Can you feel it today?

Have any of you felt the energies today?


Every since I got up today, I got the feeling of New Years... but somwhat diffrent, and MUTCH bigger.


I where looking at the news, just incase somthing big happaned in the world on this day. But instead somthing happend whitnin myself instead.

The clouds where so beautifull today, I saw this weard phenomonem. There wa s a pink cloud, spinning around and around itself, then it turned into a wave and dissapeard.

I have noticed the birds today, flying in weard formations.

The weardest was a big patch of Seeguls that created this weard pattern as the flew around and around. Then they moved to another location and did the exact same thing.


I where watching some pictures of Seehorses today, I realy adore them. And when I sat at the buss today I just happend to see this one cloud formed just like a Seehorse.

And just afther a moment it dissapeared.


I where crying of frustration today at first. Becouse of all those around me trying to force me to do things I don't want.

Then it got better. I can realy feel my guides comforting me these days.


Today I made the final desicion, that I will live followed by my joy. Despise what everyone around me says. Despise me beeing only 17.

Today I will start a new exiting chapther in my life. And it feels like the Earth is doing the same.


Can you feel the energies in today?


I will step with the Earth to a new Age, what will you do?


Love~ Kiara*

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  • Dear one

    I really like your way of thinking but your photo looks very sad indeed can you consider changing it ?

  • thats it sister! just let it all flow trought you..:-) i had huge shifts of energy in my body the all week, ships are everywhere..lots of pain in my body and flu as well, but it was all gone since yesterday..also felt that energy of New Years, like we crossed the threshold...or a long twilight...also met someone last week and we met today again..just one day after the En of the Mayan Calendar...who knows now? its all up in the air now and its up to us to go there and be the creators that we always were and always will be...i have also this feeling that something very big will happen all the time and thought i dont watch TV, only check the news to see what the updates are:-)

    Keep going, you are on the right path:-)


    Namaste :-)



  • well that cloud pattern for me is not that amazing... pretty normal here (Ecuador, south america) well I suppose because we dont get chemtrails.....

    And I agree with Kirk, I am 18, lot of knowdledge and wisdom, but I think I still have some time ahead me and at the end the only thing that matters is love.

  • I will take a good nap today after a full working night..i deserve that...

    Frustration way?...because things it is not happen always as you desire?... have 17 ...i have 41..way you complain about it?...

    In time you will have all the knowledge and wisdom you want...but never forget about love..

    Wait and see what happen...but any way you have your all future ahead of way you complain about it..?

    I know some tricks by my own....they can use HAARP to create what effects they desire....

    Do not forget ...they are Masters of Illusions..

    Tricks...tricks...never die..

  • Ahhh 10/28 was a blissful day filled with positive energies and plenty of friends :D loved it.
  • Hello and Nameste, for two days now I've been blasted with energy. My body is surging with static energy.  I have an expectation bubbling in my head. It's really kinda kool.
  • I felt something this morning....something subtle and different than yesterday.  The birds and animals in the back yard seemed like they were going about their usual activities, but it seemed like they were more aware of a difference and more aware of themselves than before.  Ther was a sense of timelessness and transcendant completion in the ether and in the air and the animals just, to me, felt like they knew.  Things were the same, but different.  Like the arrival of a peacefullness and newness here, complete, now.  The whole paradigm is different and the foundation is complete.  It feels to me as if consciousness will never be like it was in the past and the wick is lit now, never to be extinguished.
  • honestly i feel more peaceful these days and have more inspirations.

    yes it's happening within us.

  • met with friends today and meditated.  Felt wonderful powerful energies coming through and wonderful channelling of joy love and peace.
  • A Timesplice took place today in space and the wave immersed this planet too...see blog link:


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