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It has been over 10 years since I last posted here.  Most of you may not be aware but Buddha Shakyamuni gave the first Kalki King of Shambalha named Suchandra a seperate teaching that is not widely known on the surface.  The Kalki King recorded the teaching and returned to Shambala and it became an enlightened society.  This teachings was likely not shared to many people on the surface because we were already in the dark age of Kali Yuga.  This teaching became known as The Kalachakra Mula Tantra and we only have fragments of it today, but certain Tibetan sects and Kriya Yoga sects are aware of it.  

I personally became aware of it back in 2008 and I tried to share it openly with others including this site.  At that time, we were being told about first contact and that we would no longer need these higher teachings because we would be given light beds to enlighten everyone.  I just knew it was not time for these teachings to be shared openly, but now we are truly close to the time of great changes.  The Mayan Calander was a 5125 year calander and it was marking the return of Bolon Yokte Ku and not the end of the world.  It was marking the beginning of the next cycle and it was most likely measuring a cycle of Vishnu.  Most overlooked the fact that the Mayan calander started in 3014 BC and never questioned why the Mayans had a calaneder that goes back thousands of years before their civilistaion ever started.   In addition, Krishna departed very close to this time in 3102 BC.  If you subtract 5125-3102 you get 2023.  It can also calculated to 2024 because they used a day count and some show it is a 5126 calander.  We were using the wrong Krist to sync the calanders correctly. We also have a site on the prairies of Alberta that also fits this exact same time frame.  I have told people to watch these dates for over 14 years now, and when I saw the crazy stuff happening over the last two years it became apparent this is actually our real calander.  We should have seen these manufactured pandemics and wars start in 2009-2012 timeframes and nothing significant happened.

The greatest Kriiya Yoga master to ever live (Sri Yukteshwar) also brought this to our attention at the turn of the century.  Yoganada also furthered his gurus work, but humanity for the most part over looked it.  Understanding this calander will not make enlightenment any easier to achieve, but it will help you understand where we are truly at in the actual Yuga Cycle.  This was all written in the Vedic text called the Laws of Manu.  Understanding the secrets of the Kalachakra will however shorten your path to full consciousness.  I remember a lot of great souls that came to this site.  I am posting it for your eyes and may it help you on your journey.  It is a long podcast, but I think many of you will find it helpful.  It also explores prophecy at the end, as I believe we are entering a new yuga and leaving the sandhis period (300 year buffer between yugas) soon and are entering the era of the last Kalki King they call Rudra Chakra.  It could still be a long time before his arrival, but I think we are entering the real season now.





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  • Thank you for sharing this. It is valuable insight.
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