What is the point of taking the question of the 'race' of Obama so seriously to the extend of going all the way to Egypt to un-earth corpses of Pharaohs to check if Obama descends from one down to 6000 years ago?? What balderdash!! If the 'race' of Obama is that important, it only makes it hard to convince anyone that the hatred against Obama is not influenced by what 'race' they perceive him to be!!............................................................What will such un-earthing prove about Obama? Nothing!! If you find that pharaohs are genetically related to Europeans, you only confirm that they are related to Obama. If you find that Pharaohs are genetically related to Africans, again you only confirm that Obama is related to pharaohs. Then you wake up to the fact that this is a no science!! That Obama is 'black' to the ignoring of his maternal lineage is a POLITICIAN characterization, and not a SCIENTIFIC one. So if they truely were doing any science rather than politics, and that pharaohs were Europeans, they should have found them to be related to Obama, thanks to his mother!..........................................................But this ain't science! Those testing Obama's genes are not DOUBLE BLINDED. They already 'know' what genes Obama has, thanks to the political characterization!

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  • When scientists measure genetics and DNA/RNA, taken from mummies of dead Pharaohs, they can be certain as to which racial group is closest to the gene....In fact, because so many ancient Kings and Queens were tomb robbed, we have such a vast genetic reserve from which to obtain DNA, as the bodies were placed within a cave, to protect them from the tomb plunderers, in ancient times...

    Testing genes places them as of European and celtic, in the family tree of races...
    And they tended to inbreed, as well....

    Egypt bombshell: How mummified body of pharaoh was discovered
    EGYPT archaeologists discovered the body of a pharaoh “largely intact” during an excavation near the famous Valley of the Kings, a documentary reveal…
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