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Beauty - Inside And Out By Linda Dillon & The Council Of Light

It's autumn in Gaia's Northern Hemisphere, and the fall colors and divine perfection of the changing of the seasons, as the old releases to make way for the new, are inspiring me to focus on Beauty.

The COL defines the blessing and virtue of Beauty as “Inner and outer. To be in a state of beauty with all that is, in all realms, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The ability to create and maintain beauty. To be in a state of beauty is to be in harmony with all. To become a perfect mirror for all of God’s creations. It is two separate colors, silver, and magenta.”

So as I'm witnessing and experiencing the changing of seasons – and of paradigms and dimensions, within and without – I'm drawn to the divine quality of Beauty. The beauty of when what we want and what we need comes into alignment in all realms, and the recognition that within this there's truly no separation. And I realize the choice is mine to embrace this inner and outer season of great change from a place of harmony with all, regardless of outer appearances or the ego's resistance. To reside within the divine perfection of the Mother's Plan, and of our place within it, is to reside in Beauty.

And you know, this is a choice being offered to us right now as we're being reborn, isn't it? We can no sooner stop this process of rebirth than we can the changing of the seasons... and why would we want to? Gaia knows – as does any good midwife – that the key to rebirth is embracing the process in trust and surrender. To flow in harmony with the expansion by not resisting the contraction. To open and welcome the changes as they bring forth the new.

And it occurs to me that this is really what The New You is all about... embracing these changes, aligning with and welcoming the new as it emerges in all its beauty and glory. 

Daybreak - Beholding Beauty

Enjoy this week's insight from Linda Dillon on living a spirit-filled life. Click on this link to listen:

Video - "Super Quick Abundance Meditation - Expanding The Possibility of Universal Abundance" By Steve Nobel -


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