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Angels Elbow & Life On New Earth

Father God .....


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about how you can learn to get tuned onto your Soul and the new vibrations of Earth so as to help your body obtain the parameters necessary for Transition.

As you already know from numerous messages of the Higher Powers, the light crystalline body, unlike your present one, knows no pain or diseases.

And it happens not only because of the fact that it possesses a different structure and biological composition but also because finding itself in the space of the Fifth dimension your Soul now does not face sufferings elicited by both your own low vibration thoughts and emotions and those of other people.

In other words, in the Fifth dimension the Soul and body exist in a perfect harmony with each other and the world – in similar vibrations and in the single Energy of Love.

And whatever fantastic it may seem to you now, this is the way it will be, my dear.

Yet, to make it happen as quickly as possible, you should make some efforts and learn to interact with your Heavenly patrons: Safeguard Angels, Angels and Archangels.

Wonderful time is approaching when Heavens are gradually uniting with Earth, and those who have always seemed to be Heavenly beings – unreachable and distant are becoming close and dear creatures who help you in everything, share their experience, protect and save you from the Dark Forces.

Many of you have already learnt to feel their presence, their loving and tender energies, their gentle and delicate influence on your souls and bodies.

So now, I will offer you a practice that will help you fortify this state and maintain your liaison with your Angel assistants.


Video - "Violet Flame Meditation - Instant Energy Shift" -


Let us call it “Angel’s elbow”.

I would like it to become your everyday practice, not a meditation, since you can do it wherever you want and whatever long depending on the situation and your inner state.

But, of course, for good results you should be calm and balanced.

So, let us move on to the practice itself.

For a start, you should invoke all your Spiritual guides, your Safeguard Angel, as well as the Archangels Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Uriel, Seraphim, Raphael and all their Angel assistants.

Feel their presence…

Listen intently to your sensations…

And when you make sure they have heard you and come to your calling, ask them to tune your Soul and body onto the new vibrations of Earth.

Then again listen to your body…

Feel what is going on to your subtle bodies…

And only after that as vividly and brightly as possible start to imagine your physical body being rarefied, light, weightless and shining…

Thanks to the presence of so many Light creatures around you who are flying you to the space of the Fifth dimension on their “wings”, you can work wonders there indeed healing diseases, purifying all vital functions of your body, eliminating physical flaws – in other words you can start creating your Light Crystalline Body.

Listen to your intuition: perhaps, you will feel you need help of a particular Archangel, for now you are familiar to the “specialization” of each of them.

Ask him for help, and he will respond to your request by all means.

Approach this practice in a creative way, my dear.

Communicate with your Heavenly assistants as with your close friends who you are to meet in reality quite soon now…

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta


Video - "A Unique Opportunity From The Mighty Elohim" By Patricia Cota-Robles



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