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Day 5 - NO CHEMTRAILS in the Carolinas - (report here please)

Day 5 - NO CHEMTRAILS in the Carolinas - (report here please)

Remember how the skies looked back in the '60's?
Dark / deep blue skies and no con-trails or chem-trails because all planes were propeller not jet turbine.

That is how it looks here now & I noticed the first day of it on Sunday.

This could be a sign of things foretold.

I wonder if anybody else is experiencing this lately?

If so (or not) please let me know so I can post this for others to see.


Thanks Mr.Ed

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Im wanting to see the sky look Purple(ish) again.

Hey Mr. Ed! I have definately noticed it!! And have been outside "playing" in it, just like a child. It actually brought a tear to my eye as I sat on the ground looking up and remembering myself as a little boy doing the same thing, while wondering "what will i be when I grow up?" For a brief moment, I could feel a scary feeling betrayal wash over me as the little boy inside seemed to be screaming out to me "where have you been?" and "where did you go, why did you leave me?" The mere thought of me abandoning him just so I could "grow up" really hurt as I could feel his pain. I did not know what to say. As I sat there being all "grown up", I remember me telling myself that I was too "big" now to keep having those feelings of my past bother me now because I have moved on and matured...or have I ? Apparently not.  I began entertaining his line of questioning as his hurt and pain was growing inside me and i knew, this time, there would be no evasion. I began trying to explain that I didn't intentionally leave him  when I grew up, it was just that I couldn't and didn't want to take him with me out into the big and sometimes dangerous world because he might get hurt or lose his way. He asked if that had happened to me while I was away, I said "yes, many many times. He then asked me to look at myself to see how much "he"  had changed over the years. I tried but couldn't because what he went through when he was younger was still fresh in my mind and no one came to rescue him. He reminded me of a vow I made, back then, to get him as far away from those bad times as I could, and i eventually did, yet somehow I ended punishing, ignoring and treating him like" he " was the bad circumstance that we were running away from, instead of nurturing him and reminding myself that he was and is the "victim" of it.

 Funny what comes to mind when you are alone with yourself...under a beautiful "blue" sky.

Hi Mr.Ed. Here in New Zealand we have been bombed by trails intensely this week. I thought the same a week ago as we were getting stunning trail free days like you have been getting. Easter for us was brilliant! Alas it did not last. As soon as easter was over they were back at it, covering the skies like nothing. Worst I have seen it.

I'm in Columbus Ohio. I've been tracking chemtrails for years. It's been clear here for about a week. It's usually pretty heavy. But not this week. They stopped before Easter. Haven't seen them since. 

Lucky Carolinas, "couse here in Chi~town "they" are building up the the clouds for the moisture and rain for past couple of days. I still think, based on visual and eye~witness accounts, This GFL fix~es chemtrails for us is major BS. No evidence here so far ...........

For past 15 yrs I lived in California, Missourie, Arkansas, California again and now Chicago and can for sure attest that no one is cleaning up the chemtrails in the skies. They are just as thick as they were 15 yrs ago..............

Yes, I remember reading a channeling posted on this site stating they were sorting out the chemtrails. I have not seen any evidence of this happening. They have been hard out spraying here in NZ lately.

such posts show up all over the internet yet no real, physical proof for it. So far they are spraying the s*** all over. Just becouse , one cannot see any trails for couple days , proves nada, nothing , zero.

Ed!!! whats up brother?! things are really starting to happen! wow, its really real. so many changes to the earth, all the issues with the banking system, and the government. things seem to be happening like you said they would! seems like something new happens everyday.

whats up with the earthquakes? should we be concerned here around n.c?


and yes, ive noticed for a week or so no trails everywhere like we used to see at work!

talk to you soon!

Hi. I have noticed a virtual stop of spraying over the North East, at least for 4 weeks now. Before that the numbers were dropping. I have pictures from 6 months ago that show a sky completed "checkerboarded" with trails, so something is different now for sure. I can;t believe some of the photo's I have from the last 2 years or so of the painted skys. They are now bright blue and clear, and with normal clouds. My wife, who is not as "active in observing" has noticed and commented to me that this is way different. Probably over the last 6 months or so.I have hundreds of pictures of trails, planes "chasing" planes, and deliberate "X" patterns in the sky. Even a couple of Masonic signs in the sky. These seem to be ALL GONE now. I am hopeful this is indeed a sign. I agree - these are sky's I remember as a child.

Thank you for this Mr. Ed, there are a lot of areas receiving cleansing of those nasty chemtrails. Every single day here where I Live, there are attempted chemtrails and every single time, they are cleansed, taken care of and broken up. 

We should start taking pictures and videos of this happening, as concrete proof for those who Live in areas that aren't yet receiving this cleansing and therefore think that the chemtrail cleansing is false. It is certainly real! We haven't had a successful chemtrail since the very beginning of last summer, it is so amazing. 

Much Love :)

Zero chem Trails here in Pocono Pa area for the last week or so.Love and light




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