal or frequency that will reach every human being in this planet. At that point in time everyone in this world will be healed and fully restored to their original Divine Blueprint. Is that still the plan for the Galactic Federation of Light? And has anything changed or can you elaborate further?


OWS:  What we can tell you is that yes there are millions and billions of ships out there. They are waiting there. They are cloaked and they are there to move at a moment’s notice. And yes Ashtar, the Ashtar Command, along with the Pleiadians that are part of this especially, they are waiting for the signal to come to be able to then move in and assist in the entire process that is going on here, the process of the light and the process of moving through this ascension. They are there and ready and willing and waiting for that moment, that signal to be given. So all of this is accurate.


As to when this occurs of course we cannot say that because no one yet knows that answer, but when this does happen there will be an increase of consciousness across the planet. It will coincide with the Galactic Pulse as it is entering the planet from the Galactic Central Sun. And when this happens you will not see immediate healing across the planet although there will be some miraculous healings that will occur at that point, because those ones that have experienced this consciousness raising will have moved into the higher vibrations at that point and can then no longer have these maladies and things that plagued them up to this point. So there will be some of this but not everyone will feel this because it will be different for everyone depending on the vibration that you are in at the moment.


That is why we say to you to continue to raise your vibrations. Continue to maintain those higher vibrations as much as you can. And do everything you can to surrender to the Source within you all of those old paradigm programming that has gone on within you for many, many lifetimes here.


The time is now. And this is what Archangel Michael is going to speak about, as well as other things, and he is going to come and tell you that it is time now. Sananda has said that, Archangel Michael will say that, Ashtar has said that and on and on. And it is coming. The changes are here now and you are going to experience more and more of this as the truths continue to be revealed everywhere. And once the truths are being revealed everywhere then more and more will awaken. And as more and more awaken across the planet it will trigger the Galactic Central Pulse.




Q:  I have been hearing Doctor Lee Carroll who channels Kryon of Magnetic Service. Kryon calls himself an angelic being who has never been in a physical form before but teaches esoteric spiritual subjects. Is he a legitimate source of information to listen to or can you comment further about Kryon of Magnetic Service?


OWS:  Kryon is certainly, as you would say, a legitimate source. There are many what you would call legitimate sources and there are some that are not so much, you would say. We do not tend to individualize any of these sources because it all depends on the one that they are coming through and the vibration that that one is feeling and experiencing in that moment. If one that is doing the channeling, such as this one James, is raised in vibration -- and this is what we did with the Oming here -- then it brings through a much clearer channel at that point. And this with the one you speak of as Kryon is a very clear channel in many respects much of the time. But there is never 100%. And even he or many of the others would say the same. There is always that filtering process that comes through, with the exception of when one is a what you would call a trance channel. And when the one is a trance channel, then they are completely gone and allow for the full process to come through. You see? There are trance channels, there are semi-trance or semi-conscious channels such as this one we speak through, and there are ones that are conscious channels where they are fully there. It all depends though on the vibrations that that one is in at that time. Okay?


Q:  So the one Lazarus would be a trance channel?


OWS:  No. Not trance. Semi-conscious, yes.




Q:  Has the first wave [of ascension] happened?


OWS:  To speak directly to this the answer is no, not the wave. That is not to say that there have not been individuals here and there or that there are not individuals that are ready for the ascension to happen within them, but the as far as the wave goes which indicates a number of people that are ready then no, that has not occurred yet. You will know when that occurs. Just so you know.



Q:  This is channeled by Arn Allingham and he has his thing at But he channeled Adamu of the Monadic entity of the Pleiadian Civilization. And I’m using his words to phrase the question (and this is just my wondering): How will Earth's human population insitu-ascension process, when it succeeds, irrevocably alter galactic relations and end once and for all the interplanetary wars that have raged since the beginning of time? And the ascension of the human population has never been done this way before. It's different than any other. And is that so crucial to the well-being of the whole galaxy? And I've read that before that beings from other universes are looking at us excitedly. And I wondered how this tiny little planet on the edge of the universe can have this much influence everywhere. How will Earth's population, our ascension process, change the interplanetary wars that have been raging since the beginning of time?


OWS:  First of all to understand this more fully you have to understand that the Earth is very important here. It is a very important piece of property that has been fought over for a very long time. And those of you, the human population here that now is the caretaker -- not the owner but the caretaker of this planet -- are the ones who are rightfully here to make this planet their own fully without the interference from outside which has occurred for a very long time as you speak of these very many wars and all of this.


Now the ascension process that is happening here is certainly a first here in terms of an entire planet and all of the population having the ability or the potential to go through the ascension process together. This has never happened before. There have been individuals that have happened, there have even been mass ascensions that have happened, but there has never been a mass ascension with also the planet that they are associated with at the same time. So this is very unique. It is unique in all of the Universe here. And this is why the galaxy, across the galaxy, the solar system, the galaxy, this is why so many are here to not only be a part of this and participate in this but many to simply witness it. It is a major event that you are in the middle of. If you can imagine the movies that you have seen where the characters in the movies and some of you have said boy, I would love to be a character like that. I would love to be in a situation like that. Not in the movie directly as an actor, but actually in that situation. Have not many of you said that before? You would love to be in that position. And here you are and you are in that position; you are the character here; you are the stars of your own movie, you see. You are acting it out. Does this answer your question?




Q:  I was curious and can you give us an idea of what the difference is between “sending the light” and “pulling the energy through” and when do we use each one? In other words some of the processes seem to be termed as ‘sending of the light’ into some dark forces, while some other processes I've heard called as ‘pulling the energy through the dark people who were the center of some turmoil or whatever.


OWS:  First of all we would say for you not to get bogged down in the details here; just to send the light. And when you send the light, let it go. Just send it and let it go. If you pray, pray and let it go. You see? Ask and you shall receive. So send the light wherever you would send it. You do not even need to specifically send it anywhere if you do not want to. Just be the light, send the light, and let it go and be whatever it needs to be and wherever it is needed. This is what you need to do. If you are trying to direct it and specifically send it to something then you are not letting the orchestration take care of itself. You are orchestrating it yourself. You see? You see the difference here?


Q:  Yes. Yes that's interesting. But we did that when we went into Montauk. So what’s the difference in terms of that?


OWS:  That was a specific process that we had you undertake here. Specifically for that particular purpose. There are times when that is needed. And for that particular time it was needed.


And by the way, just since you brought this up. You, all of you that participated in that, you had a marvelous effect on that process. Those ones there, those ones called the Chimera, they ran for the hills after that. Many of them. You do not know it directly because it has not been spoken of except through one or two individuals, but much happened as a result of that. You need to know that. You need to know that as a group together you have great power. You have great power as an individual too, but as a group you multiply that power many times over. This is why when you see those ones of the witches and things like that, when they are individual they cannot command much energy, but when they are together as a force then they command great energy. This is the same thing. You are the white witches. You are the good ones, not the bad ones. Are you a good witch? Very good witch. You see? Or a wizard or whatever it might be. Warrior. That is even a better word here. The warriors of peace, and love, and light.




Q:  I had a lovely memory the other night. I understand that for our highest good we’re not allowed to remember our astral travels so we don't alter timelines, but sometimes if it is for our highest good we can download that memory. A memory was opened like that for me and it was astral travel. I was on the New Jerusalem and I was in these pods, where your quarters are/where you sleep. On one side there was a balcony looking down into this huge botanical garden, and in the middle of the garden was a lady, a blue-skinned, beautiful being, with all these children around her. She was playing some instrument. It didn’t look like a violin but I would say it sounded like a violin. I was wondering what the instrument was?


OWS:  That is your question? You want to know what the instrument was?


Q:  You know there was more to the question but, but now I'm getting all discombobulated.


OWS:  First of all we're going to help you here. First of all when you are experiencing astral travel as you do, you are not going to alter the timelines. You do not need to worry about that. There is nothing that you can do to create a new timeline by astral traveling or going into the etheric realm or the causal realm or any of this. Actually that is not quite true. We are getting a nudge from off the side here. When you are in the causal realm you can effect change. You can bring about great change. So it is important when you are working with these energies and these vibrations and these different dimensions, it is important for you to know as you are going through there to, first of all protect yourself always with the light. That is a paramount importance here. And then when you are doing this make sure that you have guidance with you as you move into those higher realms. At least until you are more proficient with these techniques. And even at some point you will be in the fifth dimension and therefore you will be more in the causal plane and you will directly affect everything that happens in the moment that you created you see? So for the time being though you do not need to be concerned about your astral travel, your meditative states, or anything of this nature. You cannot affect a timeline change here at this point. You are not of the ability to do that yet. So no concern there.


As to what you experienced of being on the balcony and looking over in the New Jerusalem, yes. We have been there many times and there is a balcony. You are looking down over a huge garden, you might say, beautiful garden of trees and flowers and waterfalls and streams, and all of the things you can imagine.


And there is even those great ships that have an ocean on them if you can imagine. The possibility of the hugeness that is there. We are speaking of ships at times even larger than Earth here. You see? So very huge ships.


And as to the instrument that you are experiencing, the importance of the direct instrument isn't that important but to know that what you are experiencing was a memory of what you knew before even in the times of Lemuria where you had the same instrument. It is a string instrument as you were describing and it has a resonance, a beautiful resonance unlike anything you have heard here on this planet at this point. Okay?


Q:  Yes it was so beautiful. She was playing for the children and it was just stunning to see the vibration coming off the children. And Ashtar actually said exactly what you said: you've played this instrument before.




Q:  I have a question.


OWS:  Yes … but you know we are not going to answer your question. [Laughter] We are joking here, of course.


Q:  Well you usually never do.


OWS:  Well we might surprise you sometime, Cynthia …


Q:  I especially want to sit down and tell you all the great things that are happening to me and messages in my dreams and stuff but I guess now will have to wait until we meet in person. But about 1 ½ weeks ago in the morning I was laying there and this particular morning I was getting the chills [tingling/goose flesh] but it was like a vibration running throughout my whole body. Then I was thinking to myself wow, maybe that's a download. So the first question is was that a download or was I just cold?


OWS:  The former.


Q:  And the next thing that happened, you know how I think in my mind and stuff, and I was just on the edge of sleep and awake and I was thinking and talking to myself and then I got this: “We are here to help you achieve ascension.” And in my mind I go oh that's something the Galactics would say. And then I had like an ah-ha moment because something like that I would've normally just let pass by in my mind, but I caught it and it was like a message. Was that a real message? [Laughter] I know it doesn't matter who it comes from. It could come from anywhere I guess.


OWS:  We think many of you probably know what we are going to say here… [Laughter] but this is not only for you who is asking this question but for many of you: You think too much! You think too much. Do not think it. As you are going through these processes and you are getting these wonderful experiences and these messages, do not think about them, just be them. Just let them be. You see? Let it come through. It does not matter who it is that is speaking to you, whether they are Galactics, or Sanat Kumara, or Archangel Michael, or whoever it might be. They are just being who they are and bringing these messages to you because you are, in that moment, you are prepared for them.


But as soon as you start questioning them, then the meaning of them that is there for you that is more that can be added is lost. You see? And that is the important thing. When you receive the message do not think about it. Just receive it, let it be, and then more can come to you. But as soon as you start thinking about it and wondering if this is a real message, am I making this up, then it will stop. You see? This goes for visions as well.


When you have visions and you see this, for such as the one who saw Sanat Kumara but he did not question it. He saw him. And from now until the end of this lifetime – which, by the way, is going to be a very long time -- we are telling you that you experienced a wonderful moment and felt his energies. And his energies are akin to you. This we are speaking to this one Dennis directly. These energies from Sanat Kumara are akin to you. You resonate to these energies because you know these energies. This is why you were able to see him. We cannot tell you more about this. You have had a difficult time in this life at times but you are moving through all of this and you are coming to the times where you are going to be beyond the programming that has created all of these difficulties you have gone through and continue to go through. That is all we can say on this. We probably have said more than we needed to or more than we were supposed to … or more than we should have. [Laughter]


But you know there are no ‘shoulds!’ Right?! You are learning. Even though we pound your head against the wall or rock or however you guys pronounce this. We do it over and over and hope that one of these times it will get in there. But we are knowing that it is getting in there. These messages. This ancient wisdom that are coming forward here is getting in there and it is becoming a part of your everyday life. Does this answer your question Cynthia? We know we go way off track here, [laughter] and all of that.


Q:  Yes you did but I just wanted to make a quick comment on that. I mainly wanted to point out to you that I might have in the past that just would have run through my mind and I would've just dismissed it but this time I actually caught it. It was like a light bulb went off. So it was exciting for me and I did trust in it.


OWS:  Very good. Very wonderful. There are ones here in this room and even ones that are on the phone that have these types of experiences and they go with them. And this is why they can keep coming back and saying they had this experience and that experience because they are allowing it to be. You know who you are as we speak about this. So continue to let this come and be a part of your expression.




Q:  I just wanted to address paralysis attacks. I always do my daily intentions, and protections, prayers, invitations, white pillar and white light and all of that every single day and evening. This happens to me not in sleep but while awake as in I’m sitting there, but my eyes kind of drift off. I am aware but I'm like in between. That’s when I get these paralysis attacks. To my understanding, love it is their enemy so just thinking it ends the attack. Being aware of that has been my weapon. So these last two attacks were so severe I can't look around, I can't move, the severity is to such a point I can't even think the word love or light. I am totally frozen and it's as if my neck is broken. It's something with my neck. I just have a question in the aspect that with the invocations, prayers for protection, love and light, and the pillar and everything else, why this is occurring? Would you know?


OWS: Yes. Yes we do. Because where you come from, predominantly where you have come from, you have experienced these wars that have been spoken of directly in that experience that you were in, actually in many experiences as we find it. The term warrior for you is very apropos here because you have been a warrior, in many indications much alongside of Archangel Michael at times and you have experienced much of this. And those of the dark forces, we speak not only of here on this planet but the dark forces in general know of you. They are aware of you they know your vibration.


Now, to understand what is occurring now it is a continuation of the same belief system, you might say, that you came in with in this lifetime. Not that you consciously always believe it, but you have that belief system within you that you have to fight the dark side all the time just as you have previously. There are other ones amongst you that are also in the same boat you might say, but you are experiencing this because you believe you need to experience it because it is what you have always known. Now, with that understanding, if you can begin to let go of this – we are not saying do not protect yourself. Certainly protect yourself with the light always, this goes for everyone – but do not overdo it. Let go. Let your higher self come through you and be in you and take over here as much as possible, and you will find as this occurs, as you let it go and let it be -- get the song out, the Beatles song “Let It Be.” Play it over and over. Feel it. Experience it. There is magic in those words, in that melody, there is magic in it if you allow it. -- So let it, let it be. And do not be concerned about it and you will find that these episodes that you are having will begin to dissipate more and more.


Some of this is a karmic situation but we do not want you to think in terms of karma here because you do not need to.


This is for all of you now. Karma is gone for most of you in terms of coming before this lifetime. Most of you have moved beyond that. That is not to mean that you cannot create karma now and some of you have created some karma in this lifetime but predominantly for most of you the karma from past lives is ended. This is something important that you will not hear in many situations or many places because we are speaking directly to those of you, here. Whereas when you listen to other sources coming through that are speaking to the collective population as much as would be listening to that one, then they are meant for the collective. But this is meant for those of you in this group. Okay?




Q:  I just want to say that what you just said is true because it has happened to me. I was sleeping and around 1:30 at night an angel woke me up. They called me by my name and said, “Wake up. We have a message for you from the Highest Power.” And when I received that message it was like I just choose not to be scared or question it or anything, I just listened. The angels talked for about 5 or 7 minutes giving me messages from God and the angels. I was listening, it was kind of frightening but I was choosing not to [be frightened] so I was just listening. I was just waiting to hear something from God. And after I listened and then after she said okay now I am taking my depart, that’s when Archangel Michael came … I told you that one before. That’s when Archangel Michael came, Archangel Raphael, and other Archangels and so I know what you say is very true. It’s very wonderful when you allow it, it will happen.


OWS:  That is correct. That is correct. Those of you that say ‘why will it not happen to me’ and then it happens to you and you frighten them off or you get scared and you start calling on Yeshua and Sananda and Archangel Michael protect me protect me. What are they protecting you from? From some Angels? [Laughter]




Joanna/Shoshana: I just want to make a clarification if that's okay.


OWS:  Yes please do. Is this Joanna or Shoshana?


Joanna/Shoshana:  A little of both.


OWS:  We will take a little of both here.


Joanna/Shoshana:  What's been rolling around in my head when Norma asked her question about… Here is how I heard it. She wanted to know why we were so important. Like this little planet on the edge of the galaxy, you know everybody's watching us, yada yada yada. But what I want to clarify with that is, any time there is a huge increase in consciousness or even a small increase in consciousness the entire universe and beyond it is affected. So those that are watching us are going to benefit from this greatly in their own evolution. So that's why we're important.


OWS:  Yes. Wonderful. You've heard of the butterfly effect. Well you are the butterflies. And you are affecting not only this planet, not only the solar system, not only the galaxy, but the entire universe. You flap your wings and something major happens across the universe. Very good.



We are ready to release channel here.


 Just as we said earlier expect Archangel Michael to come in with a wonderful important and timely message that is coming. James has no idea yet what this is and this is how we're going to keep it for now.


Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the ONE.


 Channeled by James McConnell

Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated.

"Believing is seeing!"

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