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Anchoring the Higher Levels of Love and Light By Melanie Beckler... And...Raise Your Vibrations & Be Uplifted & Healed By Steven Hutchinson...And...Love Through The Eyes of Jesus Christ By Ann Albers



Regardless of what is happening in your personal life, or the energies you're tuning into spiraling around in the collective... 

You have an opportunity now.

To consciously relax and shift your perspective.

So you can reconnect with Pure Divine Presence within.


In every moment, you have access to infinite light and underlying bliss.

Now is the time to shift and tune into it! 

Let go of trying to hold together the parts of yourself that feel unglued... 

Put down the weight of the world you've been carrying on your shoulders... 

Release judgements about what is happening within or around you... 

And just dive inward. 

Relax and allow your heart to fill with Golden Crystalline Light. 

Experience Divine Light and Presence shining within and around you like the light of one thousand suns — shining through emotional turmoil, stress, fear, pain, and any chaotic patterns of thought or dense energies in your field.

Shining through any lower quality energy in your field and allowing you to lift into a higher level... 

To tap into your power and your full soul light. 

Allowing vibrant joy, radiant bliss, light, and love to shine forth beyond you.

Calling forth the highest timeline both for you personally and for all... 

Both through your vibration, and through intention.

Here's a free angel meditation to help you tune into your underlying light and bliss...

Its's Called Aligning Your Core Light and It's Now Free For You Her...
You will find this video from Melanie below...
With love and blessings, 


Anchoring the Higher Levels of Love and Light By Melanie Beckler

Love paves the pathway for light to enter in…

Creativity then allows the light to circulate, both within your body, mind and spirit…

And to also flow out into your life.


For creativity can indeed be expressed in far more ways than are accepted by societal norms.

Creativity in its highest expression does even not require the translation from light to original idea to physical action. Creativity can remain in the transcendent… The simple experience opening to the higher dimensions of light and love is creative and expanding.

Creativity does not require a physical manifestation, though you can indeed anchor transcendent light through creative ideas and then manifesting them in the physical. This anchoring of light through an inspired idea and then taking action, is a wonderful way to play with the higher levels of light streaming into the world, by allowing them to flow through you.

Divine Creativity Is Allowing The Light to Flow Through You

There is tremendous value in anchoring the higher levels of light through your inspired ideas and creative action in the physical.

Know that the more you use your light to serve, shine and quite simply to play and express with it, the more it expands.

Again, love is a foundation required to access the pure clean bright light energy.

Channeling Divine Creativity

And then yes, let the light creatively flow through you.

Giving yourself full permission to stray from the collective ideals of what it looks like or feels like to be one who is creative or spiritual and just let the light fill you and shine through you.

Embodying your higher levels of awareness, and light not only through meditative spiritual experiences, rather, let your higher knowingness infuse every area of life, illuminating and elevating all that you are, every word you speak or write, and all you do.

Receiving Inner Guidance

With love in your heart, and light circulating throughout your being you cannot help but to receive communication from your inner voice of guidance.

This guidance may be largely blocked from your awareness at first, but then through consciously choosing to quite your mind, your inner silence allows you to more fully experience and understand your light…

Your awareness beyond mind so too begins to blossom.

Here we speak of your ability to see, know, hear, feel and understand beyond the normal scope of these senses and beyond the level of the logical mind… Beyond the physical realm.

With these your subtle extrasensory perceptions you are able to experience the higher levels of love and light… Allowing more to circulate and flow through you, through the expanded awareness of what and how this is possible.

Through this circulation of light, guidance too begins to flow through.

With this, your action is indeed required. Receiving inspiration is a start, just feeling the light and meditating in the bliss and peace is a valuable start and yes has great benefit in and of its own.

But when you then honor your humanity, that you are a physical being and give yourself the freedom and opportunity to anchor the light through your actions in the physical. A most magical expression is able to unfold.

Anchoring the light into the physical allows for expansion. Both in terms of the level of light you are able to carry and shine, and also the possibilities for your life.

Expanded light expands your possibilities for expression and for your joy, love and service… For your ability to make a difference in the world to shine through.


This is your opportunity to integrate the light, to create within the new world you’ve discovered, to simply embody the higher level of awareness of who you really are, and to process the lower levels of fear, emotion, or limitation the new light level may reveal.

When past pain, negative emotion, and lower levels of energy appear or bubble up to the surface they are doing so because you have the opportunity to deal with them as an empowered sovereign being.

You can of course also call upon the massive support you have available to you to guide you through the process of healing, forgiveness and release.

Emotions and lower levels will act like a glass ceiling stopping your growth until they are processed, integrated, healed and resolved.

And then a new level of light and awareness, a new swell of expanded consciousness is possible.

Know that when you are in an apparent lull and not experiencing any sort of release of lower levels…

When it seems nothing is really happening at all… Circulating the energy in your life can help you greatly to reveal where the energy has become stagnant.

By this we mean quite simply: try something new.

Get out of your normal box, step outside of convention, routine and process and allow yourself the gift of the unknown.

Within the unknown the universe can delight and surprise you, aligning the most beautiful opportunities for you to heal, serve, learn or grow through being in the place beyond what is routine for you.

To circulate energy in this way, tune into the guidance of your inner knowing… Listen to your intuition, and follow your creative nudges, curiosity and whims.

Drive home a new way, listen to a new type of music, attend a gathering or event, wear a color you normally do not, part your hair in the opposite direction, try a new tea, or a type of fruit you've never seen, travel to a new location, or simply write a note or color with your less dominant hand. The key here is to get outside the norm for you, for in this… You are in the unknown and that is where brilliant insight can be revealed to you.

In the unknown, you are learning, you are allowing new levels of light, knowledge and experience to reach you… This supports you in integrating how far you have come, and rapidly prepares you to receive the next wave of growth and the next influx of ascension energy and light to unlock and expand your awareness further.

Trust that as you journey through your life on this path of ascension, you are guided and supported each step of the way.

But this guidance does not interfere without your permission. And so when you feel stuck, or when you feel overwhelmed both in integrating new levels of light, feeling stuck, or in releasing old energy…

Call in support.

You are able to connect with the infinite and transcendent God, Source directly… You are able to access your highest inner Divine light being, and you have an entire team of guides, angels and ascended masters who are always on hand, always ready and willing to assist you.

Ask for help, guidance, support and assistance.

If you're feeling alone, ask for confirmation of the support and spiritual assistance available to you. Ask your angels for a sign of their presence. Ask your guides to clearly bring you a sign. Ask your highest Divine self to step forward more fully in every aspect of you who are and what you experience. Ask Source to help you see the blessings, opportunities, and underlying perfection of the puzzle of life in every moment.

We have shared that you are indeed a fractalization of your highest Divine being… And indeed, the full manifestation of the One True Source God is fractalized in the spiritual and physical creation in this same way.

So that indeed the angels, ascended masters, your spirit guides, and indeed you, are the fractalized energy of Source.

As a result, you can go direct to Source for assistance, and for guidance that is truly transcendent… And you may also work directly with your guides and angels for more specific and easily understandable guidance from within the physical.

When asking for help from Spirit there is little technique, or even higher awareness that is required. With love, simply ask.

With your interactions however, know that not all beings in spirit are of the highest light. Just as all humans in the physical are not in resonance with their true love vibration.

For this reason, your discernment is key. Developing your inner sense of knowing and feeling, so you can choose and verify interactions with only beings of the true love and highest light vibration.

Your clear intention and your vibration going into an interaction is also key.

Remember that true beings of light and love will feel, see, teach, share and support in a way that is truly high vibrational. There is no fear energy, no expectation, judgement, worship, or offering that is ever required to make the connection.

Video: "Align Your Core Light" By Melanie Beckler -

Divine Creativity Resonates With Love

When you simply come into resonance with love, allowing the light to fill and uplift you…

Allowing your light to grow and expand and shine through…

When you raise your vibration and then with the clear intention to connect with your highest, most loving guides of clear pure intent in alignment with the One True Transcendent God, serving in alignment with the highest interest of all beings…

Pure, higher connection, interaction and guidance with your team in Spirit is possible.

Through this you will quickly realize you are never alone. And indeed any feelings of loneliness are simply lower levels of emotion revealing themselves to be cleared.

As a soul you have brought a great bank of experience with you into the physical These experiences include the tense, tragic and challenging experiences of past lives stored at soul and cellular level.

This is what you are able to move through, integrate, heal, resolve and release in order to circulate new levels of light and ascend as a soul and spiritual being in physical form into resonance and oneness… Into embodying your highest Divine light.

Yes, this is possible in the fullest extent. Returning to the higher vibrational and higher dimensional truth of who you really are.

You doing this is on the forefront for humanity and on the cutting edge but know that indeed the ascension path and process will reach all.

As individual way showers step into embodying their highest light, through resonance these higher vibrations will begin to reach, unlock and awaken all.

The vision and intention for Earth, that is a part of the ascension process is to ascend into a fully awakened Divine Solar Being.

Gaia mother Earth yes too is ascending into her highest Divine embodiment which is as a Solar Divine being, upon and within awakened humans… Divine beings embodied in physical form can co-create, express, thrive, love, enjoy and experience harmonious creation within the spiritual and physical.

Upon this path, know that you too have a great ally, teacher and friend in Mother Earth.

Deeply connecting with the Earth will help you to return to truth and knowing of who you really are. Freeing yourself from the constraints of illusion and the programming of society rooted in illusion.

Returning to an expanded sense of awareness of your oneness with all beings… Which can most fully be felt and experienced through returning to your multidimensional awareness and embodying your highest Divine light.

And deep down you know the way…

You know the how…

Enter inward, open your heart, lift and embody the highest truth, the highest light of the Divine Being you are.

Bring this into your awareness, bring this into your physical form, bring this into the present point in time.

Embody the Divine Being you are, letting this inner divinity and light shine forth through you, playing and creating in the physical, and through your creations which are in alignment with the highest interest of all..

You are being of service through showing the way to embody, to create in perfect harmony and coherence with light and with Divine Love.

Melanie Beckler

Video: "Channeling Divine Creativity - Circulating Higher Levels Of Light" By Melanie Beckler -

Here is the link for a free audio download of Melanie's message:

Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Love & Light to all of you,

Steven Hutchinson

Raise Your Vibrations & Be Uplifted & Healed By Steven Hutchinson

Below are three powerful guided meditations to help us with our spiritual growth & ascension. The first one is from a very pure channel whom I just discovered named Cynthia Charis. In her video she leads us in a beautiful & very powerful guided meditation and transmission of the Creator's Love & Light & Grace & Blessings from the Ascended Masters, Angels, & Goddesses helping mankind with their spiritual growth & ascension through Cynthia Charis.

Just open your heart and mind and relax and let the divine energy uplift you and raise your vibrations and help you experience more fully the Divine Love in your heart with the Presence of your Soul and the Creator...taking you on a Blissful journey into your awakened heart merged with the Creator's Heart.

Infinite Blessings of The Creator's Love & Light & Peace & Joy & Abundance to all of you, Steven Hutchinson

Below are two uplifting & powerful guided meditations from Natalie Glasson. The main focus of the first one is to help us with our spiritual growth & ascension...and the second one helps us heal ourself in God's Light.

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Love Through The Eyes of Jesus Christ By Ann Albers

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. Happy Passover! Happy Spring! Today we wish to speak to you about the deeper meanings of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Can you fathom that the love which looks through your eyes is the same love that looked through the eyes of Jesus Christ? The difference is in your experience. Jesus experienced His union with the Divine in each and every moment. Even when the nails were driven into His hands, He was aware of the Love that lived within him – beyond this life, body, and mind – was the same Presence of Love that lived within all others. He saw the Divine equally – in those who loved him and those who persecuted Him. He bore witness to the Presence of Love within all beings, even if they could not. He still does. This is why so many miracles are done in His name. He witnesses only your deepest truth.

And thus it is said that He "saved you from your sins." We would paraphrase this by saying that He saved you from the illusion that darkness can ever separate you from Love. In His willingness to love through the greatest of human miseries – torture, betrayal, beating, death, denial, ignorance, greed, hatred, fear – He lifted the entire fabric of human consciousness into a new realm of possibility for love.

He lived and demonstrated the truth that light is, and always will be, more powerful than darkness, and that even when the darkness attempts to kill the light it cannot triumph. His body was killed and yet through the entire process He knew he was not the body. He knew that His spirit was eternal. In his complete understanding of this Truth, He was able to forgive his torturers and even breathe life back into His physical body.

Just as the Christ light lived within Jesus, so too the Christ light, the Divine love, the spark of the Source lives in you. This light sources you and shapes you as surely as the ocean sources and shapes a wave. There is, and never can be, a separation from the Divine. You either experience the love that breathes life into you, or you block it. You either feel the love for all of life that wants to flow through you or you block it. 

So while the body of Jesus did indeed resurrect, the deeper meaning of the resurrection is there is no pain, no darkness, no betrayal, denial, or abuse so powerful that it can kill the love within you. With the power of your will you can Resurrect Love in this world... any time you choose. With dedication, you too can embody Love so thoroughly that the darkness of the world cannot rob you of the experience of this light.

Dear ones, It is in your willingness to acknowledge the presence of light within yourself and even the darkest among you, that you resurrect love and allow light to triumph over dark, love to triumph over hate, and Truth to triumph over the illusions that you or anyone else could ever be separate from this love.

Happy Passover. Happy Easter. Happy Spring. Happy present moment in which you can embody and resurrect love... right here, right now.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message from Ann...
Messages from Ann" class="m_-6149336302565190240gmail-CToWUd m_-6149336302565190240gmail-a6T" style="outline: 0px; color: #04a9f4; display: block; font-family: Georgia,'Times New Roman',Times,serif; font-size: 18px; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; line-height: 25px;" width="650" border="0" height="241"/>

Hi Everyone,

I met Amma Karunamayi fourteen years ago in Sedona. I'd gone for a hike, and turned around when I was suddenly guided to visit a friend. "Why am I here?" I asked the friend. I had planned to hike all day.

She laughed and handed me a skirt with nicer top. "Put these on. You'll see. We're going to see Amma. You can't wear shorts." I didn't know who Amma was. I only knew that I looked like a bag lady in clothes much larger than I was! Strangely, I didn't care. I felt excitement.

As we drove to the venue, my friend told me a little bit more about Amma.In India she is known as a saint – an incarnation of the Divine Mother. Her birth was predicted. She exhibited huge compassion for the poor as a child, and when she was a young adult she left her life and spent ten years in seclusion in the forests in India, praying, fasting, and meditating until she melted into a union with the Divine so profound that it never left her.

She emerged from her decade in silence and began a world mission promoting peace and compassion, blessing people with miraculous love and grace all over the world, and doing innumerable humanitarian works. I was amazed I'd never heard of her.

I sat in the audience with anticipation, not quite knowing what I should do or what to expect. Those who knew Sanskrit mantras (sacred chants) began to sing them. A tiny Indian woman entered the room with a smile as radiant as sunshine – sweet, innocent, and yet so powerful that as she walked by waves of love washed over me. I felt the same as I did when I was in the Presence of Jesus or the angels. 

One by one, we went up to her for her silent blessing. God was in her eyes and in her touch. She was completely surrendered to love. Through her silent presence, she resurrected this love more deeply within each one of us. She burnt off our darkness and pain. Driving home to Phoenix late that night, I smelled of roses and felt as is my soul had been washed clean.I've seen her for blessings every year since. She sees your light, your essence and your soul. 

As with all truly enlightened souls, she never asks anyone to change their spiritual path, but rather to embrace their chosen path more deeply. Years ago, my Catholic mom went to see her, upon my recommendation, and called me in tears. She had never felt the Presence of such love. She received immense help with her health challenges during the following year.

I always get what I need. The second year I went to see her I was working through a lot of anger at an old relationships. As I sat in the crowd waiting for her to enter, I felt her loving Presence in spirit. I started to burn as if on fire. My skin broke out in red hives and I felt as if I was in flames. I went between hot and cold, and shook violently for several minutes. Suddenly the heat subsided. My skin went back to normal. The anger was gone.

She appeared in my car once, in spirit. She chatted, smiled, and told me she was protecting me. A second later, the car next to me lost a hubcap. I was driving next to a cliff side on a downhill slope as the sharp metal came straight towards my tire. I had nowhere to go. Suddenly I felt a wave of love wash over me. The hubcap flattened out, went under my car and went careening over the cliff. I was fine.

This year, in her presence, I felt such an exquisite love and communion with the Divine that new gifts are already starting to emerge. It was like gazing for hours. Her Love and Presence have been both an inspiration in my life and a powerful force to drive away the darknesses of fear and frustration that used to abide within me. I strive, as she does so purely, to witness the light and truth within all. When I do it drives away others' fears and pains.

Love truly is the highest power on this earth. People start corporations, have fund raisers, and do all sorts of good works, and yet this one tiny woman who channels an immense light works miracles, relieves pain, lifts emotional burdens, and catalyzes life changes. She is a humanitarian who has used the donations of her followers, which she never solicits, to build free schools, free hospitals, give free vaccines to the poor, rebuild villages, and feed the poor not only in her native India but in many other countries. She has spoken at the UN and, been a proponent of women's rights, organic food, local farming, and healthy living. One woman filled with the grace and presence of the Divine has achieved so much.

We too, in our own way can experience and contribute love's restorative powers in our lives. We can seek love, share love, and be love in oh so many ways, great and small.

Here are some ideas to resurrect love's healing powers in your life:

1. Seek and Ye shall find...

If you look for love you will see it everywhere. You can find it in all that is beautiful good and true. Hear the love in your favorite music. Witness the love in the beauty of nature, in a breathtaking piece of art, or in your favorite saturated color. Taste love in your food. Look for love in the grocery store, in line, in traffic even – maybe in an inspiring license plate. Love is everywhere if you're willing to look for it.

2. Love without reason... Except that it feels good!

Be kind to a stranger. Pray for someone you don't like. Look in the mirror and tell yourself three wonderful things about you. Don't love for something in return. Love because it feels good.

3. Seek out the Presence of those who embody love...

Sit with your angels. Breathe, believe, receive. Or invite in your favorite spiritual master – Jesus, Buddha, or anyone who has brought love to the earth. John Lennon, Einstein... Just sit quietly for a few minutes, breathe, and ask for their presence to bless you. See what you feel.

Or you can seek out enlightened beings or transmitters of light who are alive and walk the earth. Enjoy their presence if only via YouTube or online. Energy is not confined to the body, space, or time. You need not be in the presence of these beings to feel them. You only need to connect.

This time of year is a great time to resurrect love. May each and every day be an opportunity to do the same!

Love you all! Happy Everything you Celebrate!

ps - If you want to see if Amma is coming to your town, you can check out her website here.

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