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Salutations, Beautiful Dreamers!  I needed a little pick-me-up from the research and debates, everything is so serious these days…  

I would like to connect with those people who are on board for ascension and see how they are doing, and compare notes.  I’m so grateful for this experience, I want to enjoy every second if I can.  I’ve evolved past the questioning and doubts, I have a good grasp on what is going to occur, and I am trying to just ride it out the best I can, with grace and Love. 

I’m interested to see how the rest of you are feeling, how your bodies are changing… how you compare to last year.  And what you think about your changes and how we can help them along without hurting our growth. 

Here is a list of changes and experiences I have been having, only the recent ones—some symptoms have passed now, and I’m sure some I’ve forgotten to add, but you get the general idea.  Please share your ideas and how you’ve dealt with some of the more extreme symptoms of Light growth. 

I should add that I’ve left out some of the more personal revelations I’ve had, some out of discretion and some because I am still wrapping my mind around them.  Some things need to percolate in your brain for a while before they see the light of day :)  

Physical changes:  

-          Less sleep needed.  I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed most days, at least an hour before I need to get up. 

-          Cell regeneration accelerated.  My hair grows super fast and has gotten so soft it is like baby hair now.   I heal fast, have great digestion and stamina… no problems with my cells. 

-          No more headaches! 

-          Sensitivity to sound, vibrations are felt more keenly… a deep voice makes my teeth go on edge.

-          Food choices have changed- eat very little meat, was craving sugar a few weeks ago but have moved to fresh fruit and veggies.  Have kicked my fast food burger habit. 

-          Unable to drink more than a glass or two of wine.  I have lost tolerance, I get drunk very easily now so have had to cool it, though I really love to sit with a glass of wine and good company. 

-          I’m not sure about this one, because your voice is heard in your head and it’s different than what others hear… but I think my voice tone has changed- my singing has improved, my voice is smoother and higher (though still kind of low for someone my size, lol)

-          Chakra pains have mellowed out and are not as intense as they were a few months ago.  The current chakra awareness seems to be based in my high heart area which gives what I call angel wing pain through my upper back and into my neck and shoulders.  My crown chakra is very accessible nowadays too, almost like I have an invisible wire stuck in the top of my head that connects me to the unseen kingdom.

Mental Changes:

-          LOL, my outlook has really changed.  I used to think I HAD to have all the answers… but I had quite a breakthrough and understand so much more.  I still enjoy learning but I am doing it without a clock, at my own speed and feel no urgency anymore. 

-          Yes, I am relentlessly positive here at this site.  I have to be, there is much confusion here and negative thoughtforms… but I do not carry this into “real” life as much as I used to.  I have learned the art of Compassionate Detachment… I don’t hold the weight of so many expectations.  I was NEVER allowed to be unhappy or express myself before.  Now, frankly, I don’t care- I’ve shaken off the worst of the energy parasites I knew. 

-          A big mental change I’ve experienced lately is the joy and connection I feel to relative strangers, I can be in a line at the grocery store and be moved to tears by someone who is brave and Lighted, I can see someone and get a “reading” of their life and energy and it moves me so much. 

-          Okay, this one is sooo important to me and I need help with it somehow.  I cannot get ANY time to myself.  I know I should be grateful for having a busy life and being needed; but I just want to run away and not return.  If I didn’t have so many lives counting on me I would disappear gladly.  I really need space to myself, I have such a hard time even finding time to meditate.  I’ve always had a time of it with people draining my energy but these days it is really intense… I feel like I am the center of the universe and no one can function without me.  It sucks.

Spiritual Changes: 

-          Okay this heading is subjective, what is for me will not be for other people etc.  My largest spiritual change so far has been my complete acceptance of the GFL.  LOL, what is funny, is that I always believed in them, have seen craft and had many experiences that allow me to believe in them.  However, I finally understood what it means when they have stated that there are gradients of Light amongst the galactic culture,…gasp!  There are actually politics, which surprised me but allows me to place myself that much more firmly in the role of Light Warrior.  I’m reassured that I will serve the Light, in whichever capacity I can, and since I’ve put away my rose colored glasses, I have a stronger grip of what is happening “up there”.

-          I cannot express how much my research on sacred geometry has changed my perspective and spirit.  I am still getting a hold on it and not quite ready to share, but trust me, I had my mind blown.  I am not good with numbers, math, or geometry- I think my left sided brain has finally connected to my right side- this was likely the cause of the intense migraines I was experiencing earlier this year.

-          I’m not sure if this should be under spiritual changes, but my relations with animals and nature have exploded with joy.  I’ve always been an animal lover but sometimes I feel like Snow White, and if I didn’t have such a coterie around me all the time, the animals would gather around me where ever I went.  And nature sustains me soooo much!  I feel almost as if I am getting high on nature and sunshine.  Does anyone else feel that way? 

-          One thing I’ve noticed, is that it feels like I am emotionally vulnerable, like I don’t have any skin to protect me.  I cry easily, laugh a lot, and get angry really fast.  A few weeks ago I had a rage attack, where I was angry for no reason- I know this is part of clearing detritus from your karma, but it was like I was two people at times. 

-          Not sure if this fits either, but I had a dream last night about star ships again.  This time there were a few sparkly little ones and one GIANT massive mother ship near earth that was so large that the reflection of earth’s clouds and oceans were reflected off of the silver hull and it almost looked like another earth.  These dreams are increasing in frequency, though I haven’t remembered my dreams very well for years… I used to be an accomplished lucid dreamer. 


So, these are just a few of the changes I’ve experienced, I hope you can relate or it’s going to be lonely being the only one ascending, lol, just kidding.  Seriously, thank you for your time and I am interested to hear what the rest of you have been experiencing.  And also, it’s nice to see the “normals” are going through their own personal enlightenment journey. 

What times we live in! 

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I feel more than usual at this time, im doing much releasing of feelings and energy blockages (+old life patterns). I have a "preassure" in my chest and in my heart. This is my heart chakra working, calibrating and attuning itself to the higher vibratory energy. Perfectly normal. I also felt flue like symptoms. I know that this is for the best. I drink alot of clean water and value my integrity. LOVE, FORGIVENESS, NURTURING AND HARMONY!
Its like my energy field is expanding into knowingness beyond belief. I can compare it to a centrifuge, denser energy is transformed. Letting go and trusting the process is helpful. These are the times when all things will come to the surface.

If you would clean some "old" water pipes, first you would see all the "dirt" that had been there, so dont fear the dirt, its a part of the process, if you feel bad, embrace the fact that your wonderful.

The pipes will be cleansed and energy will start flowing.

Thanks for sharing!

I hope more poeple will share their feeling about this subject because its important. We all feel the changes in one way or another.



Interesting Ben, thanks for sharing!

So true the tired moments when they hit and aching all over are quite something. The tears and anger can flow and then are gone, just like that and I feel better than ever before. The dreams so vivid and real moments of tuning into peoples days and talking about most of their conversations, so telepathy much stronger. It's hard when seeing people really struggling and not coping as they are not sure what's going on. Still at least 80% asleep, it must be so tough for them as it's tough anyhow even being aware of the change around and within.

As for the pipe cleaning showering so much and washing my hands all the time in moments of heavy cleansing, they feel toxic when releasing all of my know longer needed garbage lol. Any heavy dense food makes me instantly tired and weighted down like i'm wearing lead boots :) Just got to keep being thankful for the fact we're doing it and keep the attitude of gratitude the main focus whilst trying to make it as smooth for others by just showing empathy and being nice I guess.. <3

seems to me like growing up in modern times - learning to be an adult in a world where nature is no longer dishonoured but honoured and respected instead of abused.

I can relate to all of you....


I drink water constantly and occasionally feel the flu-like muscles Ben-Arion described.


Like Shelly, I am more reclusive and more sensitive and more aware of people's intentions....


I feel lighter within my body and have less judgement from within like Happy Kelly...


I'm getting glimpses of brilliantly vivid colors in nature - Shades of Violet and Orange that I have not seen before.


GREAT POST!  Thank you!


Much Love!


Thanks Joshua, I haven't noticed the color thing, but I'm going to try and see them too!  Thanks for sharing!

Isn't it funny how we're changing our habits without even intending to?  I know many people who are quitting smoking and bad habits.  It's nice isn't it? 

I'm glad you are feeling better, thanks for contributing, you are valued.

Thank you everyone, for your replies.  Ben, I totally understand what you are saying about the pipes being cleaned!  And Shelly, I thought you may like this, I thought it was very lovely myself.

Hello HappyKelly!

What I will share here, is some things I have noticed, and if that is ascension symptoms or not is another question.

- I havent been ill since 2004

- the sounds in my ear seem to fade now

- I need less sleep

- I can feel love for and send love and light even to my "enemies", and feel the peace inside when I do it

- I can not eat meat

- I can not drink alcohol

- I am more aware of when things I dont need and blockades leave

- I can see light around things, more clear when it is a dark background

- I have had several experiences of my third eye opening up. I could breethe with it! It tickled a lot, and went all the way to the back of the head.

- I can "see" things I never "seen" before - guides, lightships, the "little people" in the forrest...........

- More and very sensitive to sounds

- I feel more

- I know things, and I don´t know how I know them

- I allways find the time for myself - in peace and quiet

- my healing abilities are getting stronger - hard to explain what is happening, but sometimes it seems as if the energy goes berserk, and sometimes it is more like it is peeking from behind a tree :)

- I didnt know I was a healer until 2006 - and was kicked in the but 2010 for not using it - and since then I am exploring :)    But I am born with it, just didnt understand....

- and yes, I  feel the same way about nature and animals - I live in it too :)

- no more lumbago or migraine

- hmmm, now my memory sliped.... :)


Wow interesting, Jane.  It seems you've been on this journey for a long time now.  Can I ask you a question?  How important do you think it is to live cleanly (no chemicals, smoking, meat etc.) during this time?  Do you live a healthy lifestyle?  The reason I ask is that I could use some changes and don't live as cleanly as I should.  I wonder if it makes a difference.

Thanks very much for sharing, you are well on your way to ascension.

Yes, sharing is caring!,, Ascension symptoms have current interests on AC, i believe.

My symptoms:  Physical... Mild.. Its years since i have a little headache, but 10-15 years ago i often have

symptoms like pain in my neck and shoulders, and for about 7 yr ago i have pain in my back. I suspect that the pain

was a message from body or self, so i cut off smoking, and 2 days later i was healed..

Nails growing faster and is much stronger than they used to be.

Hair growing faster.

My challenges now is to clear out blockages and old life ways, which not benifits me anymore.

I find myself easier conected to higher self, and find often that i got feedback from self.

Thank you for a good post HappyKelly and bless you all !!


Thanks Rune, thank you for sharing, I appreciate you.



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