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The Anunnaki and the Illuminati are at war now. The Host of Heaven is ousting the power elite of earth on the basis of human rights violations. This is not the end of the world. It is the end of the New World Order.

The Illuminati control all. If you get to know the deity they serve, you'll come up with a cluster of names that, when you look back in time, you'll see an unexpected correlation. Apparently, not all of the gods left in ancient times. Some stayed behind to slowly build a New World Order by which to dominate mankind. They have a leader. "You'll hear the Greek, Egyptian, and Babylonian names for this guy, but he is one of the same ones from ancient Iraq [Mesopotamia]. He's using these groups in the same way he used the artisan and merchant groups in ancient Egypt and Babylon - as intelligence gathering and dirty-works squads that will terrorize those that rise against him" (Informant Eight 2006; Informant Nine 2005).

In Biblical terms, the "Fallen Ones" never left Earth. The good angels, i.e. the "Heavenly Host" - those beings who did not (figuratively and literally) "fall" - are now returning to earth to destroy the New World Order that the Fallen Angels engineered and maintain though 300 of their human descendents (from 13 elite occultist bloodlines) who call themselves "the Illuminati". The Sumerians called the good celestial giants the Anunnaki, and the Sumerian term for the fallen giants was "the Igigi". The leader of the fallen ones was called Marduk. The Hebrew name for Marduk, Ha'Satan, literally translates as "The Adversary" (i.e. the Adversary of mankind). Christians call him "the Devil".

"We are definitely dealing with biological entities, giant humans who are not altogether any different than us, except that their cellular electrical capacitance is much higher than ours, which makes them an energetic envelope of much higher bioelectric potential than us. When you are in the presence of one of them, you can feel their presence as if you could cut it with a knife. A very definite force of what could best be described as intention emanates from them" (Informant Eight 2005, 2006).

"They are very large, very tall biological specimens, no doubt of that. They can also be best described as looking almost like albinos - white, almost milky white skin, with a sort of sweat or beads of water evident on their skin, like a film - about seven or eight feet in height, very white hair - not gray white, but kind of snow white. Like white wool - yes, kinky white hair, most of them wear it shoulder length and plaited, others short, almost close cropped. But you can tell it is kinky. Oh, eyes are a light red, when you catch them inside in low light and they are not wearing dark, almost black protective contact-like lenses. They always travel in pairs, so if you see one of them, the other is not too far away. But you can tell more about them from their presence" (Informant Eleven 2006).

Informant seven says that the population at large has been programmed to fight benevolent extra-planetary beings for the New World Order or even brainwashed to believe that they don't exist. Apparently being equally amoral, the alien Greys allied themselves with the Illuminati in 1947 and agreed to join forces against the returning gods. ETs are not invading (nor will there ever be an alien invasion), and the Illuminati are not planning a false flag alien invasion (Informant Six 2006). The elite humans of earth are not faking the existence of UFO's and ETs (informant six, 2006). However, their aim is to manipulate us to fear and hate the returning gods rather than embrace them for who they truly are: our rescuers.

In the near future, the returning gods will destroy key above-ground military bases, and the elite-controlled earth governments will declare that Earth is being invaded (Informant Six 2006). Informant Six goes on to say that the truth is that it will be the insidious international bankers, their evil god, and their puppet governments that will be targeted. According to him, the Anunnaki have returned to save mankind from a corrupt New World Order.

The Anunnaki are systematically deactivating nuclear weapons, sabotaging missile tests, and have nuked underground military bases. The Illuminati owned and controlled reverse-engineered anti-gravity aircraft and space-based weapons are firing at (and missing) peaceful Anunnaki ships that could easily destroy the New World Order spacecrafts but do not. They now wait until the "appointed time" for overt warfare (informant eight 2007).

The "New Age" is not what the Illuminati thought it would be. It is the end of the (new) world (order). In accordance with prophecy, the Heavenly Host, led by Yahushua Ha'Mashiach, son of the Elohim YHVH (the EN.LIL), will completely annihilate the Satanist (Mardukite) power elite and the fallen angels they serve, and Yahushua Ha'Mashiach will be installed as King of Earth.

Anunnaki and Illuminati at War NOW!

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Why did they have to go to war? 

The illuminati wont ever leave, and i guess the annunaki cant force the free will of the illuminati.. But free will from humanity united with the annunaki leaves the illuminati out.. 

cant they just pick em up and put them in the sun?

i see, you made alot clear to me  

thank you for your time

i shall focus on spreading love out of my chakras more and more to be a helping hand on this "war" 

Namasté <3

I´d like to do a repost on a teaching from Kibo.

BBG and the snakepeople , can you encode who he refers to ?  




A Bedtime Story
By CM thru Kibo
May 27, 2010 - 1:55:02 AM

kibo: I've been talking with CM as to what to tell people about all of this. It's a little heavy to just drop on people and they tend to be pretty resistant to the whole idea, for the most part.

CM: this one is wondering if he should take one last shot at warning his family and friends. We decided that a story form would be a good idea. People can choose how they want to react to it as an assumed work of fiction. So we have come up with a sort of bedtime story for you sleepy ones to dream about in hopes that you will wake up feeling new and refreshed in the light of the new day that comes to shine upon you.

A True Fictional Story.

Not as far away in time and space as you might like to think, there was a beautiful planet. It was a shining jewel in the heavens and all who saw her marveled. She was a very special planet and sang with joy and love.

War came to the heavens. A big bad guy [bbg] wanted to be like God and have his own creation to rule. The bbg convinced a few people to follow him and they occupied part of their universe and waited to see what God would do. God thought about it and decided to let them have a small part of His creation to try to prove themselves right. He warned them that it wouldn't be possible to create souls and run a harmonious universe the way they thought it should be run. They said they were sure they could do it. So borders were established and the Federation of Light, God's forces, quarantined the area while the bbg and his dark forces went to work.

It didn't go well.

Everything was chaos and confusion and the people that were cut off behind the lines were cast into darkness. This included the beautiful little planet. She saw the darkness reaching out to her and cried to God for salvation...and God answered. He told her that if she would allow this to happen and allow the dark to have their way, then He would see to it that that, when it was over, She would be able to become more wonderful than she had ever been or hoped to be. That her light would shine throughout the whole of creation. It would be hard and painful, but He would make sure that that there was always a link to Him and that, when the time came, He would reclaim her as His own and she would be raised to grace and glory.

The beautiful planet vowed to do this thing if it made Him happy. He said that it made Him very sad, but it would all be better than ever, in the end, and so the deal was struck and the dark was allowed a period to operate, but it was made clear that the Light would always be a witness and keep representatives on the planet at all times.

The bbg didn't like this but he agreed. He called his most loyal forces, the snake people to set up shop and insure the dark its victory. The first thing they did was gather all the people of the planet together and put their minds to sleep. With their minds sleeping, they gave them a dream to live and told them it was real. The people forgot who and what they truly were in real life and served the will of their dark masters like sleepwalking zombies, with no will of their own. But some of the people had run away and hid from the snake people. They vowed to find a way to return their brothers and sisters to their rightful state, and so the war began for the hearts and minds and souls of the people of the beautiful planet, now in darkness.

The people that were awake called out to God for help, for they remembered. God sent representatives and told them to teach the people to be more than people. Teach them to be Human Be=ings [human beings]. Tell them the truth. Show them the truth. Reveal the Light of Reality to them and create a tribe of Light that will dispel the darkness. But the dark was relentless and cruel and murdered the representatives. God gathered His family and told His sons to go and continue the work of the representatives. He sent prophets and kings and scientists and artists. The dark could not kill them so they took their words, their works and changed them to suit their own ends and lied to the people...and the people believed. But the Light was patient and unending and ground was slowly being gained. People started to wake up, one by one. Soon, they were too many to kill one at a time, so the dark made war against them, but the Light was unending.

God then said: " I shall go to the beautiful planet Myself and see what's what." so He choose a son and filled him up and together they went to the planet. The bbg heard that God had come to his neck of the woods and went to meet with Him. They talked and argued for days until the bbg was exhausted and had nothing left to say or to offer. He left the planet in disgrace and tried to hide from the Light, but he was caught and put on trial and had to admit his failure to the whole universe. God asked him to forgive and forget the darkness and come home to stay, but the bbg spit in His face and cried `Never!' and so, sadly, as God grieved, he was made as if he had never been and was gone forever, never to be seen or heard from again.

But his followers carried on and would not give up their power over the people and the beautiful planet. God spread truth and light on the planet and gave the call for all that can hear, to wake up and hear, and for all that can see, to wake up and see. More people woke up and learned to be human, but still the dark persisted.

God sent more and more of His family to the planet to show the people how to be human. But the progress was slow and painful and the period that was promised was arriving and God would have to take the planet back no matter what, even if it meant that the sleeping people would be lost, for only humans could stay in the world that was promised.

Then, one day, the snake people decided that enough was enough and that there was no sense in going down with the ship. They knew the period that was agreed upon was soon to end and they did not want to be lost or uncreated like their former, lost master. So they agreed to leave the planet with only their slaves in charge, and began to learn what it was to rejoin the family of God. Meanwhile, their former slaves were left with no direction, only plans that had been left behind from a schedule that had been discarded. They tried as best they could keep things going, but they were sloppy and greedy and fought among themselves and things began to fall apart. People started to notice cracks in their dreams. They wondered what was wrong. Something wasn't right. They started to see the lies as lies and the illusion as illusion. They started to wake up. The dark slaves started to panic and started so much trouble at once that many people didn't have time to notice the cracks that were turning into gaping holes. They were so afraid for their lives that they just ignored them and didn't want to know. Still, more and more people were starting to wake up and what they saw made them angry. They did not know what to do. They borrowed from their former dreams the things that made them feel good and safe and clung to them for dear life. God sent more family with the same directive. But the tribes were divided and easy to infiltrated by the dark. The dark caused them to fight with each other and many ended up serving the dark, even if they didn't know it.

So God, very quietly, slipped some spec ops humans in, which he had gathered from all over the universe. He told them to quietly make it possible to reach all the world at once. The deadline is approaching and we must preserve our own. I will pick representatives from among you when the time is right to create tribes of light. By the time the dark finds out what has happened it will be too late to stop it. So the lightworkers developed technology that could be used against the dark and spread the word to the world. God gave a message to the world to come! Hear and see!

God said that the time of promise had come and only the people that could be human beings would be allowed to live on the new planet. Human beings that served each other in love and light as one. Human beings that flowed in compassion. Human beings that were awake and aware that they and God exist within each other, that ALL IS ONE. Human beings that will love and nurture their new world and not rape and abuse it. Human beings that put away all uses for war and violence. God told them that the time was quickly coming upon them and that they must prepare, for the world would shake and tumble and that if they were not ready...they would have to start over somewhere else. He said that He would send ships to help them where the earthquakes and giant waves and volcanoes could cause great loss of life. He told them that they would have to be without fear to board these ships, that they must be calm and recognize light and love. He told them that He would help them to create a wonderful way to live in peace and harmony and that the war was over , the quarantine lifted and that they would be able to, once again, be connected to the rest of their family in the universe and live among the stars, if they choose. He said that they would once again remember who and what they really are and live in their full power, that He gave them. He promised that the dark would rule them no more.

Would you believe that not everybody cared?

That over half the people laughed in disbelief?

So that when the warnings of planetary changes came true

They were fearful and upset and angry and blamed God for not telling them?

But they had laughed when the humans came to tell them. Many people that helped the humans were ridiculed as being...too strange for words.

But the time finally came and it happened as they said it would.

The people that were prepared, just in case, fared well.

The people that were learning to be human beings, fared better

The human beings that tried their best to help things along tried to help as many as they could while the chaos raged around them, but finally, they had to board the ships themselves.

Before it was over, God appeared to the world through the technology that was built for Him to do so and explained as much as He could before the final moment. The sleeping people were sent to a planet where they could wake up and learn how to live as human beings. The people that were awake were given choices to stay or join other human tribes of light in the universe.

The human beings were given new assignments.

The beautiful planet was rebirthed into a planet of heavenly light, wonderful and amazing to behold. The humans loved and nurtured her and the sons of God came from all over the universe to witness her glory as she sang with joy.

And all was well.

the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning.

CM: I know that this might not be the best way for some people, but it does tell the situation of thousands upon thousands of years in a small nutshell. We have discussed with this one the whole `what if?' line of reasoning and feel that could work also. We know that your family, friends and neighbors, at times, are resistant to this concept of reality and little is going to change in them between now and the end of this story. Still, if it helps to prepare anyone for what is transpiring so that they might remain perhaps, somewhat calmer, then that is helpful to all .

Kibo: Well, regardless...i keep saying that this thing has got to happen at some point, either sooner or later...HE keeps saying that it IS happening. I even took my staff off of the wall to make it quick and easy to grab on the way out...if that's not faith, i don't know what is. So I'm hanging in there and i'm 99.9% convinced that this is it. I know that i should be 100%.......but......i'm too used to delays and i really want it to be it right now, Boss, 1000%. I know it's going to be rough beyond words...but it has to happen at this point and under the circumstances, better it happen than not happen. The dark gets more stupid everyday. Let's not give them anymore time to prove how much more stupid they can be....geez, i think that, at this rate, they'll make even me look like a genius....hey! maybe i am!

CM: Maybe, in some ways. In some ways all of you are geniuses and you should show that more, believe in that more. Believe more in your genius that is within you. There isn't a thing going on in your lives that you cannot handle. I Am always here for you, WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU. Angels and guides and spirit company and entities and personalities from here to Havona. We are all here for each other and that means that we are here for you also. You are here for all of us as well as each other. Truly we tell you over and over WE ARE ALL ONE!

I hope you liked our little story, something nice to pass the time while you wait and worry or center yourselves and prepare. This one still isn't sure if he is going to try to convince his people one more time. There is no harm in it. People that he is familiar with and who will joke with him ask him how he is doing and he laughs and says that he's just hanging in there waiting for the big earthquake. Sometimes he gets a chance to say that something big is coming or `we're expecting big changes! This crap can't just keep on going like this, something's gotta give.' The point is that you can just be yourselves and speak to who and what you are and what you know without long explanations and trying to convince people that you know something they don't. Relating it to their experience or your shared experience offers them a connection to the idea of the concept of what could be. It is as a seed that will only sprout if and when the situation arises.

As S333 has said, as well as Esu, there is no sense in fighting about or trying to convince people at this late date or fighting with them as it happens or after the fact. Flowing in compassion also meanings means flowing in compassion for the concepts that they hold for themselves and presenting them with the food that they can most easily swallow, be it steak or pabulum. They must like the taste of it, otherwise, let it go. It will be what it will be. I know that many of you are standing firm in your truth. But remember that is your truth that you have accepted. They will decide their truth for themselves and all will be sorted out in the end. It has to be that way.

Yes it is painful to lose people that you love for something that you think and feel is so simple a thing to accept as the truth. But it is not always so and it hurts. Believe me, I know. But none of us, not you or I can afford to be held back from our progress and evolution for the sake of such circumstances. It would be an insult to the very truth that you stand in so firmly to lose the benefits of that truth for the sake of another that holds to an other truth, and yet, they oftentimes feel the same way. They will stand firm in their own truth until they can feel the persistent nudging of the Spirit of Truth and My Spirit and the Father Fragment within them.

kibo: Dude...I've never felt you feel like that before. That sadness you been speaking about is really hitting you...hard...damn Boss, i'm sad You gotta go through that...i mean, like, i can really feel that from need a hug or something? We love You and we're here for You, y'know. We can hug you, too. Just...dude, Pops, you gotta get this thing done asap. The longer it waits the worse it's going to get. How's mom?

CM: She's fine. I AM fine. Gaia is pushing and doing, what to you might be akin to you birthing breathing regimen and this is the way that it will be until it culminates in her birthing and rebirthing of her greater self. You will start to see the effects of the short pushing breaths in=between these big pushes. We are confident that it won't be long before the head breaks. We are giving her help and strength and she wants you all to know that she appreciates your prayers, love and support. She does understand now that it has to be done and what was lost shall be regained in new and better ways. People will grow and evolve and return to incarnate again and show their appreciation for the sacrifice that she made for them. She will be more than she was before and the people that stay with her will be more also and they shall grow and fill her with love and compassion and light and glory. She wants that very badly for her children as well as herself and it is this desire for what is to come that is helping her through this as it is that same understanding and desire for what is to come that is helping to sustain My own strength and resolve and I hope that you will, and ask all of you to, keep your hearts and minds on what is to come and the beauty and the glory of it, to stand in the light and the love of it as if you were already there. Be joyful in what is to be even as you feel the pain of what is lost that was good. Vow to regain the good that was lost and increase it. Hold it for those that shall one day return for it, for ultimately nothing is truly lost. Even in uncreation what is best and good in the experience of the aspect is kept and honored.

And so with that I shall take My leave of you for now. Thank you for creating this story with Me, it was fun and should help a few, here and there. Fear not, for as they say: All IS One and All IS Well!

My Love Light and Blessings are upon you all

I AM That I AM

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon

The Big Headed Holy Cheese

Head Honcho

And Proud Papa

Of you all.

Kibo: it's all good, Dad. I wish i could help you feel better. Don't know what to tell you. We're all hanging in there with you, okay? So be seeing you, Source Bless you always, all that good stuff.....................

CM: heh, yeh, thanks..... see ya kid.....

[i don't really care about the date or time, right now....i was really just expecting the story....send your dear celestial Dad a big hug and your mother earth, too...okay?]

[hell...let's send a big hug to ALL THAT IS, and all everyone everything everywhere while we're at's that work for you? does that work for you? i hope works for me...]

Did you figure it out?

BBG is (were) Lucifer , and the snakepeople are Annunaki

Dude, no offence, but if the link was real there would've happend a 3 days of darkness scenario a long time ago. Since their didnt happend sh*t i dont feel like its real..

the game of life

"When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering."

It is however, usually also the point where people start to Create needless suffering for others. ;)

If I were immune to other peoples opinions and actions, I could easily become a TRUE a****** ;)

But I am an adaptive son-of-a-b****, like a roach I always find a way into the kitchen and before you know it, I've created an entire soup out of the ingredients in your own head, but because of the manner in which I combined them, the soup would taste terrible even tho the ingredients were good from the start... ;)

Thank´s Lori - read my latest blog.

I think that it resonates with you


hi folks

i.m.h.o. i feel and know we are not alone, i have had my eyes really see a ship in the air and was close-up to me, i was surpised and hesident , my instincts to survive kicked in, 3 seconds or so later ship was gone .!!!!

but i do not know if we are nothing more than a side-show for space families to watch the lifes of the human beast of earth, that might get their d.n.a. to improve, and lessen the animal instincts to survive: being a pretator, hoarder of food, territtory instincts, anger, and fear. and when i see that the hungry masses dieing everyday, to finnalliy get help from our space families, this will show me their love for us, and i can have hope of peace on earth, where we don't fight for food / shellter thats in a world of abundance for all, not a scarsity of all resources of this earth, as is being played now on all of mankind, for whatever reason by the p.t.b.

i just read that the earths schumann resonance signiture has changed. it was at 7.8hz for thousands of years, but now it is at 12.5hz. this heart beat is almost twice as fast. will our brianwaves also increase to match the earth. i don't know if this is true, for if is then mankind will have enlightment in every cell of our body, because this will match the earths new energy.

blessings to all of us for we are all one

Yes MOL , but he were an archangel and were in charge over a few hundred planets.

The luciferian rebellion involved many planets.

Our planetprince back then , Caligastia , joined the rebellion amongs with an entitie called Satan , but Lucifer were the Boss.



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