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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Current Intel Status

Rather than send several short posts, I am sending this compilation of posts today.

Drake is the spokesperson for a civilian/military group ending the government corporation taking us back to the Republic and original Constitution of 1870 with constitutional Common Law. The militias are for back up to the US Marshals and local law agencies doing the mass arrests of the Dark Cabal leaders of the corporation that have committed many unlawful acts against us here and world wide. The military is backing up them also to prevent the rioting so do Not get involved or be part of the riots. It IS happening NOW.

ALERT TO ALL Militias -
Have your guns and food ready NOW. This is a confirmed action alert.


The message below comes from a person believed to be trustworthy who claims to be in contact with high level military and intelligence insiders.

The “end game” to which he refers is a series of actions to be undertaken on behalf of the American people to remove the Socialists/Communists currently controlling the U.S. government, and to restore Constitutional government.

The people involved are people of integrity who are committed to carrying out this action peacefully, but when it happens, there may be some significant disruptions of transportation, communications, banking, and logistics.

According to the information which has been published, the changes which are coming will be historic and unprecedented. These changes will include elimination of unconstitutional federal agencies (including the IRS and the Federal Reserve System), removal of corrupt individuals in all branches of government at the federal, state, and local levels, and the filing of criminal charges against those complicit in the conspiracy which resulted in the takeover of the government. Conviction on these charges could result in extremely serious consequences for those convicted.

It is not a matter of if, but when.


Anon9961: This was posted in the Oathkeepers group on Facebook. I can't vouch for it though. You guys are the best to decided. . . . . Aaron Williams
Ok folks, so here is some info I feel is relevant to get out. I am part of small intel gathering group of 4 people. (and NO this does NOT include people like Drake) About an hour and a half ago, 1 of the people in my group received an urgent message from a military source in NC stating simply this: Get to your FOOD and WEAPONS right now! Upon hearing this, a 2nd person in my group called a separate HIGH level military source, and this source confirmed the exact same message and also went further to say that this message was in fact just put out to the Militias. I am not a Drake follower or advocator, but interestingly enough we were also able to confirm 45 minutes later that Drake had received the exact same message from a different source of his own. So it would seem that in fact he exact SAME message is being circulated out to various contacts and to Militia groups. I would welcome anyone whom has Militia or Military contacts to confirm the same for further credibility. I have posted this alert on my site. I cannot answer questions because I really do not know much, and what little I do know I cannot share at this time. Thanks, Aaron
Something going on behind the scenes should be completed by midnight and could have deliveries tomorrow which could start as early as 8 AM.

The stock market ended down by over 200 points. It is also the anniversary of Black Friday when the stock market fell a lot bringing a depression. The stock market is artificall y propped up. When this happens, it is supposed to drop to about half of what it is now to around 700 points as a revaluation just like the currencies.

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They are walking hypocrites, nothing more.

that right i say it at least once a week.

Yes, it's the usual trolling suspects, who try in vain to attack me....I'm truly not concerned, as I know that others on ACC do not share the jaded views of this minority of haters...

Compassion for others..?? Where is your compassion for Mr.Ed and his well intentioned messages..?? You are uninvited and spend efforts defecating on his forum and have the tumerity to moan about my behaviour in challenging you..?? I have suggested to Ed that he moderates his blogs to keep you troublemakers out...Then ACC will have peace and we will not have to fight you here...

ding ding we have a winner.  WINNING!

Good explanation for their behavior and false light and why 1HK got sucked into the vortex of the drekky freemason thingy-----only it's not funny though, it's terrible tragic and dangerous. imho

They are losing their power around here and are "flipping out" on Kelly. 

It is embarrassing to see how far the former king and queen have fallen. 

We still love them though.

Maybe they will come clean with the truth like the way Greg Giles did. 


Why are you even a member of ACC, Pebbles...??

Hello, Kelly

If you don't mind, I would like to suggest there be a different truth about the freemasons. Women were invited into the "Eastern Star" - the feminine version of the FreeMasons.  And the daughters into "Job's Daughters" and the sons into DeMolay. I wish this could be clarified... the organization was USED and corrupted by a number of beings, yes.  I don't know much, but a little personal experience. Mahalo for the time and space. Love.

God you are mentally lax, Kelly Ann, get an education, lol.  Of course there are female freemasons... but, my little dear, they are not theosophists... now, if you have any questions feel free to read my many blogs regarding Madam B, Master DK, theosophy, sacred geometry, sound science, triangles, astrology and discipleship... I also have a list of informative web sites and data storage sites with valuable links you may want to educate yourself with.

That is, if you actually want to see behind the curtain, lol. something tells me you'd rather sit there and throw stones shouting lies and ignorance to all would give you a scrap of attention lol.  

Yes I'm a Theosophist, but I never said I was a Freemason...again, lies, lies and more lies, from kelly-ann...



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