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Blood Sucking Parasites

In order to dominate the world, the financial elite have very cleverly deceived nearly everyone on the planet. In order to exploit the masses, Bankers control what the people believe. For them to enslave the people they must do so without the people's awareness of what is being done to them.

Johannes Goethe is absolutely correct in his observation: "No man is more hopelessly enslaved than the man who falsely believes he is free".

A man who thinks he is free is significantly more productive and easier to control than a man that knows he is a slave.

To convince a slave that he is free is best accomplished by controlling the media and the schools.

Schools that indoctrinate our children and a media that misinforms the public are useful tools in the hands of those that wish to control us. Because of our collective apathy we have become debt slaves in a land that once was free.

John Adams once observed "There are two ways to enslave a nation, the first is with the sword and the second is with debt."

Lawyers representing the financial institutions write that are presented to Congress for their approval. Sadly, those that we have elected to serve us take their marching orders from the bankers and ignore the will of the people.

They would have us to believe this is just a coincidence every bill introduced in Congress benefits the financial elite. Anyone with a functioning brain realizes the bankers are using the money we pay in taxes to make us their debt slaves.

This diabolic cartel of international criminals will continue to thrive as long as we allow it. We are like the hosts who supply the blood to the Banksters, who will continue sucking it out until it's all gone.

We can sit back and wait until we have been bled dry, or we can refuse to allow the parasitic bankers to feast on the fruits of our labor.

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Blood Sucking Parasites - The Constitution Club


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You don't think you're free?  Poor dear.

Lol :)

the bank of england admitted in march in their quarterly bulletin that money is an IOU, not backed by anything but the faith of the public.

I posted this article

on ACC back then, but got a very poor response. It seems that most of the people, even here on ACC, are still unaware of this scheme of control.

and they are creating it out of the air

thanks for sharing Mr.Ed.


i.m.h.o. i see alot of wisdom in between the lines, as well ""in your face"" facts.

this post took alot of thought to write, and alot of knowledge most of us don't know. kudos.

the one topic missing is the exposure of the coneheads of the vatican, rome who rule as  a hiden tyrant of mankind.

i give Mrs. Karen Hudes my humble praise for her bravery of exposing the well kept secret of these beings hiding in the vatican halls under protection of b.s. love chants for thousands of years.

the coneheads and the pyramids all over the world are i.m.h.o. are related .

when i saw the helicopther and sub and other modern war machines in that egypt pyramid tomb drawing on it's wall, that buzzed right down mine spine for a big aha.


blessings to all of us for we are all one

Watch this video on archon parasites and luciferian dopplegangers! AMAZING

People, the masses, need to stop paying taxes and bank loans. Nearly all loans are fraud. Money created out of thin air from the "borrower's" signature. Then charged interest. Basically banks get paid for doing nothing. We get swindled into giving away our hard earned money. Then it is used against us.

You are right.I left everything behind me,moved to another country and live wthout bank "support" and,however,have difficulties,at the moment I do feel free....



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