The fight between the Devil and Michael the prince over the body of Moses!

It's gameover for Satan / Samael, the demiurge, blind god. He is fully exposed. Aten A10, Satan, Say Ten, Aton Adon Aaron, who made an alter to the Golden Calf while Moses was busy converting the negative confessions from the Egyptian book of the dead into 10 Commandments for the living. It seems odd to me that Moses had everyone killed who worshipped this golden calf, but not Aaron, who was the one who made it. Obama is Abel / Marduk. JFK, Abe L(incoln) reborn, but this time he sold his soul to Satan. black Samael.

Marduk is the UTU, the slain solar bull sacrifice, in example, the Golden Calf. In other words, Akhenaten is the Antichrist who "exalted himself above everything anyone has ever worshipped so that he sits in the temple of God showing that he is God." That's exactly what he did in Egypt! Monotheism is a lie. The Hebrews were Henothistic, they chose one God out of a number of them. There is nothing wrong the Gods in terms of what they represent. Obama is the king of babylon, the son of the morning. The male Lucifer. Reyt-Tawy, the female aspect of Ra, refers to Eve the female Lucifer. RA refers to the SUN / Christ, who is the Amen. Seth fought against Apep the dragon on behalf of RA, but was also a form of Apep himself. Seth became Apep the dragon.

"When Babylon falls, they will each go back to his own people." What does this mean? It signifies the end of Monotheism and the return of an age where we understand the ancient gods and what they represent. Worship is irrelevant, I believe in one great spirit, and that the Sun is Christ and should be respected. The one nameless spirit behind all of creation whose power is life and creation, not destruction, in whom is only light and there is no darkness him. Neither is he male or female. To personify the divine with a name or engender the spirit male / female, is to create Idolatry. The Great Spirit is beyond our comprehension. If we give him a name, or a gender, we therefore open the doorway for demons.

Obama is himself the golden calf. Aaron basically built an alter to himself. I also have doubts as to whether the Moses post Exodus in the bible was a fabrication since Ramose went into exile. I haven't even read the whole book by Richard Darlow, but I highly recommend buying it. The conflict between Michael and the Devil is also on friendly terms. "He doth not bring against him a railing accusation, but says, the Lord rebuke you." Were Obama a righteous person I would have no problem with his leadership, even as Moses had no problem letting him be the voice, and do much of the work. Akhenaten did not lead an Exodus out of Egypt, he just changed the Egyptian religion to suit himself as the God King pharaoh.

Michael and the Devil have a dispute over the body of Moses, meaning, which of them was Moses. Prince Ramose is Michael the Prince, while Akhenaten / Aton / Adon is Aaron, who is himself the Golden Calf.

Michael, is also known as Messiah the Prince. I believe this refers to the exiled Prince Ramose. This book is called Moses in Ancient Egypt and the Hidden Story of the Bible by Richard Darlow. You can buy it on Amazon for $20. The info you are reading now is what's printed on the back of the book.

The internet is flooded with people who claim that Akhenaten was Moses, but the truth has eluded them. Moses in the Bible was kind of a quiet person, there was another guy who often did the talking for him, that everyone has forgotten about. That man is Aaron. People care about Who Moses was, but they don't care about Aaron.

The name Aaron or A ron is a play on Adon Adonai and Aton or Aten, thus Akhenaten is Aaron by name alone. The second indication is that Prince Ramose has an Egyptian name with RA in the Title. In the beginning so did Akhenaten as his original name was AmenHoTep 4.

There are other aspects of Moses that may refer to Thutmoses 3, and the law of Moses is really the code of Babylons Hamurabi.

Now, as I have said that Prince Ramose is Michael the Prince, Akhenaten slash Aton must therefore be the devil. Is there any evidence to support this theory?

There is overwhelming Biblical Math that makes it clear Barack Obama is the Man whose number is 666. Barack Obama is believed to be the Reincarnation of Akhenten and is thought to be the ManChild of Revelation 12, the Messiah who was to rule all nations with a rod of Iron.
Akhenaten was callled the Son of the Sun, which may refer to the ManChild born from the Woman Clothed with the Sun, which seems to be the female personification of the Sun.

But there is a problem with this. The sun in ancient days was personified female, and then with the rise of Patriarchy and the Sons of Seth, everything became masculinized. The Sethians villify demonize and seek to eliminate ALL of the Feminine.

Therefore, I believe Amen Re refers to RHea, the wife of Saturn, who is Adam or Samael the false Adam. The original Adam and Eve are white casucains. The Hebrew word Awdawn means of a fair and rosy complextion, thus a white man. There is also plenty of evidence that the pre-adamic people were Asians and Negro's and that Serpent Worship comes from the African and Oriental Cultures who still have Statues to their Deity, The Seven Headed Dragon.

Aten, is A 10, Satan, Can you Say Ten? Aten is the 10th aspect of Amen Ra. The Kabballah or Kabba of Allah, originally goes back to Egypt. The first 9 Sephiroth or Seth Horus, are the six plus six plus six is eighteen and this reduces to 9. The Fem Eye Nine. 10 is the Mask Q Line. This money is associated with Aten, not RA, because Numerology reduces everything to single digits. All numbers 10 and higher are the domain of Aton, and thus money.

One other problem is that Moses and Aaron worked together, but Aaron was responsible for setting up an alter to the golden calf. The worship of the Cow Goddess Adumbla or the Cow God Marduk is perhaps one of the deepest mysteries. The Cow says MU as in the land of Lemuria, and all of Witchcraft is about Calling down the moon. The Hebrews had their lunar Sabbaths and Withcraft pretty much comes from the Jews and the Egyptians, King Solomon being the one of the greatest Satanic Sorcerers of all time.

To say that Akhenaten is Aaron thus requires us to establish a link between Aten and the Golden Calf. Marduk is the slain solar bull who represents the sun, also expressed as Mithra Myth of Ra and Sol. It has been suggested that Barack Obama is the Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. Abe eL is Abel. Abe Lincoln, Abe El. Abel is Baal and Marduk, who is himself the slain sun bull.

Therefore, the connetion between Akhenaten and his god the Aten is established because Akhenaten became the only human representative of that god and wanted to be worshipped as a God. Therefore Akhenaten himself is the golden calf and he built an alter for the worship of his version of the sun god along with himself.

Please review the facts if you have any doubts. Moses is Prince Ramose and Michael the Prince. The Body of Moses concerns the identity of Moses. One of them is Michael the Prince and the other one is the devil. Obama is the reincarnation of akhenaten and the man who is 666 the Antichirst. Yeshua said to keep the law of Moses, not the laws of Aaron.

I was one of those who had high hopes for Obama in 2008 when he was first came to office. Obama won the lottery with 666, he has a car he rides around in called the Beast. He said be still and know that I am God, so he knows exactly what he's doing. Aaron and Moses used to be friends, what a pity that Barack Obama has brought shame to his birthright by embracing Satan. Obama has a backwards speech thanking Satan.

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