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Physicists discover that the structure of a brain cell is the same as the entire universe.

"Oh God, guide me, protect me; make of me a shining lamp and a brilliant star." -- Abdu’l-Bahá

Yes, this litteraly shows that WE ARE THE UNIVERSE...
The universe is within us all, all things are reflections of you,
we are one. Really an Eye opener!


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Very enlightening. I will share this to my Facebook family.
Thank You
thanks, very interesting vidéo!
I have a master's degree in material science engineering and have spent many many hours looking at the grain structures of materials under light microscopes, SEMs (scanning electron microscopes), and AFMs (atomic force microscopes). I have recently switched careers and am an artist now, where I am more free from "institutionalized" thinking and "repeater" people (which seems to be the norm in all science fields). Anyway, I noticed a few years ago while looking out the window at the landscape from an airplane, that the surface of our earth from there looks exactly like a grain structure. Different landscapes remarkably resemble different grain structures of materials at a microscopic level! It is all the same!

Thanks for this new example!
i love this. Its like saying taking care of our Instrument is like taking care of our universe if we maintain our taught clean and with a good vibrations we maintain our lifes and our worlds in good vibration, we co create our worlds and time with our taught and actions. we are a powerful weapon.
Thanks Ben for finding this
Beautiful ! Thank you !
Sacred Geometry! The part IS the whole, yes? Well demonstrated throughout time, from the grand to the infintesimal! Thank You, again. 'I become a transparent eyeball... I am part or parcel of God'... Ah.. Gratitude for the Knowing. Passing it on..

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