Breaking News: The Most Shocking Internationl News Report by Brian Gerard Schaefer


The entire world is celebrating today after an awakening that led to a massive uprising in almost every country on the planet. Millions of people around the world united to form a movement that conducted mass citizen arrests, which saw nearly all politicians, corporate delegates, media magnates, military officers, medical industry directors, and religious leaders incarcerated. Those arrested have been charged with a wide range of crimes, including treason and crimes against humanity.

The sudden awakening resulted in people all around the world coordinating the mass arrests on the same day. The arrests have forced all governments and corporate dealings around the world to be suspended until all those arrested have faced court in a new Nuremberg Trials.

This sudden shift in global power has left the unsuspecting public and professionals in all fields reeling in shock. The majority of those who trusted and believed in the governments and scientists are now trying to grasp the depth and extent of the facts that have come to light. Until now, the truth had been hidden due to the level of secrecy amongst the world’s elite and their control of the media and education systems.

Those arrested include the heads of all banks and many of the world biggest organisations and companies, and nearly all members of the monarchies, and most stars and leaders in the entertainment industry. The members of the movement said their main focus was to bring people like Dr Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates to justice. All previous leaders of most countries were also arrested as the investigations into their affairs continue.

A spokesperson for the international movement, Brian Gerard Schaefer made the following statement, “I am very pleased to announce the success of our movement. It has taken the courage and devotion of all the freedom-loving people around the world to pull off the greatest victories in the history of humankind.

As a result of the mass arrests, we can now officially declare an end to all the injustices that have plagued humanity, and the end of the tyranny that sought to enslave our race. The greatest news of all I can share with you today is that we can now declare the end of the following:

  • all taxes

  • all 5G and harmful EMF technology

  • all military actions and spending

  • all weather modification, including chemtrails and HAARP

  • all forms of privacy invasion

  • all government and private surveillance technology

  • all existing banking and finance systems including the World Bank, IMF and all Federal Reserve Banks

  • all private prisons and false imprisonment

  • all monarchs

  • all personal and national debt

  • all human trafficking

  • all child labour

  • all man-made chemicals until they are proven to be safe for the environment and humanity

  • all nuclear power

  • all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons

  • all medicines including vaccines that are not proven to be 100% safe

 Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that we are now able to:

  •  Lift all bans on natural medicines and alternative treatments

  • release all hidden and suppressed medicines and treatments

  • ensure our individual right to choose our medical treatments

  • restructure the entire education system and make it free for all

  • honour all inalienable rights

  • uphold personal and national sovereignty 

  • rewrite national constitutions

  • protect and restore as many natural habitats and reserves as possible

  • protect and preserve indigenous cultures

  • release all recycling technology

  • decriminalise all drugs

  • lift all bans on hemp growth and materials

  • replace the entire monetary system

  • Release all free energy technology

 and much, much more!”

The most surprising fact in this report is that all those arrested have pled guilty to all charges. This was due to the overwhelming evidence from all the insiders and whistle-blowers that came forward. However, early reports have revealed that most people working in the governments and big businesses around the world were mostly ignorant of the crimes being committed by those at the top.

The biggest shock of all was all the scientists and governments officials overseeing the pandemic have admitted the entire crisis was a fraud. They have confessed to faking the outbreak to force everyone into receiving deadly vaccines, which was part of their eugenics program to depopulate the world. This program was part of their agenda to implement their New World Order, which included: a one world government, a cashless society, total surveillance and monitoring, and a social credit system.

The heads of the new Nuremberg Trials have said their guilty pleas mean that justice can now be served very swiftly. They ask that everyone to be patient as the evidence is revealed and the appropriate charges are laid. They also suggest that many people may need ongoing support as once the full extent of the crimes are revealed, many will likely be deeply disturbed.

One stunned member of the public sobbed as she told us, “Nearly everything I deemed a conspiracy theory has now been shown to not only be real, but the basis of ALL the world’s problems. I have been absolutely shocked to my core learning the degree to which the elite has misled humanity. But I am very grateful that everyone in the movement was prepared to do whatever it took to free all of us!”

The members of the movement have declared, “We are now all independent and sovereign Beings, bound by the Natural Laws as written in The Universal Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty.

We are eternally free and able to live in Peace, knowing that humanity can never descend to the depths of hell that have plagued humanity throughout history. We can now all join in sharing the magnificent future that awaits us.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the movement, which caused the wave of action to sweep around the world, Mr Schaefer stated, “It was simply the deep Love for our fellowman. We acted as One in service of every man, woman and child on Earth, regardless of race, culture or religion. Our Love for each other was the dominant force, and everyone knows that there is no power greater than Love. Therefore, our success was always inevitable. It only took everyone in all the different groups and communities to share The Universal Declaration of Independence and Sovereignty with everybody they knew. This got everyone on the same page and this shift in focus is what tipped everything in our favour. When everyone who joined the movement wore white wrist bands, it reflected the true number of people who were awake enough to act. Then the movement exploded around the world and everyone got on board with the mass arrests.”

Mr Schaefer concluded by saying, “On behalf of humanity, I want to thank everyone involved in the movement. Your level of dedication has surpassed anything the world has ever known. Your level of honour and compassion is what gave you the strength to succeed. You have secured the inalienable rights of every Being on Earth, and liberated humanity for all eternity. For this, I again thank you, and congratulate you all for your exemplary action.

I am so proud to be a member of the human race today. From this day forward, yesterday, the 31st of August 2021 will go down in history as the day humanity freed itself, forever. And now, we can all celebrate this monumental victory together as One Race.”

This was met with deafening cheers that must have been heard in the next galaxy. The celebrations are expected to last until the 21st of September, where the full moon falls on the equinox making it an auspicious day.

All journalists across all platforms have now agreed to cooperate in the uncovering and reporting of the crimes of those arrested. Mr Schaefer said, “The level of integrity being shown by the media is welcomed turnaround, away from all the propaganda, fear-mongering and fake news. We are all very pleased that the news is no longer going to be breaking people!”

We will be bringing you more updates and the latest developments regarding the new Nuremberg Trials as they unfold. Until then, enjoy your new Life and let’s party like its 1999.


This is our future.
It is time for you to contribute in every way you can to make it happen.
If you are awake and want to join the movement, make a comment below and share this blog across all social media platforms.
Make and wear a white wristband and post photos of it on your social media to show you are prepared to do whatever it takes, so that others will follow.
Our ultimate timeline starts now.

Love and Light
Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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