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An Invitation For This New Now By Ailia Mira ... And ... 2017, the Energies of One By Alia Mira ... And ... Evolving in the New – Kara @ Solstice Rising

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An Invitation For This New Now By Ailia Mira

Message from Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light

Hello Dear Friends,

In this new year, this new beginning, you find that there are many options still, and always for your attention. The choices you make given these choices, is you living your freedom.

We are entering into this realm of focus through this transmission. As Ailia expands and merges with us, she translates the vibrations of our connection and transmits with us, offering you pathways of light that support your highest consciousness in embodiment. That is our aim.

We know that you have many options for your life and many things you care about. We know that you are here as a unique eternal soul infusing this beautiful human form with your signature as energy. We seek to co-create with those who resonate with our work so that you might remember your eternalness and tap into your innate capacity to create, directly, and communicate, directly and living knowing, directly working with all that you are.

Your life stream is evolving as you rise in frequency and consciousness. You are furthering the expansion of humanity through your own shifts and changes in consciousness. Your DNA, the structure and messages within your body, to the energy you bring to this focus, are being informed by the shifts in your consciousness. You are altering your DNA as you think and act differently; you transmit these instructions via your frequency and the state of your focus.

Many humans feel that their DNA controls their lives. We want to remind you that you activate, alter and can shift your DNA. Furthermore, you selected this body specifically before you entered into it as soul, becoming human. So there is nothing that need limit you in this form, now or ever.

The light within you, the soul stream of consciousness is infusing you continually with all frequencies you need for optimum expression. You allow or divert these energies as you are in more or less unity with that awareness, you consider your soul. Your soul is your Source and all that you wish to know as experience and capacity, is available to you, through your direct, innate connection to that which you flow forth from; your true Self.

As your True Self, there is great appreciation for all you are creating and all you are experiencing. Your True Self has no agenda for your life and is eager to embrace all you think and focus upon and amplify that with you and for you. Your True Self stands in alignment with all you’ve by your focus, included in your choice of experience and calls you into Unity with the ever-evolving, ever-expanding version of you, you are choosing to create freely with your focus.

The world around you is there to assist you in discovering who you are and for the fun of co-creating and exploring yourself in a new and unique way - being human in focus. This lifetime, unlike many in Earth’s past, is moving faster and this is because there is a greater concentration of the non-physical energy of your True Self in you, and in many others. Human beings are opening up to the inner light and the inner mysteries of being here. There is more awareness now than ever before, collectively, that you are eternal soul shining into a human focus of form. This knowing is liberating humanity from old ideas of what it took to feel love, hope, truth, clarity, and to create.

We celebrate with you, your focus here and your realizations. We love having this opportunity to co-create with you.

At this time, in this particular communication we seek only to remind you of these simple and beautiful truths, and with this elegant refinement, invite you to know too, that there is nothing wrong with you that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with your life that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with your world that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with your relationships that needs your attention. There is nothing wrong with any other person that needs your attention. All messages and beliefs that concur with ideas that there is something wrong or something better and which seek to guide your living and your being accordingly, are arising from limitation and lower frequencies in which wholeness is not visible.

In unity with All That Is, all is embraced, treasured, known, and loved. Nothing is of lesser value and nothing is in need of repair.

So then, what might this mean for you? How might you live differently if you knew this? What could you drop from your focus? What relief could you allow?

You each have preferences and desires that are natural expressions of your energy signature in correlation with where and what you experience in focus. This is natural and propels you to elaborate further, expressing your True Self and expanding life. Do not mistake preferences for right and wrong. Do not confuse your preferences, with idea of ultimate truths. You each have true, meaning aligned soul emanating knowing, in the present and to live your True Self more and more fully here, is to be true to what is within your own wholeness. You know this by the feeling of what feels right to you. You can recognize truth in others, in a song, or in something another celebrates or even denies, but the knowing of truth comes from within.

The world is awakening to far more than divinity. The radical shift in humanity is toward sovereignty. There is a profound mistrust in many of being self-focused and yet only in being Self-focused can one allow the inherent harmony and love of life to be experienced and fulfilled. As you live caring for your relationship with All That You Are, you empower All That Is to express fully through you, as you, in you, here and now.

It is this emergent coherent presence which we know as you and we love and enjoy the expansion that is occurring as you allow more and more of your wholeness to arise.

As you begin this new now, we encourage and invite you to let yourself be free of all that limits you and all that instructs you and all that attempts to shame you, blame you, tell you, demand of you. We invite you to become the ultimate authority of your experience in direct knowing and collaboration with All That You are.

We know that many of you doubt your ability to do this - to live the truth of your perfect and eternalness, here. Yet it is natural to do so and is easy and more simple than you can ever imagine, if you orient to your alignment and let each other be. The more you allow yourself to fulfill your own truth through sovereign alignment and focusing on that state of being, the more you empower all of life, to express and know the harmony and beauty of Creation.

All is well, beloveds. All is well and you are pure and perfect and lacking nothing and now, is as good a time as any, to let that be your knowing.

We celebrate you in light.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Council of Radiant Light

Video: "Expanding Your Consciousness While Manifestation Your Soul's Desires - By

Steven Hutchinson" -

 Number 1

2017, the Energies of One By Alia Mira

Happy New Year!

2017 as a year, is a ONE numerologically and my sources say that cosmically the leading edge energy is most definitely aligned with the qualities of a ONE YEAR. We've just completed a 9 year cycle and this new year is energetically a very NEW beginning. It feels fitting that we're focused on this shift OUT of limitation and into a NEW WAY OF BEING as we enter this year. (Divine Expression is the new game...thus the new Soar Fest focus!)

The energy of "ONE" is strong, positive, creative and pure. It is definitely a number which indicates the energy of new beginnings and aligning with that we can use the energy of a One-Year, in both new thought and new action.  In fact, you may feel a strong inner drive to reinvent yourself in this kind of energy, so there's no rush, but realize the drive to expand and recreate may be stronger than it's been before. 

ONE as a cosmic quality, relative to our embodiment speaks to the convergence point of the non-physical and the physical; that leading edge of unity and harmony, where we live. We can tune to this by intentionally acknowledging our All-That-Is-ness and create with the vastness we are, while in this individuated focus, with knowing.

2017 to me, feels so beautiful and clear. There is an accelerated flow to it when I tune in and I was not surprised to realize the Eclipse Cycle comes in February this year!

I encourage you to take time and feel how you will let yourself step into newness now.

Give yourself permission to reboot any dream you've shelved or to step into any vision that you feel called to. Let your choices reflect your heart's pure desires and don't let "what is" deter you from what is wanting to flow into expression.

We're here to take life into new territory which is only possible when we're able to flow and allow what is new, to arise and be born through us.

What is feeling like it wants to express and flow as you, through you?

How are you most wanting to live, be and know yourself?

Let your life align and flow into what feels right to you now, and who you wish to be now.

Be present to who you are, now.

Let yourself be free to embrace the total newness of this moment, generously and openly, knowing you are profoundly supported and capable. You are soul! Infused into this humanity for the joy of it.

Here's to embracing our freedom and sovereign alignment! Love and happiness in 2017~! and beyond.

Blessings in abundance!

Ailia Signature

Video: "Emmanuel Dagher's Holiday Gift To Us - Release Self Sabotage &

Be All You Can Be !" -


Evolving in the New – Kara @ Solstice Rising

As we continue to evolve it happens non-linearly, which means that we don’t just end one phase and begin another. It is much like swinging on a park swing and deciding to go slide. As you whoosh down the slide, you look over and see that the swing you left is still moving from your momentum. It is the same as our own evolution. We may move forward and yet the old phase we just left is still operating; slower than before and losing Power. As we continue to integrate the New, we may very well still feel the energy of the old.

This is part of the integration of the New and completion of the old. Completion is important. If you find you are still drawn to old issues, you may have to bring them to completion. The old is not intended to continue into the New. This can feel disjointed and you may wonder why you are still dealing with old issues you thought you had left behind. It is all purposeful, so that you simply do not recreate the old in a new form and call it The New. Complete the old and act in a new way. Empower the Soul Essences you wish to create from; like Love, Joy, Peace, Wonder, etc; by being them and focusing on them. In time, your actions are different; your thoughts are different and you feel different. By focusing on how you want to feel, you create from that feeling.

As we enter the New more strongly, we notice some very different things. We are more detached from events and people. There is less drama and more Understanding of what is below the surface of people’s actions and circumstances. There is more Flow and a letting go of pushing things to happen. We notice that what used to bother us does not any longer.

This is also true of a shift in our preferences…what we used to enjoy, we may find we no longer do. We love ourselves more, as we are more nurturing to ourselves by choosing those things not out of duty, but out of a feeling of Joy and Passion. More and more we do not look outside ourselves for our answers and if we do, the answers are confirming of what we already know. We find that whatever we focus on is manifest, for all begins with energy and essence. Slowly we are becoming masters of our own making.

Each of us has our own unique gifts. We need not compete with others, but honor and respect them, as we do ourselves. We are like Ocean waves, unique and yet part of the Whole. We are the wave and we are the Ocean. We are energy and our job is to be a conscious, awake flow of energy/Light/Love. We attract or repel according to what our energy is. As we have the highest Light/energy, we rise higher in consciousness and we let go of anything that no longer resonates with us. Likewise, we create and manifest those things and people and circumstances that resonate/match our own energy. We have agreed to integrate our Soul consciousness, rather than just a separate ego consciousness (I want, I want, I want).

As you evolve, there is much focus on Empowerment and mastery. Basically, this is a “walk your talk” upgrade. However, as you look at the 3D world (observe it without attaching to it), you may perceive that it is getting more attached to 3D duality. Remind yourself that all have choice. Keep your focus high and on the New without getting seduced into the old matrix. As you focus on the New Now, your consciousness grows as does your Awareness. You definitely will see what’s behind the curtain. Stay neutral. And if it seems things aren’t changing, just honor it, as each evolves according to their Soul’s Wisdom.

Align yourself with your Integrity. Align your actions, thoughts and feelings in Congruency. This keeps you in a high flow energy. Release anything that gets in the way of this “Congruency Flow.” When you are neutral, you are not attached and therefore, fear can’t take hold of you and you may choose Ease and Freedom as you allow your life to unfold. Thus you become stronger and clearer about next steps. Don’t be in a rush. Be in Allowance. If you feel distracted, let what is distracting you go and focus on how you choose to feel. Keep loving yourself and stay grounded. Enjoy the quiet times as you release any inane busy-ness. Do only those things that call to you. Question everything you do, especially those automatic things that you do without question, because you are used to doing them and because, well, everyone does them.

While I honor folks’ decision to follow the Gregorian calendar and other ancient oracles, I choose not to, for I know that in the higher realms there is no time and therefore no dates or even a calendar. I choose to move beyond it all and rather than limiting myself to a new year, I know that each Moment has the potential to be new. Remember, there is no beginning or end; all is a spiral infinitely moving up. May we each be New in each Moment, for the Now Moment truly is the only place to be. Of course, because I still live on Earth, I still use its calendar; yet I know the Truth behind this archaic tool.

We have been integrating Love in each Moment, whether we are conscious of this or not. This translates in our lives as having more Compassion for others, more self-Love and more Awareness. It aligns us with Source and Soul and moves us along our evolution.

To help this expansion of Love, be Love, be accepting and consciously breathe LoveLight into your High Heart and Heart chakras. This helps to release illusions, pain, fear and other old dualistic beliefs. Practice the “Thymus Thump,” where you thump or tickle your High heart. It supports the integration of higher energies that help you shift, expands your inner Joy and Love and helps to integrate Soul within you as you. It helps to neutralize old patterns and energies, boosts your energy and supports healing/wholing.

The Thymus chakra, also known as the Joy chakra, regulates the body’s energy flow. When it is activated, Balance is restored. It is very strong in childhood yet, shrinks in adulthood, therefore it is important to activate it, so we may return to the Joy and Innocence of being a child. Thump or tickle this chakra any time you are guided and especially when you feel depleted, overwhelmed or anxious. Do it for about twenty seconds whenever you need it, including several times a day.

We are receiving a very powerful influx of Light Codes now and for the coming several days. We receive this Light, bring it through us and ground it to Gaia, which grounds the Light, fills Gaia with Light and we thus are grounded to Source and to Gaia. After this Light is grounded in us as us, it assists us in making changes for our highest evolution of Love. Be sure to bring it through all chakras, especially through the High Heart and Heart chakras. Once it is in the Pineal chakra, the distributor of high multidimensional Light, it infuses all parts of our body. Let us not put a time limit on this; there is no beginning and no end.

It is essential to align congruently with body, mind and Heart. Observe all of what you think, feel and do and see if they are aligned as One. Observe that any service you offer is also an expression of your Highest Self. This can be a project, a piece of art, a smile or a hug you offer another. It can be Encouragement or anything in which you share yourself authentically. Make sure it is also aligned with a sense of Joy and Love; that you offer yourself not out of duty, but from a pure sense of Joy and Love. Let everything you think, feel and do be an expression of you at the highest level of Love.

If you have negative thoughts, release these so that all you express is Love. This is who you are; what you hold within you is what you express to others and what you attract to you. Be honest with yourself and with others. Any excuse you make; any lie (or witholding or secrets) you express shines a light on that which wants to be wholed within you to purify you so that you may rise in vibration and consciousness. A lie is a betrayal of Love and it betrays others and takes away their Power, as well as the one perpetuating the lie.

As you are upgraded in your Christ Consciousness, you are supported and you attract at a higher level. As you align with your Soul, you align with Wisdom, Purity, Love, Peace, Joy, Expansion, Power and Truth. As you are congruent, you blend your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in the Sacred Marriage; Balance. Now is the time to express Love through all you do and are.

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