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Hi everyone..
I am from Hervey Bay there anyone from this area..
love and light to you...blueangel
G'day, blueangel!
LILITU is from Hervey Bay. One of my best friends (not a member of ACC) lives in Craignish.
randwick, sydney
i'm shepherd form clarkson in western australia just saying gday looking for asutralian w.a people to chat with like minded souls to continue to un ify in the light of the christ energy star friends who want to serve and share their light and stories with me in divine co-operation.. iam a zeta walk-in from altair and have never been to earth been to a lot of other dimensions places in the multiverse but its my first gig here to serve as a light worker, iam a tele-empath energy healer,sound worker , e.t liason , clearer in general ,chi gong and intuitive healing , for the planet and its beings throught healing martial arts , chi flow i call it, also am an artist and create energy imprints , wholistic energy communications , star linguist on telepath level.any way thats a basic summary. lovelight to you all on the path you have chosen. and i will here from people according to their truth and divine free will. lovelight shepherd t
Bendigo, Victoria
Otford, NSW! I live/work at Govinda Valley a yoga & health retreat centre =)
Ello i'm michael
Hey there Sydney boy here, born, raised and still here, i;ve had the pleasure of growing spiritually around some influencial lightworkers, also i was priviledged to be apart of a great awakening from the first ray of divine will and truth, Which is an electric blue and also spent alot of time with archangel Michael as he help me heaps and Archangel metatron i ocasioinally do some metaphysical work in the grand libary but don't remember much oxoxo

love and light michael
southern end of Gold Coast, QLD....near border rangers...would love to meet up with spiritually like minded people in northern NSW and SE QLD
On 2.5 acres at Lewiston, South Australia. Nearly always open for a chat...once I find where it is.;)


AM Currently in NORTH WEST QLD :)

 hi all :-) i am from South Bondi- New South Wales .





on the border of Victoria,and the border of N.S.W.(yarrawonga)



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