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Hello to all of YOU, Dear Friends


This is a very very special message video, much worth listening to by all of YOU...



I undersign this whole message with all of my heart and conscience.

And, I want to invite all from the male gender in doing the same.

By uniting, harmonizing and balancing our masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, we allow for the full expression of the Divine Essence that is present within each and everyone of us.

By doing it individually, WE contribute in creating a new collective consciousness needed to manifest the collective Divine Essence that will then give birth to our dreamed Paradise here on Planet Earth.

With much Love,



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 Glad you are resonating with the words we shar with you Alyana. We are very happy that

 one more male acknowledges their Divine Feminine Heart Balance witin their Body Temple.

 Heart Balance within creates Heart Balnce with all you come in contact with in your

 journey of Being. Love the Post and stay withit. Blessings Love Light Balance Peace and Harmony    Kingjeff



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