High level cabalists have begun killing and threatening each other in a sign that their unified centralized control grid is falling apart. The recent shooting at Ft. Hood was an attack against George Bush Sr. and other members of the Bush clan, according to Rothschild and Rockefeller family sources. However, it is not clear if the attack was successful because of a total information black-out following the incident. The death of a CIA agent last week is also believed to have been part of an anti-Bush/Nazi campaign now underway.
Then last week a photograph of a T-shirt with the number 44 written on it being held in front of President Obama was widely publicized.
The number 44 symbolizes death in many Asian languages and the T-shirt incident appears to have been to remind Obama that he needed to stop blocking the new financial system.
Also, the murder of former ABN Ambro Bank CEO Jan Peter Shmittmann, his wife and his daughter was part of an ongoing Rothschild plan to eliminate any people who would testify against them, according to CIA sources. The list contains 250 names, including 50 bankers, the sources said. The Rothschilds also believe the Rockefeller family is about to be rounded up and jailed.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his part, thinks the entire Rothschild family needs to be killed in order to end the ongoing financial crisis. The Slavic nations are particularly bitter about the destruction of Yugoslavia and the theft of its mineral resources, which they blame on the Rothschilds. They see the recent shenanigans in the Ukraine as yet another Rothschild resource theft.

The Russians are now occupying Eastern Ukraine and have offered the Western portion to Poland in a sign they are no longer going along with the cabal controlled group of sock puppets known as the United Nations.

Since all the major players are now pointing fingers at each other, perhaps this is a good time to review the forensic trail followed by the White Dragon Society agents to try to find out who was behind the plan to “save the environment” by killing 90% of humanity.
The first suspect was David Rockefeller because he sat at the top of well-known globalist institutions like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.
However, Rockefeller’s people said they were not the problem but rather it was George Bush Sr. and his Nazi faction that were the true bad guys.
The Nazis, for their part, said they were allied with the Gnostic Illuminati and said they were opposed to bloodline rule. They believed it was the Rothschild/Saxe Gotha bloodline that was the problem.

The Rothschilds then came out and said they were junior sub-contractors and that the real center of the Cabal was the P2 Freemason lodge in Italy.
A visit to the P2 lodges in Rome and Milan by this writer revealed that they considered themselves to be the descendants of the Caesars and that they were given a mission by extra-terrestrial beings 26,000 years ago to manage history according to an astrology based script. They said their god was the black sun, an alien being living the gamma rays that can control human minds. Their other name for it was Lucifer.
This is probably a myth but, the forensic and historic trail does clearly indicate there has been a 2000 year old plan by the descendants of the Roman Empire to create a single, centralized, fascist world government known as the New World Order.
The P2 said there was a faction in their group that was behind the plan to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest in order to create thousand year Reich. This group was subsequently purged, which is the real reason why Pope maledict resigned to make way for Pope Francis.
Now that their plan is falling apart we are seeing a situation like that at the fall of the Soviet Union when all sorts of long held secrets started coming out. In this case, the P2 are making public details of how they created Christianity and Islam as propaganda tools in their long war against the Jews.
The latest revelations about Islam were sent to this writer in a PDF file which we will try to attach to this week’s newsletter. The part about Islam and the Vatican training of Muhammad starts on page 26.

More detail on the people who wrote the New Testament was also published here:
It is probable that they based Jesus on a popular Jewish rebel leader they had executed and renamed Isis as Mary and the Sun god as Jesus.
These revelations are coming at a time when many top Western leaders are visiting the new Pope. President Putin of Russia and Obama of the United States of America Corporation were followed last week by Queen Elizabeth.
The Queen was 20 minutes late for her meeting with the pope because her talks with the President of Italy ran overtime. It is a good guess they were discussing financial matters but no inside information from this meeting has leaked so far. In the meeting between Elizabeth and the Pope, the Pope gave an orb (symbol of power) of lapis lazuli (symbolic of wealth). The Queen gave the pope beer, eggs and whisky probably in recognition that having sworn an oath of poverty, he would have refused more lavish gifts.
Since the P2 are very into Astrology, we must now wait and see if the upcoming blood moon on April 15th will coincide with any big announcements.
If not, then pressure on the cabal is going to be increased to an entirely new level with an unprecedented attack on the petro-dollar.
Members of the group known as Cobra resistance went to Taiwan recently after visiting a WDS representative in Tokyo. Last week they contacted this writer via skype and showed a video of Taiwanese mass production of free energy devices. They said they were now being manufactured by over 20,000 different groups, more than oil company men in black could deal with.
They promised to deliver one to this writer before the end of this month. If it runs my home electrical appliances as promised, then I will take it to all the big Japanese manufacturing firms for mass production.
IF this is really true then it would be a total paradigm changer for the world economy and would definitely doom the petrodollar.
The Russians and Iranians are also attacking the petro-dollar with an announced plan to start selling their oil using a barter system that will by-pass the dollar.
In China as well, the money trail is being investigated very thoroughly and all officials found to have been corrupted by Fed money are being removed.

Mohamed was a creation of the vatican

Source: www.benjaminfulford.net

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  • Yup, I think Fulford is accurate a lot of the times, but other times scued...I do like reading what he has to say anyway, always food to ponder...and you are sooo right, the general mainstream public does not have a clue...and I am imagining when things come to light that a lot of people will be in denial and shock. (And I will have fun saying I told you so to a lot of my friends that think I am a nutter because of the stuff I talk about that they have no clue, lol...)  Although I do have to say that some of them are actually doing their homework and finding out I was not nuts....I have finally convinced about 13 people I know about chemtrails and that is a start.  Now they are thinking well if she is right about this, maybe some of the other stuff may have merit too...

  • well with them turning on each other maybe it is them that will end their own reign of darkness

    • Good point Justin .. imagine that, they wipe each other out ..

      At this stage of the game, I am all for whatever works ... if that means them turning on each other, then so be it ... whatever it takes to end the darkness.

  • A lot of Ben Fulford's material has merit and describes the murky treachery and duplicity of the dark groups, as well as the vast diversity of those who oppose them, including a motley collection of earth allies allied to the GFL....

    Sometimes his data is a little offbeam and the reference to the black sun and "Lucifer" is simply the oversoul of Earth's planetary logos (Rex Mundi) and his aetheric body.....The "black sun" is hidden from sight, unless one has cosmic-aetheric vision and is located at the very core of this planet, it is a crystalline central sun....The dark cabal know this and have largely corrupted the true meaning...so as to sew seeds of ignorance in seekers, both left and right hand paths...

    You could describe the black sun as the very seed of planetary life, on all planes...The heart of the logos, or his/her heart chakra, just as the crystalline city of Shamballa is the centre where the will of god is known, the crown chakra for planet earth..

    Moreover, the first Caesar of some prominance, who was assassinated in 44BC, was the General, Julius Caesar....

    His family, with the advent of the Emperorships of Augustus (nephew) onward, through to Nero, had not been "given a mission of 26,000 years by ETs" That is poppycock, I'm afraid to say...sorry..

    The Illuminoids became empowered by their masters, the Anunnaki, some 13,000 years ago, during Atlantis...They predate the Caesars, of course....They simply used the Caesars, as they used their successors (who still called themselves "Caesars,") the Flavian dynasty...... ;-)

    The Roman Republic and the Roman monarchy, before it, were all influenced by the Illuminoids and their "Gods"...long before the Caesars..

    A visit to the P2 lodges in Rome and Milan by this writer revealed that they considered themselves to be the descendants of the Caesars and that they were given a mission by extra-terrestrial beings 26,000 years ago to manage history according to an astrology based script. They said their god was the black sun, an alien being living the gamma rays that can control human minds. Their other name for it was Lucifer.

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    • thanks for sharing Drekx.


      i too use alot of discernment on what fulford spills out as facts, for he seems to mix the facts with questionble statements.

      i feel the vatican rome is quite a center of power, in that the power elite must go talk to  the black pope in secret talks, this is never been a holy momment, with all the blood on gold and riches these beings have to peacock with,and the nerve to state they live the life of poverty, while wearing gold cloths, jewels, gold walls, gold furniture and the best con is they receive FREE MONEY FROM THE PEOPLE / ON TOP OF WHAT THEY CAN INVADE AND STEAL FROM THE REST THE WORLD PEOPLE.

      I can  and must say that i believe Mrs.Karen Hudes revelations of the secrets of the vatican, which the vatican has held to thousands of years, the existance of the CONEHEAD POPULATIONS= ELONGATED SKULLS LIKE THE EGYPTIAN DRAWINGS OF THE MASTER WEARING THOSE ELONGATED HATS TO COVER THIER SHAPE OF THEIR HEADS AS DRAWN ON THE TOMB OF KING TUT as i recall.

      i am getting strong feelings now this is going to be the awakening of the human race to know we have been lied to, force to kill and be killed for stupid beliefs of these conehead story telling lies that we were to believe it or be burned at the stake as an evil witch or warlock, and it is worst for our children, for they become thier sexfun toys and spare bodyparts, if this is not unholy, i don't know what is. (canada's child centers of that the vatican sponsers, and the mast graves and etc.)

      blessings to all of us for we are all one



This reply was deleted.

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