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"One of the things we find verry odd abaut you Humans, is that many of you do not Apriciate yourself and what you do.

We find this very odd becouse in our world and many other, people aprechiate themself and others all the time, it's impossible for us not to do so.

You might think, why shoud we aprechiate the things we do not like abaut ourselves? Well...Why you even do somthing that you do not like? What for? Why make yourself unlikeble to yourself?

We understand that the energy on your world is still low, but remember that you can always put yourselves in a higher energy if you so wish.

And by Apriciating yourselves is the best way to do it. For why shoun't you aprechiate yourself. We know that many humans need a "reason" to be happy, but you don't realy need it.

Apriciation is easy, we woud advice each and everyone of you to do this now as you read this.

Sit down in a comftable position, close your eyes and Apriciate yourselves! Apriciate every joyfull moment of your life, let go of all your negative experiances and emotions, you do not need them.

Feel yourself trugh your heart, you are who you are, apriciate who you are. Apriciate the fact that you are a powerfull and Eternal beeing, and that you are brave for beeing born upon this world!

We Apriciate you more than anyone else. For if it wasn't for you we won't be talking to you right now. We love you, unconditionaly. We and many other beeing will Apriciate you for ever and ever. So spare some time to Apriciate yourselves as well."

~The YahYel~

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  • I appreciate Your Appreciation!!

  • Sounds like an important idea to appreciate ourselves, or at least take another look at what we're capable of in helping others or doing small things to "push" our own growth a little further.  

  • kiara is so awesome

This reply was deleted.

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