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Interaction consequences. I am waiting. I do not prejudice any race human or otherwise. There are groups out there that welcome people on any level of existance. I also say from the mouth of Alex Collier and I quote "there is no such thing as the Galactic Federation of Light". Open your eyes. I am who I am.

Next few decades

After the 2012 Event (dec 21) everything that is dark is authorized to be removed.

Not just on this planet, either.


By the way the Moon is going to get destroyed, too, so anything living up there or in there better pack their bags and run for their lives.

The Moon is claimed as property of Earth because of how long its been here (I mean there are human beings living on it for crying out loud). It'll be destroyed and scrapped for material to make our own space fleet. That 25 mile thick crust of solid steel is going to make a hell of a lot of ships and space stations.

Its not even going to make it back to where it was carried from... though we might send a little memento just like the Iranians sent the US a toy model of the drone they caught.


As for the Reptilians themselves, well, by the power of the I Am That I Am they can really all just be struck dead and sealed away.

Its not too much different than what will probably happen to things like Ticks and Mosquitos to be honest, scaling it up to a larger or more complex living being is not a problem.

So no matter where they are on the planet, well its kinda like when the Orcs died at the end of the Lord of the Rings. Or like a BFG blast from the quake video game, if you're familiar with that - it just kinda hits everything at once.

So what we're looking at here is going to be a race of ghosts, which will just get banished or possibly imprisoned for a really long time.


As for the ones out in space, like ive been saying they may actually just cease to exist because the Timeline that they're from also ceases to exist (we go back to the Creationism model where the earth was only created 13,000 years ago - No Dinosaurs, thus no Reptiles). Reset to original factory settings.

But the power to create universes kinda trumps any kind of technology, if you catch my drift. So any sort of space threat would get stopped before it ever got started.

Same goes for coming in from the side through parallel dimensions. Then again this is happening in all the parallel dimensions so its not like there's anywhere to hide.

And the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of Time will keep their end of the spectrum clean too, because they're sick and tired of the manipulation of the timestream with the time travellers and other b******* going on also.


Basically, the only winning move here is to Leave the losing side.

You cant beat them, so join the Light.

Or those that live with the lie that has been perpetuated from the others will probably perish alongside them.

One ship with Yota Joule Tech could take down an entire fleet of thousands with Mega Joule Tech, there is no competition. I make vortex engines as a hobby. I am waiting. Come find me. I am in Sandpoint, Idaho. I am who I am.

The problem with #1 is everyone will basically get Superpowers and be ungovernable by a facist regime like that.

Oh, and if the Cabalists weren't apprehended and removed from their power (all of the cabalists) . . . . . they would begin dying off and mysteriously disappearing. Car crashes, bizarre explosions, or just made to look like they got shot by their own guards.

Because people empowered, like myself, would go around assassinating them. Because we can, because these are squishy human beings (or squishy aliens, depending on the case).


And you know the fun part?  This isn't neutral territory anymore. So we could get away with it too.

If someone has God's Favor they will be untouchable. And in order to have God's Favor at this point you must also be Compassionate and living in Integrity. That is 5D.

Neither of which the cabalists or anyone else like them is.


So this whole "we are protected because the balance must be maintained" stuff is over.

The Balance has shifted.


And I suppose if it wasn't people who was doing this, these sorts of cabal people would just end up getting killed off anyway because Mother Earth herself has entered the ring.

She's got about a thousand times the power of all the people put together on the planet. And up until now she hasn't really been doing anything, but now she is.

Like their house or bunker would just spontaneously collapse around them for no reason. Or they get bit by a spider and die. Gaia knows all those tricks.

If a person's flesh is made from her soil she has dominion over them if she chooses to exercise it.

Dont forget about the Hollow Earth people, either.


So #1 just isn't going to happen. It is a fantasy that those in the positions of power think they will be able to continue. And it is good because it blinds them to what is going on.

Whatever they are planning to feign their own death, they will take a curve ball out of left field and it really will be.

Their own scientists and psychics have been telling them "you cant change destiny" for years. They keep getting the same message every time they ask.


Otherwise they'd have their endgame by now, otherwise the CERN collider wouldve blown up, they would have their martial law already. The list goes on.

This is what people lovingly call an Epic Fail these days.


Stop playing for the losing side.

I used to be Dark too. But I saw reason and became a turncoat like Snape.

Now I enjoy not having to try to control others to make may way, and feel good.




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