Message number 107

April 10, 2022.

Good morning, beloved Rio Grande do Sul, dear Sower of the Gospel,

Good morning, dear spirits all of this beautiful Planet Earth,
Today we meet again to talk to you about the times ahead. to say that something will remain as it is is a great illusion. Announcements about this have been around for a long time, haven't they? And concretely, in the last 2 years.

How have you received these messages? Like a very distant truth, isn't it? Even impossible? Even something to make fun of, isn't it? for Noah also was mocked, and yet the flood came, and there was nothing there to amuse us indeed. And even so, unbelief prevails when reading our messages, however, we say to you:

- The first bang will come, later this year. There, during the rest of one, the work of another, the birth of a child, the disincarnation of another being, a mother who prepares lunch, the bus going back home, the harvest of wheat in one place, the sowing in another and life will be expressing itself in its most everyday way possible.
and we know that, again, everything seems very unreal to you, but we also say again: the bang will come.

And our plans, in fact, were for almost the entire population of Earth to be awake, awake, but actually, how many beings, at this moment, believe that this will happen?

the New Earth Book (in fact, we recommend that you read it) talks about the aspect of our disbelief in the face of coming events, because in fact what will come has never been seen before here on Earth and neither does it fit in the limited mind of the being that inhabits the Planet in this moment, said with great affection andrespect.


dear and beloved all, the right thing to say is this – it's not because we don't believe in something that it won't happen, is it? Have you thought about it? so at that moment, it is not the most important that you believe what we are saying, but that you are informed through this message of today and all the previous ones that we have sent.

You are officially informed at this point that the Bang will take place, later this year.

it is also important for you to know that all of us, disembodied spirits who are part of the Ashtar Sheran Command – are here at the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who governs your Planet and who supervises our tasks which, of course, boil down to preparing the Workers of the light thataccepted to come here, in this very difficult time of Earth's Planetary Transition – to assist/help/serve those who are in conditions of fragility or need – as a consequence of the catastrophic shocks that the sea, the sky and the earth will express in response to the crash.

as we have always informed in previous messages – the regeneration of the Planet will take place through two essential events:

1) The physical resettlement of Planet Earth - the bang will give a new geographical shape to the Planet (see the Map of the New Earth on the internet sites) - it will certainly be our loving Gaia who, at last, will be answered to the cry of pain provoked by the human being – while incarnated here and mainpolluter of this beloved sacred ground.

2) The awakening in consciousness that we will make - or the Quantum Moral Leap that the incarnate spirits will make to ascend, finally, to the Fifth Dimension - Dimension of Christ's love.
Expressed like that, it sounds simple, doesn't it? it's been going on for many years, even when you weren't incarnated yet, did you know that?

So still in disbelief?

You are part, along with all the other spirits incarnated on Earth at this moment, of the Greater Plan of Love of the Christ for the Earth. yes, the Earth has always been part of a Greater Plan of existence - loving Evolutionary School of incarnate Spirits and why not also disincarnate, because here we are also in an evolutionary task, working during the Planetary Transition together with all of you.

so, brothers from all over the planet: Unite! Help yourselves!
There will be no other way than to help everyone.

We will bring here the next advances in the progress of events. and we ask you to multiply this message (you are free to translate it into other languages – respecting the source: Rio Grande do Sul – The Sower of the Gospel). You are also responsible for others to know. Why not? Are you not, by any chance, lucky enough to receive her here? Great privilege, by the way. then reciprocate by multiplying it.
Here we say goodbye, certain that we will be more awake to the events of reality soon.

And as we always say: be love to someone today.
We are with you all. And in the love of Christ, always. Until next week;

Ashtar Sheran

(Channeled by Valéria Kopp, 04.10.2022)

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  • message number 109

    April 24, 2022.

    Good morning, beloved Rio Grande do Sul, dear Sower of the Gospel,

    Good morning, dear spirits all of this beautiful Planet Earth,

    How are you?

    They must be getting more and more scared, aren't they, with our messages?

    of course, if you check other sources of information, you can find similar messages like ser:

    - on the youtube channel Mundo das Orações

    - on Ms. Josemery Restnauer – from Curitiba

    - on the Spanish channel Transición Planetaria – official channel

    - and this channel obviously – Rio Grande do Sul – The Sower of the Gospel, here we send a message a week to update you on the reality of the Earth regarding its regeneration.

    all these are reliable sources of our messages, of what we want to express and especially to warn: the time is coming.

    And we won't be asked if we're ready, for this time it will be the time for Gaia – our beloved Planet Earth to make her geographic resettlement, if you understand? Then? shall we sacrifice ourselves for her as she has done for millions and millions of years? And she will continue to do so. Planet Earth is a living being, do you understand? You also need sometimes to reset your energies just like we do with our body.

    Let's summarize a little the messages sent on this very loving page, about the preparation for the coming Crash on Earth:

    1) We inform you at the beginning of the messages, that this channel would be informing about the events that will happen on Earth soon, but we also highlight that we are working on the Spiritual Awakening of those who will work in Therapeutic Communities, the ones we call auxiliaries orLightworkers.if you feel that you are awakening to help, contact us. Many of us have come to help Christ in this dimension transition that the Earth is making.

    2) We explained that Therapeutic Communities are points of light of Christ's love on Earth, as our Valeria says. there we will receive those who are homeless or in need of temporary shelter while they rebuild their homes. They will also work there in the Community as a form of gratitude for the assistance received.

    3) In the Therapeutic Communities there will also be a Therapeutic Center for the spiritual treatment of each person-spirit, where we have already received a large amount of Pleiadian, Arthurian, Sirian therapies, to be applied during the treatment by those who work/serve there. these therapies will be practiced for a while here on Earth and then we will let you know when they should be taught to others, so that we are more people with the capacity to use them in Communities or wherever we are. and we emphasize: they should not be used for commercial purposes in the best 3D style, because in this case the sacred intention they carry within them is turned off. We ask for your collaboration with this topic in case you have been chosen to receive any of these treatment and/or healing techniques or therapies.

    4) We also told you that some Communities will be by age group considering the age of the people who are more concentrated in one place and another, also due to the fact of respecting what each one needs - for example, we could not bring together a community of newborns with one of incarnate peoplelonger or “elderly”, as they are called there in the earthly sphere.5) We also told you that we had started this movement here in Rio Grande do Sul, but we expanded it to other Brazilian states and at the moment also to other countries. that is, the communal will prevail on Earth also after the Bang, there will be no other form of life – there won't be, keep that in your mind, because it is in fact a concept that needs to be in our consciousness, rather than in reality.

    6) The Communitarian is the practice of the common - but for that you maintain your individuality - it is not necessary to get rid of what you have (or what was given to you by God in this existence), but to understand that if you have more, you was given to give again – and for nothing else. what exists in nature and matter here on Earth is there to serve the evolution of your spirit NOTHING ELSE – it has not, nor has it ever been the idea that we accumulate goods – but that we use it whenever it could leverage your evolution, the members your family and then to other spirit-peoplethat are around you.7) Therapeutic Communities are here to stay!! Eternally in the soil of Gaia, our beloved Earth.

     Only love for everything will be practiced in them. in respect for Nature (which we will recover again, as we don't actually have it), everything will be sustainable and recyclable, otherwise, it will not be used, nor will it be produced. and everything compatible with each other, for example – the electrical power sockets compatible with the devices that must be connected there (for all parts of the world), the quality of a product that is the same all over the planet, not only for some countries and for the purpose of making a profit on other beings, no, thatIt won't last for sure.9) We have already informed a lot about Therapeutic Communities – see the older posts on this channel which, by the way, are being posted in audio on the Semeador Youtube channel. Listen to them and multiply them! More informed people, more prepared people, think about it. and if you were lucky enough to read this before, reciprocate now by sending it to other people, we still have time to prepare them too.

    10) Panicking is a result of lack of information or lack of faith. the Planetary Transition is happening on Earth long before you incarnated or even your great-grandparents, for us to become aware that it is not an isolated event. The one who is incarnated now, had the option of incarnating here to work, serve or remain disembodied, working in the other realm. so think about what you yourself chose. And about your faith, this conversation is something that happens between you and God – so be silent, pray and meditate, there you will find the answer.

    11) Since the oldest messages, we have been saying that the cataclysms or disasters of Nature will be caused by the impact that the Earth will make with the asteroid Nibiru, which will be passing by and its electromagnetic field will impact ours, causing real world catastrophes, such as plate shocktectonics, sea level rise, flooding of coastal regions anywhere in the world, earthquakes, landslides, winds of 400 km per hour, etc. they are scenes that don't fit in our imagination, believe me, it's not convenient to do it in advance, what's the use? Would it be beneficial, for example?

    12) We warned a long time ago (at least a year ago) that people who inhabit coastal areas, would move away from there looking for regions with 400 meters above sea level - so we will respect the free will of each one in deciding the you want to do, which will surely answer yoursreincarnation plan to stay or not incarnate.13) Lots of information, isn't it? We suggest following the posts of the channels mentioned here – they are faithful to the will of Our Master Jesus – Who coordinates the transition of this Planet – being our beloved Governor. we are in the period of mercy that was given to Earth by the intervention of Our Master Jesus – let us be aware of this. These same channels, then, are the ones that will receive the final and OFFICIAL messages before the Bang. guided by the love of Christ, they remain faithful to the information sent and sincere intention to inform to prepare, not for media shows, as has happened with others, said with great respect. Let's work to unite, not divide, always remember that.

    14) We have extended this message, there is in fact, more to say, however it is also part of the interest of each one to continue reading the other messages posted here or on other channels, isn't it? we want to lovingly record here that regardless of your decision to believe this information or not, in the moment of need that may occur later on, you will be helped, because God never excludes. so, always follow the path of your heart, as it reflects the level of evolution of your spirit.

    And we, here in the astral realm, together with the Lightworkers who are already awake, offer a flower to ease your pain, guided and cared for by Christ, Our Lord.

    in the love of His Most Holy Mother, Who brings the love of Her Son back to Earth.

    Mother's love,

    Son's Love,

    Mary's love,

    Jesus love.

    and all of us, from the Ashtar Sheran Command, thousands of spirits that we are, already coordinating at this moment the putting into practice of various aid initiatives for when necessary, together with our loving Brothers on the Walk, the Pleiadians, Sirians and Arthurians, who will soon be herephysically.

    in fact, many are already working here, in their ships and on the ground, we know that, don't we?

    Accept their help, they are collaborating with Our Master Jesus! a lot of gratitude, a lot of gratitude invades our hearts to think of everything we are receiving from them as help, believe me, without them, it would not be possible to accomplish everything we have planned.

    I can do everything through Him who strengthens me.

    this is the phrase we ask you to repeat when you are nervous or in need of help, and then help will come, trust.

    We apologize for the length of today's message, however, given the gravity of the coming events, it is necessary and urgent.

    Fraternal hugs to all!

    ashtar Sheran representing all the loving Command of those who serve Christ, Our Master Jesus and His Mother Mary, loving Mother of us all.

    Channeled by Valéria Kopp, April 24, 2022.
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