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 By Patti Spencer (Valana)



How do I know that Hitler had dealings with an Alien race? 




It was in early 1960’s, I worked for a Defense Contractor located in Grand Prairie called at tje time, Chance Vought. Though Defense Contractor change names and owners often.  It later became Ling-Temco and today if I'm not mistaken it's either L-3 or Montauk.  

I had just started to work and was a low level typist in a Secretarial pool. There was a rumor one of the “Paperclips” was coming there for a special assignment. A “Paperclip” was a name given to those scientists that worked for Hitler that were given amnesty to come to America and work for our Government.

According to the rules one had to work several months before getting a better position and that’s how it is in most places that do business with the Government, I think they have to use Civil Service rules, I’m not sure of that, but that’s how it was in that place and I was not eligible for promotion so I didn’t put in for the job.

The man arrived, had an office and called me in, told me he wanted me to work for him in the job. I told him I was not eligible and he shook his head, waved me out, told me to go to Personnel and he’d take care of it…and he did.

Why did he want me? He had to know about the test and about Val, there’s no other reason possible, he also had to know I was to be in contact with Val via telepathy when Val was gone.

We moved to a building in Dallas to be separate and alone from the Plant with a hand full of Engineers that sat at a long table that looked like they were drawing plans. We had a guard at the door and my Supervisor’s office was glassed in all around. I think he had it made in that way as I was often in his office with the door locked, so there could be nothing said about us. I always sat on the other side of the desk.

Did he hypnotise me to see what had happened the night before and what information I was bringing him, put in my mind the same way by Aliens or by Val? I don’t know.

First, he called me in and pulled out a folder with red markings all over it. He asked me to read it. I fikrst said I wasn’t high enough in a Secdurity clearance to read it. He said it wasn’t my Government’s papers it belonged to him. It was about his work and his research and he could let anyone read it he wanted to let read it. So I read it.

What was it about? It was about contact wih Aliens done in Nazi Germany when Hitler was in control. The papers verified the story of Hitler’s contact with Aliens. That’s all I can say as that’s all I remember. It was all about Alien contact, Alien reality and Hitler’s Aliens. More than that I do not know.

He asked me did I believe it and I said “yes”. I don’t remember if he asked me why I believed or if we discussed either the 1950 meeting with Val Thor or my early childhood experiences with the Alien that showed me three stars over the dipper handle that I later found to be Polaris and after telling that story for years on the Internet, NASA found myh third star of Polaris in 2006, the buletin is posted with my story of my childhood experiences in my book, “Government Woman”.  Most of us used by Aliens in contact as adults have been trained in childhood for our missions.

This story is not in the book but it is one that needs to be told.  I will be ninety in November 2020 and I want to share everything I know because I believe it is important to those that want the truth of the Alien scenario and not fiction no Government Disinformation.  The papers about Hitler's Alien contact was not a part of the work the group was doing. It was that work I was under Government Security Clearance for and I am not discussing it nor am I going to discuss it but it had a name and since that name was used openly on the bid taken to Washington it would be alright to use it, it was called, "The MARS Project."

After confirming my belief in what I had read about Alien contact I begin to have contact experiences. I would awaken nightly with a soft white light in the room that would soon fade away. That light appears when one is taken in the Transporter technology. Val has taken me in that way so I’m aware of what happens when one returns through the transporter. The Transporter is not “Star Trek” my friends, the Star Trek writer got the idea from being shown around a ship some call a UFO. He got most of his technology if not all from what he was shown and all of it has been claimed by Scientists to be possible.

The man that took him told me himself.  The man's reputation has been destroyed just as all the real whistleblowers hoave been, including Bob Lazer whose story was true. How do I know? He mentioned something exactly the same as I had seen it concerning the tall women medics.  They were real.  I had that story posted long ago and I'll have to write it again as I no longer have a copy.   

The man that took the Star Trek writer aboard a ship was Dr. Michael Wolf, one of the smartest men this planet has ever known.  Paola Harris, the Italian Ufology Journalist, saw his credentials before they were destroyed.  She was going to do an interview of me for my story of Val Thor before I was tricked not to go with Dr. Greer to Washington by someone pretending to be Val on the planet and told me if I went with Dr. Greer's group I could never see him again as I had to stay low key and not be known.  As soon as Dr Greer's group went to Washington in early 2000's, Val suddenly disappeared and I knew I'd been tricked.  A website was put up and advertised in the email name of "[email protected] and of course Dr. Richard Boyland and his Yahoo mailing list of over 3000 Ufologists believed it was me. The wegsite was to vilify one of the finest men I've ever known, a man that backed my story of Val and made it possible for me to be invited to speak at a large Ufology Convention. 

Of course when the website viligying Dr. Boyland went up and all believed it was my website, I was destroyed in the Ufology groups that had posted my story in their mailing lists.  That's hindsite, I have forgiven that and moved on but it's part of my story that must gbe told.  I am going to be ninety this coming November and I have a storyto tell that I've never told and I feel I must tell it as it happened.  I am not bringing up the past but those things are still against me and the truth must be told while I'm here to tell it or it will never be known.  It hurts the truths that I have to tell. 

I had nothing to do with any website vilifying anyone especially Dr. Richard Boylan who I met personally and was one of the most polite, and nhicest men I've ever met at his Scottsdale Convention for the ACCET. At Which time I met Dr. Leo Sprinkle who asked to do a past life reading for me to find Val in my life and he did.  I will post that as Val wants me to post it.  The website willkeep people that need to know the truth from believing me about the Hitler Alien story.  They are real and I believe I was put in contact with them.  My memory was blocked, I remember nothing but I was not hurt as I felt peaceful and had no fear when I was returned.

I know I was used without my permission by my Government in that situation and I would have assisted if they’d been honest with me about it. But the Government often uses their citizens, without pay, in dangerous situations and it is not the right thing to do.  I didn't mention the group moved to a Dallas location to work alone without any disturbance. We moved to an older building, upstairs with a guard and no one could enter so it had to be a very sensitive work the Engineers were doing.  This building was in a similar location to the building from which JFK was shot.  I'm just giving approximate directions, it might even have been the same building I don't know which building he was shot from but the building where we worked on the MARS project was very close to the old railroad station  This is all I know about it.


Patti Spencer (Valana)

Note: All the events I write about under my birthname I write them as speaking under oath and would tell the very same stories to a Congressional investigation of my Government's knowledge and research on Off World Inelligence. 

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You know what I think...The government has no right to be using the tax payers moneys and not tell them what they are using it for...As a matter of fact all money used by the government should be put to use only with the consent of the people...The country is formed by the people and those in government are in those positions because of the people that elected them...They are there to serve the people, not the other way around...There should not be any secrets or anything information kept from the people...They are very dishonest and they should be removed from those positions they are holding...They do not deserve those positions...It is time for the people to know the truth...

I almost agree, other than if it concerns National Security and would jeapordize the safety of the people, like when they are targeting a terrorist cell and watching to catch the ring leader or watching a street corner drug dealer to see where he's getting his supply... there are "sting" operations that the agent has to be kept secret until the job done...abd money that keeps our overseas agents going has to be secret. 

But I totally agree about all else.  Especially to use money to harm citizens or their reputation to keep secret things that they really have no business doing in the first place.  Now I ccould be wrong but what else could tracking stations around the world be for other than to track UFOs? Then the government spends no telling how much money to plant disinformation  agents on Ufology groups and sites, no doubt some here or were, to try to make fun of true experiencers and cause them not to be believed.  Too much has happened to me to be coincidence..

They say the safrest way to go if one knows anything at all, is to tell it publically then there's no reason to kill them!  I've told all I know so I should be safe... I was told by someone I have a lot of confidence in that's not now on Earth but he was born on earth.... and connected with the NSA and MJ12 that the Government, namely Ike, connected with the wrong Aliens and they are here and they don't know how to get rid of them, and they are running the show... the power back of the shadow government that gives the orders.  I do not know if that is true or not but there is some evil power back of a lot of goings on.  

I truly hope that scenario is not true as we are in very bad shape if so.  However, I do know they are aware of Val but there's been so many books, and stories and thank God mostly they call him Valiant, that he would have to have a secretqrial staff of 50 orf more to do all of it. And they say they cxontradict I have not read any of them, but one that called himself Valiant Thor on Facebgook had some of my older writings attributed to himself or some other person I won't mention the name and I went on his timeline gave him 24 hours to either put my name and copyright back on them or delete them..he also was dvertgising a movie and videos and books by another writer using my wrigtings to lure buyers... I went back next day and he was stgill there by name only but had stripped the site of everything.  

Some of it is funny, poor old John... can't remember his last name but he's gone to Heaven by now... before I heard of the new age sites one of my mailing list members posted a writing from my mailing list to an ashtar site and John wrote on it to be careful it was channeled information and Frank got all his in person... the prediction came to pass then John Winstgon was the poor man's name, he then took my writing for Val, put it on his blog and put Frank's name on it.  I wrote the webmaster but he wouldn't take it down, it may still be there with Frank's name on it who knows... That was years ago bugt justg a sample of what I've had to contend with thru the years.  Poor John, he was so deceived and he said Valiant wrote him two personal letters and he gave them to swomeone to keep for him and that someone had disappeared with his letters! I couldn't help feeling sorry for him and I just let him have the prediction but I don't think Frank ever mde any predictions.  I know he was older than I.  

It's hard to know what to do as I've forgiven all that has happened to me over Val online and put it away as though it never happened.  The Bible tells us God has a sea of forgetfulness for all the past to go into it so we can be free.  But Val says it hurts him, he wants to be known forf who he is and it makes a fool of him and I could tell it without mentioning names, just tell the things done that were wrong so I'll have to argue that out with Val when the time comes,  He wants it toid what lengths the Government(s) will go to deceive their people about Alien life and the reality of other civilizations in the universe. The Bible actually teaches speaks of the Sons of Actgurius and a scriptures says "By whom he made the worldS" and Genesis 1:1 says HeavenS in orfiginasl Hebrew, it's a plural word.  

I truly have forgiven all the past, and it feels good.  I'm at peace, and that gospel singer, Jesse Dixon I think his name, he's gone now, but he had a song I think he wrote himself, one of tghe verses goes, 

"I don't care if they tell lies on me, for every lie they tell, it's just one more brick in my brand new home." and I like that, I think about that, and I should have a mansion awaiting me.  I just hope I have a robot maid to clean it.  

Val says I will, he has one now...well, ok, but she better not be named Deena nor Diana or I'll take her bateries out and toss them down Venus mountgain! :-)    

I love you too, Amparo and everyone here has been so nice. This is such a lovely site...and all the trolls left I don't see one bad post thank God!  

What you say about "National security" is only a farce the use to convince people that there is a need to do this or do that...They use that as an excuse to impose their will on the people and to deceive them...Unfortunately these days the government is not honest...Whenever they need to implement anything to make sure people will accept it,they use whatever means to convince people of the need for what they ask so they lie to them with things like "it is a matter of national security"...when it is not...Most of the problems in this country are not cause by terrorists form other countries...They are inside jobs...This country as well as others including Europe has been infiltrated by deep state...Australia is the last of their terrorist acts...with the "created" fires...Heaven is keeping us well informed about these things...Blessings 

I hear what you're saying.  There is way too much coverup especially on the alien front. The news is completely fake, I don't even turn it on anymore.  The big social media are putting off the Conservative voices as fast as possible, now they are censoring the President's wife and some of his tweets.  It looks very scary in America.

What I'm truly concerned about is Yahoo deleting all the mailing list files. Why? Text files take up hardly any room at all. There is a wealth of evidence for the Extra Terrestral question.  Seems the deep state is shredding and deleting evfidence of all kinds as fast as possible.  People will talk on private maining lists to a few that would not dare tell it on CNN... we need those stories if the truth is ever to come out to the public of the reality of off world contact.

The Government has made it seem crazy to believe in life elsewhere than planet earth and they have done a good job of it...take the sighting of the huge craft over a west Texas town and the Air Force said no planes were in the several brave people allowed themselves to be interviewed and were on the Dallas TV news, prime time, then quess what? The Air Force suddenly found they had flown a squadron of planes over that town at that very time! They lied! One man that was right under the ship was a trained Machinist or some type work and he said it was one huge craft, he saw it in daylihgt, and he said we have nothing that could be that large and fly and the way it was held together we don't have that ability on earth, he got a really good look at it and he would not back down...he called the Air Force a liar and they were.  As far bgak as the 50's they were lying to the public about little things, of course they lie.  They do that so people will be afraid to speak out and tell the truth about the Alien question.  

Another biggie was the cold war with the Soviet Union, we've never had a hot war nor cold war with Russia so how much of the other world news is even true?  


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