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This is great news and there will be much more to come, so read up now.

Love and Light


Massive, unprecedented ET interventions are completely disrupting any and all plans to start World War III, according to multiple whistleblowers. This and other fascinating developments suggest that 2012 may live up to many prophets' expectations.

[PLEASE NOTE: This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts, but do not COPY and REPOST it, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!]


Whether we like it or not, everyone is now being confronted with evidence that the world is being controlled by powerful, occult, negative forces behind the scenes.

In my full-length e-book entitled Financial Tyranny, I shared everything I have gathered on this controversial subject -- since I first found out about it in 1992.

If you have already read Financial Tyranny, the full scope of the problem we now face will be much more apparent as you enter into this investigation. Some of it will become clear as you read this first section.

This is the sequel to Financial Tyranny -- where we talk about the "good side".




Multiple insider sources, each of whom have been "vetted out" for their credibility and trustworthiness, have now confirmed that mass arrests of thousands of key conspirators in this vast cabal are about to occur.

A highly secretive, highly coordinated operation -- working for the good of humanity -- is about to make its move.

The Pentagon "good guys" are now in full political and logistical cooperation with a remarkable 134-nation alliance -- to bring the perpetrators to justice and free our planet.
The security around this enormous operation has been vast. Even those who will be affected by it -- and arrested -- have no idea of the staggering scope of what is about to be revealed before the eyes of the public.
Very recently I had four hours of verbal discussion with a new, public, high-level whistleblower regarding these imminent mass arrests.
We are set to record an interview at 6PM Pacific time for public release on this website -- within hours of when this first section should be posted. I will post-produce and release this interview as soon as possible.
I fully confirmed this man's bonafides and his testimony with one of my top insiders, who I brought into the discussion.
Dozens of specific points, not available in any public form, were authenticated in this vetting-out process. 


We now know that the plan for mass arrests has been very actively in the works for the last 20 years.

A staggering wealth of irrefutable evidence is backing this plan, including over 22 eighteen-wheeler truckloads' worth of documents
that have long since been scanned and secured in multiple locations.

We were told that one single file-box of documents like this was strong enough to bring down the former Italian government, as you see here:

Prosecutors demand 5-year sentence for Berlusconi over witness tampering
Prosecutors have demanded a five-year prison sentence for former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi in his trial on corruption charges.
Prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale asked the court on Wednesday to find the former PM guilty of having paid a British lawyer $600,000 to lie in other trials.
Those proceedings involve charges of tax evasion and false accounting during Berlusconi’s business career.
Other cases pending against him in the Milan courts include a trial on charges of having paid for sex with an underage prostitute. Berlusconi stepped down as the Premier in November last year.

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I smell Purity and world love up ahead. :)

Ive been seeing the number 134 for weeks and couldn't tell what it meant (from the feeling I got when I saw it, I knew it meant something important). But it kept coming up. Now I think I might know what it means:

"...logistical cooperation with a remarkable 134-nation alliance..."


At least, its one possiblity.

Just throwing this onto the synchronicity pile, but I too have had recurring numbers and palindromes with 134 and also 12:21 and ascending and descending numbers (1234) and 1324 etc. appearing all over the place. and a couple 9-11's which was very interesting!! Lets tag'em an bag'em boys! In the words of Bill O'Reilly "DO IT LIVE!" Love and Light to all!


Your Welcome Retch Your Welcome Retch Your Welcome Retch :)

Love and Light

You are very well informed Nancy, good on you. You/we are not going to be disappointed.

Love and Light

Thank you Nancy, I think I vaguely recall something like that from those days, it seems familiar. But I was only a kid at the time so its a wonder.

Up until about the 2000's though the Message that they sent out and the way it was re3ceived by the public was "Yeah, as it turns out the FED is a private enterprise system, but its okay because we're the good guys and we're keeping it running for you"

Now it has become a big fat lie, they've gone back to directly associating such things directly with the government.


That actually makes a great deal of sense. The problem is getting it heard - like you said - the courts are bought and wont hear the case or they'll just throw it out.

And the Media is bought too, so even if the cases are heard, they wont be reported on. That - - is the real important thing - when the case against the FED is brought to the table there needs to be constant media coverage over it as if it was a war. So that way the armchair acrobats of the country will get interested.

That - - is what we need to manifest at this time.

Well said Nancy!!!

Thanks heaps for adding this Randude : )

And many blessings to David Wilcock for striving to keep us all informed and optimistic!

Love, Peace & Joy To All... : )


Your Welcome KellyB13.

Our time is NOW.

Love and Light

We have been reading for awhile now that March would bring fruit. Well March is not over yet and we are seeing some very interesting signs, now aren't we? Very nice indeed!

Love and Light

so much wild information is reaching the light that it excites me to be part of it.............



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