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Ashtar message and Galactic Confederation vs Galactic Federation

From an alternative Radio, where I did spoke to present the command in the mid 2000's, they had this warning on their website, due to the general similar information gathered by UFO research groups. If you search within the UFO groups, you will find this theory present everywhere :

''As for the Ashtar or "Astarte" collective, it is a massive electronic collective mind or intelligence with a nerve-center rumored to be based within a 20- mile long 
computer - possibly space-based - into which numerous space cultures are tied via electrotelepathic implants. This collective has long since been infiltrated and 
compromised by the Draconian collective at various levels and can no longer be trusted. (Be wary of so-called "Ascended Masters" speaking through the Ashtar 
collective, as they are just as likely to be Draconian impostors as they are to be enlightened Federation beings.) ''

David Icke said, and on this one we can trust him :

"One of the leaders and spokesmen for this Collective is a being that goes by the name of HATONN. HATONN, according to some sources, is a 9 ft Pleidean with severAshtar message and Galactic Confederation vs Galactic Federatione fascist leanings who claims to be a reptilian 'defector' from the Unholy Six Orion-Draconian Empire. Other sources claim that the Ashtar Collective, or at least a large segment of the collective that was infiltrated and assimilated by Draco-Orion agents posing as ascended masters, is now in direct collaboration with the reptilian Grays and the 'Unholy Six'."  (from David Icke E-magazine) 

Below is a true message from Ashtar (excerpts) which mentionned the use of holograms long before the « Blue Beam » project to make holograms of ascended masters in the skies was operational :

''What many will have witnessed are the masterful use of holograms to create illusions of truth for those seeking them. Each who agrees to the negative ET's offers will find themself taken through a process somewhat like meditation. Only you will be opening yourself up to the direct control techniques of those from the dark side.''

'' Many of the government leaders, particularly those of the dark focus, will be elevated within the ranks of the negative ET's. Others will become slaves themselves when they are no longer needed. There is no "code of honor" among the Reptilian's. They only recognize power and the ability to create fear in others.

I have left out many more details. One very important truth to remember is that each has a choice, or choices, now and then. What you choose will contribute to your reality. WE are a choice for you. We come in love and offer love. We do not expect anything from you. We will help only if asked we are asked to. This [asked not forced] alone will be difficult for many to comprehend, as you have been taught so well to force your views and beliefs on others, especially when you know its for their own good. To those who follow these truths, true discernment will be most difficult.

I will continue at another time to tell you more about your options for us. There are Light workers among you who will provide you with guidance, if you wish to listen to them. I will tell you other things concerning the negative ET's, but mostly I will tell you of our love. I leave in love for each of you and for the God Source of us all.

Ashtar, Of The Ashtar Command to Tom Smith, October 12, 1992

Note from Captain Lyur : I was in personal contact with Tom before his transition, he did send me all his manuscripts and told me to use them as I would see fit.

Now You all want more clearing about the « Galactic Federation » ? Here you have it :

from my blog :
Dear star people, Cmdr.Lyur here from the Golden Light Fleet. As always, we have found ourselves, the various members of the Command, in synchronicity lately all over the planet by using the term "Galactic Confederation" to mention the positive galactic forces who have sent the "task force-intergalactic fleet" of the Ashtar Command in this spatial quadrant and solar system. We did use the term "Confederation" even without knowing each other's work and writings, and long before having the knowledge of the following text, which is presented here FOR YOUR OWN DISCERNMENT.

We all have to use a great deal of discernment these
days, where psychic conflicts are still taking place inside the realms of the 3th and 4th dimension. It is even more so now that this planet is in full gear in the energy of the 4th dimension.("astral" energy, "psychic" energy, "time" travel) This 4th dimension enfoldment is permitting much more "astral psychic" communications, that could be very easily mistaken for "channelings" from higher dimensions, even with entities from this 4th dimension faking names of the command and of the spiritual hierarchy of the universe. The 4th dimension is also more the frequency of the Galactic Federation as explained in the text thereafter, while the Galactic Confederation is dwelling on the frequency levels of the 5th dimension and above.
It should also be said here, for the sake of all concerned, that there are a few races of "White Zetis" and "benevolent reptilians minorities" that do not agree with the doings and agendas of the Galactic Federation., but really not that many of them are found within our ships, if any...

We, of the Space Command would suggest then to everyone on Earth to discern within One's Heart when encountering texts or "channelings" from the "Galactic Confederation" or from the "Galactic Federation", for those are totally two different forces. The Galactic Federation would never mention the Ashtar Command for the very good reason that there are not from the same force.....But in the other hand, there are many fakers, such as a reptilian commander from the Galactic Federation of Darkness , an usurper taking the name of space brother Hatonn and producing so-called "channelings".
We present the following text in order to help each and everyone of you to get a clearer picture of the current forces at this time of the transition of planet Earth, by using your own mind and heart in those issues. Then you will be able to resonate or not with the various texts and "channelings" circulating on the internet and on the surface of this planet at this time.

This you have to do it by yourself and by yourself only. We of the Space Command are certainly not here to tell you what you should do nor think. This you have to determine by yourself, using the Universal Law of Free Will.

We are not here to make separations, but rather to bring forward informations, in order to bring "light" on all that is occuring in this space quadrant. Please read the quoted text below. Golden Love.

Cmdr. Lyur
PS note : A "confederation" is a better form of democracy than a "federation". The USA are a "federation" while the CSA (Southern states) were a "confederation" at the time of the Civil War.
A "confederation" present today is the Helvetic Confederation (Switzerland) The freedom of the states (cantons) composing this compact is such that when one takes a decision the central govert. in Bern cannot do nothing about it. 

Excerpts from a post on spacebrothers list (Post-No.: spacebrothers-l/2001-03-07/756)
This post can be seen in the spacebrothers list archives : 2001/10

Subject: Galactic Confederation and Galactic Federation Forces


**(Excerpted from "The Fundamentals of a Foundation for 21st century PsychoCosmoGenesis: A Neoteric Model of Consciousness introducing Divine Humanism, Homosapieosophy and A Course in Awareness: Coming Home to Yourself , an Autodidactic Guide." ©1999 Swan Foundation Press and JCW

"The purpose of the Galactic Confederation Forces of Light is to assist the spiritual hierarchy in moving higher energies down and to move around as individual lights through the fields of electromagnetic energy, bringing energy to those areas that are needed in order to help enhance the spiritual qualities of the lower beings or vibratory fields in the lower realms. The purpose of humans on earth is to help each other evolve, to help care for the planet on which they reside and to care for the living creatures that reside with them on the planet. The Spiritual Hierarchy is not obliged to interfere with the lives of entities or to help them, but in some cases certain beings may affect, influence or assist individuals at their own discretion.

"The Forces of Light consisting of entities of the benevolent human race that reside on Vega, in the Lyra constellation, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Antares and other human star systems have a kind of kinship toward one another wherein each is somewhat protective of the other...".

The Galactic Federation Forces of Darkness--Orion and Zeta Reticuli Greys, Reptoids, Draconians & Dinoids--have some competition with earthlings, seeing them as inferior. In many ways physical humans are inferior in terms of strength and sometimes in terms of intelligence, but there is a certain spiritual quality and an ethical quality more akin to humans than to the Reptoids, Dinoids, Orion and other Greys..".

"However, this does not mean that the Forces of Darkness--the Reptoids, Dinoids, Orion Greys and Zeta Reticuli Greys--cannot spiritually evolve; it is just there is no interest and that lack of interest causes souls not to develop well. These entities are spiritually retarded, even though they may be technologically advanced or intellectually advanced. Even though these interdimensional forces--Reptoids, Dinoids, Orion and Zeta Reticuli Greys--may have many advantages over human beings, humans have certain significant advantages in a spiritual sense. There is a greater sense of pecking order and domination in these entities; whereas, with the various human types, there appears to be a greater concern for spiritual growth and spiritual influences and evolution.

"Third dimensional terrestrials (Earthlings) can expect assistance from Pleiadians, Lyrans, Vegans, Antareans, and entities from Andromeda and Arcturus as well as other humans existing on higher dimensional levels. The Sirians appear to be karmically linked to earth people and to Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) more than others. The Vegan and Lyran humans appear to be next in proximity to earth humans and as the Pleiadians follow. The Andromeda humans appear to be relatively remote from earth humans but are aware of earth humans and the Andromeda humans appear to be more interested in Galactic politics, ethics and laws that keep entities relatively free from negative experiences or actions, whereas the Reptoids, Dinoids, Orion Greys and Zeta Reticuli Greys all tend to have a greater focus and concern on concepts of order and domination.

"For example, the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” used a UFO research expert to assist in the production of the movie. The white creatures inside the UFO at the end of the movie were presented as friendly and harmonious extra-terrestrials, giving the implication to the audience that these entities were basically benign. In reality, this particular type of alien is a creation similar to the synthetic or robotoid--a kind of biological robot--created using the brain and spinal nerves and other various parts from cattle and created as an artificial life form--basically by those of the Alien Force for purposes of their own.
"Any entity coming in contact with these creatures would be wise to avoid further communication or contact of a close nature.

The Galactic Confederation personnel look human in their appearance--in fact, they are quite good
looking and capable of communicating telepathically in your own language; therefore entities meeting with these benevolent forces can feel basically secure. However, those of the Alien Force, such as the Orion Greys, Zeta Reticuli, Reptoids and Draconians--also appear as human in shape. They may look like earthlings, but are more humanoid in appearance. They do not have the same structure or internal organs because they are from a different universe.

The purpose of this controversial information is to inform interdimensional seekers that there are both
benevolent and maleficious interdimensional beings on board UFOs. This is known by certain members of various department of the gover---nt for there are teams who have been employed during for over fifty years to search out certain UFO bases and attempt to blow up caves in which these groups were based or to rid the area of these negative aliens. There is a part of the govern--nt known as “the shadow govern--nt” which has made many deals with these unfriendly aliens (having first turned down assistance from benevolent extra-terrestrials as previously discussed in Part I) in order to obtain highly technological devices such as the laser and UFO technology in exchange for human abductions and cattle mutilations. Essentially a secret battle has been occurring regarding UFOs since the release of the first atom bomb, which began triggering off the increased activity of these beings."
**(Excerpted from "The Fundamentals of a Foundation for 21st century PsychoCosmoGenesis: A Neoteric Model of Consciousness introducing Divine Humanism, Homosapieosophy and A Course in Awareness: Coming Home to Yourself , an Autodidactic Guide." ©1999 Swan Foundation Press and JCW )

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Very Interesting to say the least.  Basically in my own mind, I try not to trust any alien species because I do not know if they are benevolent or not.  I had my experiences with the Grays as most of you know, and that was enough for me.  As for making a sound judgement of who the good or bad guys are, I do not feel I can in any way be objective.  Humans are so easily manipulated that my mindset at this point is to not trust any of them at all...Words are only words and does not mean they are true.  I have been used as a lab rat in this life and do not intend to judge who the good or bad guys are just on some written say so because it is written that they are benevolent towards humanity. Much has been written, but until there is concrete proof of who is who and what the intentions are, I will assume that alien races can play us like we are a game, and refuse to play the game.  I have free will up to a point and to assume anything can be very dangerous indeed, and I cannot trust any words on paper, I have to see and experience for myself, and my experiences were not for the faint of heart and horrible beyond comprehension.  You will find me hiding as best as I can if I I look up and see thousands of spacecraft overhead and will not assume they are here to save mankind....I will be wondering if they are here to do more heinous things to my body, to steal my very soul, or to have me for lunch, lol.  I like to err on the side of caution.  It might not be such a bad thing....what do we really know about the GLF or any of these alleged groups of alien conglomerations anyway other than from written words or mental experiences with the alleged species????? Not enough proof to me of much of anything other than it is a good idea to be very very skeptic and protective of one's hide...  

.....with so many channelings, opinions, "far~fetched facts" so many fight over each other to prove it, I stay centered to make sure I am happy with who I am and where I need to go, without so many promises that keep turning up as myth. Time will show who was right or wrong but by that time I am gonna be well on my path to ascension..........................

Same here Michael...I trust my path and inner feelings more than any claims and written say-so.  Time will indeed show who is tells lies and who does not and I do not base my thoughts or actions on any groups or belief systems or new age schools of thought or movements.  If I mess up and misstep then it is on me only, and I will have no one to blame except myself.  I am skeptical about the whole phenomena of channeling, always have been.... so I just read them for entertainment purposes only but put no stock whatsoever in what they say other than sometimes the message may be uplifting and I take what I want from that but as far as believing, it is not required to do so.  I have no conceivable way of knowing who or what is actually being channeled so why should I believe any of it?  I love the messages from Wes Annac for instance and always feel better after reading them, but do not necessarily have to know or believe the source that is attributed to the messages.  He is just so uplifting that I love reading his messages and I think he is a very love filled and centered person whom I respect and that is good enough for me.  I enjoy reading Blossom Goodchild too because I like who she seems to be, but that does not mean that I believe her messages, not at all, just that her energies feel very nice to me.  I am an odd duck in the new age community due to my lack of belief in a lot of things, but I believe in the core concepts of loving one another and uplifting and supporting one another, and helping those less fortunate and want to be part of creating a better future for humanity.  I guess that is good enough for me anyway. 

That sounds beautiful Marique :) Waking up and being spiritual has nothing to do with believing in channelings or other entities, it's finding yourself and the power that lies within to create a better world for yourself and those around you by projecting forth the Love that is ever present.

now i have a question about ascention, because it besacly means that u as a indivitual go to a higher frequentie or a higher dimension. But what happent to your body is the 3rd dimension? Because for example when i escent and my mom does not, will i still be there for her in her illusions? or maybe she goes to a parallel universe where i am still  there? do you know what will happen?

Thans for reading ;)

Good article, but I sense that any extraterrestrials that have a "karmic link" to us are going to expect a lot more from us in terms of making the universe a better place than what we are doing now. Getting the word out is great, but actions will always trump words and will always trump pretty pictures. 

Of course they should expect a lot more from us. If humans can screw up this great at the helm of dark hate...just wait till we collectively get our grips on the power of love light. ;) We are a relentless species when we put our minds to's just a matter of time.

Indeed :-)

Most of this is "Last minute CRAP" from the negative forces!  Hatonn was involved with the RA Material.....the information that introduced us to our star brothers and sisters....Ashtar is an ultra-pure force of love sent from the God plane. To reject his efforts is the same as rejecting the Christ force.

The Federation and Confederation are two separate groups working together to assist mankind.  You all should be getting head siren's going off at full blast after reading the very mixed information above.

It is important to remember though, that in the end this is nothing but a big game. Therefore it is getting increasingly difficult, for the emerging non polar human, to tell the two sides apart. ;)

And if you say "just check with your heart" here, I'll slap you. ;)

This, because most humans I have met during my many years here, have NOT been able to distinguish between their higher self sense of truth and their own often by thoughts influenced deep emotions.

Those tho states of existence are nothing alike and yet they often feel so very very similar. :)

Personally I can't blame ANYONE for falling for a false channeling at least once, but I doubt I can ever forgive those who keep posting more from the same sources even though they've failed for years and years. Those people must either be so retarded that the only reason they're on the internet is because mental hospitals no longer lock people away for being "totally messed up", OR, they have an agenda that differs from what their posted message foretell.

That's where emotional telepathy becomes very useful though, since lying (or doubting) people have a differential between their intellectual self and their emotional self, and that differential can easily be picked up by a finely tuned and open (and at the time non judgmental) mind.

Personally I'm a bit extra suspicious about those who fare often with the word Light, since they never specify which frequency they're into. Since EVERYTHING is Light it could be anything from antimatter to heavy matter that they represent. What they however probably do NOT represent, is the existence outside of this physical universe. To reach that you need to drop the Light as well and give up EVERYTHING that refers to the physical, and since Light is a very ocular phenomenon, that too will off course have to go if you wanna advance further than 6-7D.

That's My reasoning anyway and I only formed it when after I looked at the light one of the GFL-chanellers claimed to represent and realized it has the wrong color on it. It is too dim to be of the spirit world (like the difference between a candle light and a flourescent light, where the ones who used the word "light" the most looked like the flourescent one. Awful). ;)

Reply to : Reply by Lady-C on Sunday :
Lady-C, could you be please more specific about the connection between the RA material (the reptilians gods of Egypt?) Hatonn, and the Space Brothers movement ?
I am a contactee myself, I have known personally some of the early physical contactees, I know very well the Space Brother movement and I never heard from my colleagues speakers in International Congresses – very worldly known names – of any such connection. The only existing ''no-link'' would be early contactee Richard Miller who channeled a space brother named Hatonn and who wrote that the Hatonn from Doris Ekker is a « fraud ». Quote from Richard Miller : ''    I can state, however, without reservation, that the "Phoenix Liberator" is fraudulently using the name Hatonn and claiming he is the
source of their information.  They have used the name of a respected
Being as a "drawing card" to entice the innocent and lend a degree of
credibility to the rubbish they publish.
Richard Miller was the founder of the Solar Cross at the time of the early contactee. Another Solar Cross followed which was of a good standard. It is crystal clear that the main mission of the ''new Hatonn aka Ceres'' is to discredit the Ashtar Command and even is working for a much darker agenda. I will post something for the crews so they can see the difference between the two Hatonn's, the space brother of the 60's, and the reptilian commander of the ''Nesara'' people. NOT TO BE CONFUSED ;

Richard T Miller stated also, this from : quote :
'' "Jack - Received your message and here is something to mull over.
Just remember that people who claim to channel "Higher Entities" should
be judged not only on their words, but also by their actions and ethics.
I have read a considerable amount of "Hatonn's" material and it does not
leave me feeling edified, uplifted or enlightened. It is very
condemnatory. It is, I submit, not of the Light. These aren't the
words of a "Christed being"...they are Cooperish rantings from quick
buck con artists and most likely the "entity" that Dharma" is
"channelling" (If "Hatonn" exists at all) is most definitely some
lower/dark astral being. By their fruits ye shall know them."



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