I have been asked to assist someone with some issues and in that request was given the concern there might be some influence from outside negative energies.  This is not the first time that has been drawn to my attention as I read some of the forum osts and blogs - and yes I do read - though not always do I make a comment:)  As Luke told me - be careful - you never know for sure who is reading your words:)

What I am giving you here are affirmations from Lynn Grabhorn.  If you don't know about her, you can google her name.  I read the book "Dear God What is Happening To Us" and spoke the affirmations several years ago.  Last year when I took my Angelic Reiki Course Christine Cori incorporated them into the course  They were new to her at that time.  It now occured to me that perhaps there are others here that are not familar with these affirmations.   

Lynn Grabhorn is dead now.   Her book was rather disturbing to say the least.  I have recently learned of rumors are that she committed suicide, she was schizophrenic etc.  "The tools that she has offered to anyone who feels that they are being influenced in ANY way by negative and dark energies are incomparable in value as to what she may be rumored to have been or to have done.  Read and allow the words to drift through the senses of any that would dare to be of approaching of one of these the children of the light and the love of the Lord of all Lights and the God of others and all those that may call upon His help will be relieved of these the pressures of those the forces of the dark."

Those words were guided - If there are more, I will italicize them as well.

All I can say is that there were great changes in my life after repeating these affirmations - I am a GREAT believer in affirmations that are stated with the highest of resolve and purpose.  Not just reciting by rote but incorporating the words into your very being.   Intention is all!!. 

Now what follows are the affirmations and a little background that I found on the internet.  The books are available for any that wish to read them  She had QUITE a JOURNEY!!!! whatever others may think.

I have the book but searched for these affirmations and found them at:


Time to pass on the Lynn Grabhorn Affirmations again - say them each aoud, in order and only once...You will help to defeat the Cark Forces...

Changing of the Guard from Dark to Light

This comes from Lynn Grabhorn´s book Dear God! What´s Happening to Us? published by Hampton Roads Publishing Co. In this book she describes the dichotomy of the Light and Dark extend even to our spirit guides and that´s why we keep slipping back a step for every step forward we take. In order to ´change the guard´ of our guides to all Light, she recommends doing this.

Say out loud the following 6 prayers/affirmations. (Personal note: everyone I have passed this on to says the same thing, that there is an immediate lifting and lightening of the entire body.)

1. Your guide team:

"From the Light of God that I am, I hereby declare that my team of guides shall, as soon as any necessary transference can be made, be comprised only of members of 100 percent pure Light who have never been re-programmed by the entities of the dark."

2. Your Primary Guide:

"From the Light of God that I am, I hereby declare the entity that is my Primary Guide shall be an entity of 100 percent pure Light that has never been re-programmed by entities of the dark, with such change, if necessary, to be made as soon as possible."

3. Your consciousness:

"From the Light of God that I am, I hereby declare that my consciousness mix should be converted, if necessary, to a mix of 100 percent pure Light, of entities that have never been re-programmed by those of the dark. I further declare that this conversion should take place as soon as possible, but preferably during evening hours as I sleep, and as gently as possible in order that I might continue my normal daily routines."

4. "From the Light of God that I am, I call forth that all things, whether animate or inanimate, within or around me, my home, yard, or place of business, be immediately deactivated from use as "directional beacons" by those who are not of 100 percent pure Light. I further declare that when this has been accomplished, it shall be irrevocable and permanent."

5. "From the Light of God that I am, I call forth that no energies, entities, or beings are to be allowed anywhere around me at any time that are not 100 percent pure Light. I further declare this to be irrevocable and permanent."

6. "From the Light of God that I am, be it known that I hereby cancel all contracts and/or agreements I have made with ANY entity, in any time frame or in any reality, that were not in my best interest or in the interest of the Light, or that were made with entities who were not of 100 percent pure Light. I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities.

My "troops" of the Light have just put me through holy hell to POUND into me what they want me to get for the next thing to be passed on to you all. I’ve been pounded all right, and the news I’ve finally opened up to has been astonishing, astounding, amazing, and awe-inspiring beyond all description.

These statements are to be made as soon as possible!

In the "Dear God..." book were six statements I asked you to make for your own protection. [repeated above.] These six statements MUST BE SAID FIRST, or I promise, you’ll be in really deep doo-doo. If you’ve already said them (and felt them!), then fine, but it wouldn’t hurt saying them again.

The three new statements are more important than anything you have ever said or done on this planet or in this life. I kid you not!

And now, the three new ones: Again, please say ONLY in the order given:

7. "From the Light of God that I am, I call forth, beginning immediately, that there shall be no negative energies downloaded into my body from any source, and that any energies run through my body from this moment on, be only of 100% Pure Light."

In "Dear God..." I spoke of the ´Psi" energy being downloaded onto this planet, and why it was happening. And, most important, that it was from OUTSIDE of this universe (the only universe in the entire Isness of pure love and Light), and that what was coming in from this force was bombarding us with...yes...high frequency NEGATIVE energy.

How can that be? How can high frequency contain negative energy? It took me a long while to unravel this, but now I know that whatever is from OUTSIDE of this universe where only negativity exists, and is where "The Others" of the dark reside, and that that’s what´ s coming into us now from this Psi energy sent by "The Others." Not pleasant! In fact, horribly destructive to all that we are or hope to be.

In truth, for years we have been bombarded with nothing but pure, ugly, negative energy from "The Others," (the Why of it is described in "Dear God...") and getting stronger daily.

And so, the Light arranged that thousands upon thousands of dear and good and people on this planet be regularly downloaded with this this negative horror to lessen its impact upon the rest of humankind. But what has been so horrible is that as soon as the Psi energy has been downloaded on any one of us, the cleansing process for the body then has to begin...a process which can take up to a week or more before the negativity of the download has been cleared, and the next ghastly download is dumped.

Believe me, if The Light could apologize to you for this, they would. But, while thousands upon thousands have had to endure this nightmare of the body and psyche, they have saved the world from utter destruction from this Psi energy.

If you are one of these thousands of folks now so lacking in energy or motivation that you don´t know which end is up, this first statement will begin to turn you around until the next statement takes over, which it will...very shortly. So have heart.

Now comes the "biggie!"

8) "From the Light of God that I am, I call forth that all incoming energies onto this planet that are not of 100% Pure Light be completely and immediately dissipated and removed from this planet, and never be allowed to encroach upon this planet again."

I´m told that if only 1,000 of us make this declaration from deep within us, the Psi energies will no longer be invading us, and that this will start to happen even from the time you read and declare this. Not only will all human agony from this "downloading" on such good folks cease, but this will also mean a massive reduction in:
- - teen suicides,
- - wars, big and small,
- - terrorism,
- - violent TV shows, movies, and computer games,
- - drug abuse,
- - destructive weather patterns,
- - the depletion of our ozone layer,
- - a declining economy and loss of jobs,
- - large scale illnesses (old ones or new ones)
- - obesity
- - health care problems, etc., etc., etc.

9) "From the Light of God that I am, I ask that those who walk with me arrange for the healing of my body to begin immediately until full healing has been restored. I also ask that the same take place for my children (under twelve) and my pets."

  My thoughts here..........This last bit is new to me.  Take from all of it that which you resonate with.  The energy may have changed - I don't know.  I do not have the same sense of rapport with this aspect of the message - or rather the comments - perhaps simply the message is coming through a third party????  Perhaps because of my medical background:)

Over twelve years of age, your children will have to say these statements for themselves--or not--as they please. But you saying it for them will not work.

Whether you believe that you are ill or not, I beg you to make this statement, for the incoming Psi energies have been hugely destructive to our bodies. The severity of the illness or condition you have will regulate the time needed for the cure. This is The Light´s way of saying "thank you" for participating in the removal of this horrible negative plague upon our planet and people.

However, please know that I have only a small amount of experience in seeing this actually happen, as it´s all so very new to me. My 82 year old sister is probably the best example I have:

She made the first six statements, and then just the statement about healing, a few months ago, and has now gone from an incapacitated brittle diabetic who could not get out of bed, to a vigorous participant in her senior surroundings and activities. Her hearing, almost completely gone, is now returning, as is her eyesight, AND her almost perfect blood sugar numbers.

I also have a friend who was given the diagnosis of "we´re sorry, but there´s not much we can do for you, although we can try...blurp...blurp." She had a strange and always fatal disease, now almost completely turned around.

Perhaps you´ve prayed "forever" for relief from your maladies, and now wonder how in the hell these simple statements can make a difference. Well heck, what have any of us got to lose?

And now...P L E A S E...
Print this out and tell your friends (the ones who won´t hit you over the head), and your spouse, your partner, all of your family, your co-workers (those who won´t get you fired for this), your neighbors, those in your seminars, your clients, WHOMEVER!!!

This Psi energy is causing our world to go to pot, and I believe with every fiber of my being that we few who make these statements (in order) WILL make a difference...a huge one.

My deepest love to you,
Lynn Grabhorn

© Copyright 2001 - 2003 Lynn Grabhorn ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This will change the way you experience things and make it much easier for you to move into a higher dimension. Your triggers for remembering will then be given to you in love, joy and light, instead of hurt, sadness and pain.

Another change to make in your life to help your new 100% pure Light guides and consciousness is to “Let it All Go”. That means anytime you find yourself in anger, hurt or pain, you need to let it go. If you don’t, you’re giving energy to and feeding the dark. As people suffer with the Earth changes, the thing you need to be sending them is “It’s going to be all right.” And nothing more. If you can’t do that, send nothing! And then you need to let it all go. If you get involved with the negative feelings of what’s happening, you are feeding the dark.

The other thing she talks about doing is to raise your own energy/vibrational level by being in the moment and thinking of things that make you happy. The example she gave in her book was to imagine playing with a puppy, or a kitten, or having a small child hand you a flower. Anything that makes you smile. This raises your vibrational rate and you can then extend that to your surroundings.


Lynn Grabhorn has a new phrase to say in her latest book, Planet Two, to help raise your frequency. Say it out loud and then pass it on to those you shared her other stuff with.

"From the Light of God that I am, I ask those who walk with me to begin the healing process of my body. I also ask that healing begin for my children and for my pets."

That´s it. She´s saying our transference to Planet Two, a sixth dimensional Earth, will begin from 2006-2012...or maybe even earlier. Keep your vibrations high by dumping the negative emotions and being ´in joy´ for a total of five minutes a day. You can do that by feeling, then flowing your appreciation to the people and things around you. Floooowwww and feeeel your appreciation for your computer, keyboard, pen, paper. Floooowwww and feeeeel your appreciation for your partner, pets and friends. Floooowwww and feeeel your appreciation for the food on your plate, for the fork in your hand, for your hand, etc.

You get the idea. Start doing this for just a second or two four or five times a day until you can do it for five minutes a day total. This will really help to raise your frequency and vibrational levels and prepare your body for the transition to Planet Two, which is already there, inhabited by 20 million higher dimensional people, and waiting for the "Birthing", which is those of us from this third dimensional planet crossing through portals to Planet Two. Plan to be in the first wave, along with me! ;)

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  • lol wow i made someone smile and wasnt even trying! im glad i can bring joy to others, its my favorite thing to do. now watch me when i have every intention of making people laugh, haha! much love to you alexis, im glad we're friends.<3
  • thank you! i hope that "whispering" counts as outloud because i didnt want to draw too much attention from the household around me, but i meant every word i said in the affirmations. i'll be checking out those books for sure! peace and light to you <3
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