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 Yea~ I am getting a little exhausted ~ WASTING~ my own energy, on telling this to people~ AS THIS IS A "TRUTH"~ THAT IS NOTHING OTHER THAN~TRUTH! Meaning ~IT APPLIES TO ALL OF US! We have been ~SO DAMN~ conditioned~ to judge every-one else... and decide if they are correct or "cool", based on what we have been ~"PROGRAMMED"~LITERALLY~ to have a reference to which compare as a baseline, of what those~restricting~SILLY~ words even are.~WRONG~ ITS TIME~ TO~ GET TO KNOW YOURSELF~ & NOT~ consider~ or even remember~ any longer what others think of you~BUT~ ALWAYS USE DISCERNMENT~ AS I AM TALKING OF SOMEONE JUDGING ANOTHER NOT WITH THEIR OWN HEART~ BUT ~ As what they have been told to believe. ANY OPINION~No matter how NON-COMPLIMENTARY to you~ IS TRULY A GIFT~ If it comes with good intent. SO~ THERE IS NO SUCH ADVICE AS BAD ADVICE~ If it has a GOOD & HONEST INTENT~ As it's driving motive for sharing.!~SO~I FEEL~ IF YOU ARE TRULY~ BEING YOU~ Than you won't care what others think~promise~ cause truth is~That TRULY~WE ARE ALL COOL~ AS COOL GETS~ YES~ YOU ARE ONE~ COOL CAT!

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Great Title.. but sometimes maybe we need to come across people to criticise us weather their in the wrong or right to help us learn and grow as well as them learning and growing too .

I'll admit tho i still get hurt seeing and hearing others judging others on looks. But when its about anything i believe in now i just can smile and walk on knowing in myself i haven't got all the answers but I'm content am on the right path for me. Thank you for the post.    

Tell you what is cool that picture it's doing funny things to my eyes :D

It sounds reasonable what Johnny says.


There is a big deference between criticizing and disagreeing


Criticizing and judging is when we don’t accept creation and everything in it as everything is an expression of creation. We learn from creation we get energy from it. Knowledge is light.


When we accept, love, appreciate, acknowledge, encourage and promote creation’s creative expressions of any form and existence we promote birth of light… …


Disagreeing is when we present creation’s creative expressions of any kind with a question as to why this is happening or exists or behaves like that and so on … and creation replies to us … so we get back knowledge light.


Disagreeing,  statementing  and personal expressing is advised to be followed by phrasing such us “I feel that what, I sense this as being, To my understanding, as far as regards my own wits … and so on “


Something that indicates that the question comes from us because is what we think, what we believe, how we perceive something so it’s our question to creation our problem our puzzle to solve… it’s our light to get … … …

by the way lovely puzzling image ... :))


Love you all

Yes we are cool cats, i like it!!

purrr... lol


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