Am I a Contactee?

Hi lovelies!

Okay, so here is my deal right now-back in July 2008 in my home state of Pennsylvania, there was alien activity right above my house that I was living in.  It was raining, but no storm.  Instead, at one point around 2AM, what seemed like lightning, but it more looked like someone was outside taking multiple flash photographs, then a buzzing sound.  This happened about 3 times. I went outside but could not see anything.  Just the rain coming down.  I reported it and it is documented with some research group for my state.

Fast forward to present day, where my ascension and enlightening process has been picking up incredible speed.  I found out I can speak "Light Language", I keep drawing this symbol that many have described as Light Language, and I feel incredibly close to the Angelic Realms.  BUT, there has been somewhat of a presence within my home that doesn't feel angelic, or maybe I am wrong?  A couple months ago, I was laying in bed when I felt like I was pricked in the lower left leg with a needle.  I quickly turned on the light and saw nothing, but I knew that wasn't a fake feeling or that I dreamt it.  But when I touched my leg, I felt a tingle, like I was recently touched there.

Lately I have been having EXTREMELY vivid dreams.  Or are they dreams?...Case in point, last night, I was flying in the air, or what perceived to be flying, and came across a body of water near my home. I was wading in the water when I looked up and saw two circular discs that had lit up a double helix like pattern that started to glow from above. I was both exhilarated and yet frightened. I heard a sound very faint, like a soft buzzing, then I woke up I believe out of fear. I'm upset I woke up because I was so captivated by what I was looking at. I almost felt I was astral traveling.

I "woke" up way to quickly for me to be dreaming, you know? Trying to understand the double helix pattern on the bottom of both ships. They both lit up so beautifully the moment I looked up into the sky. It was so peaceful yet I was so frightened. i don't know how that's possible.

My son, who is 12, has been seeing beings from a parallel level since he was a baby.  And recently, he has seen a white energy like mist outside my bedroom door.  

I would LOVE anyone input on this, as I am drawing a blank.  Where I live in Pennsylvania, there is a lot of activity of alien realms/presence.  For this I am certain.  But, if anyone has background on this, I would love to know more about it.

In Love and Light,

Lady Aine

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  • Some of the alien groups definitely work with the Light although it doesn't always look that way-they have been with me all my life though I only had one vivid experience, as you describe, of being taken somewhere and later dropped into my body while in bed and waking up with the bed shaking as if I physically fell in(conscience dreaming as the Carlos Castaneda books describe)-they act as tricksters and tormentors,bad medicine, to shake our awareness-they are really from here oer have been here for ever and fly around back and forth from 4d-they could also be humans in 4d ,part of our space command-

  • Exactly!  Bless you.... <3

  • And Bless YOU, sweet Charlotte.  Would you believe that about a week ago I decided to cut all toxins out of my body?  Funny how things started activating again the moment my body stopped taking in those food toxins. 

  • Oh trust me, I have NO hate for Earth!  In fact, I love her SOOOO much.  I cry almost every day over the horrific things people are doing here and how Earth is treated.  It makes me so sad.  All I want to do is help Her and show people how to Love our sweet Mother.

  • You are too kind, and I appreciate everything you are telling me.  Much of what you are saying already resonates.  All I feel is love.  All I want to give is love.  It gives me such pleasure to feel the things I feel and all I want to do is tell people about it.  But I also know I cannot do that, because until they too, ascend and awaken, there is not much point, as they will and have called me crazy. :(


    In speaking the Light Language, or the Universal Language, the name, "Rubeenie" (phonetically spelled) keeps coming out of my mouth.  I do not know if it's someone's name or MY universal name.  But I do know that whenever I speak Light Language, a great sense of peace overwhelmes me.  All I want to do is be outside and meditate and contact.  Living on the east coast of the US has been hard with this horrible winter.  My physical body is craving sunshine, warm temperatures, drier temperatures, and nature blossoming around.  Knowing that Springtime on this side of the planet is coming soon, I feel a quickening in my belly, like my solar plexus is starting to spin fast again.  I truly believe much more might be happening when my physical body is aligned with who I am spiritually. 

  • It does, tremendously.  Thank you!  I have been able to get as far as my living room at home from my bedroom.  But getting further on a conscious level has been difficult.  I had much trauma as a child and I truly believe the physical fear from my human body is causing a lot of this stress and road-blockage.  When I am in a quiet, meditative state, I can definitely contact ascended masters, mostly Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germaine, and Archangel Cassiel.  I have been able to contact a ship that is hovering in our solar system, I am trying to find out what ship this is.  All I know is that the ship allows you to be outside of the ship without any issue of breathing.  I have been there before, and it is a beautiful place to be, and I HATED, HATED to come back to Earth.  There is so much peace where I have been, and my soul seems to be tuned into it now. 

  • Still in the learning process of Astral Traveling, well, consciously at least.  Consciously I've gotten as far as my living room.  But when I beging to fall asleep, in that lucid state, things happen and rather quickly, as I still am awake, but I am traveling at a fast rate.

  • I get this Charlotte!


    I work in a very high energy pace, which can be difficult living and working around lower energy human beings.  Although it does not make me better or worse than any other, I have found the moment I started experiencing the Ascension process did higher frequencies come to pass in my life.  I feel there are rules around me, and whoever is around me is following them accordingly. 

  • This sounds very similar to some experiences I have had.  I have "flown" (or was riding something, like a fish or a vehicle of some kind) through areas and landscape settings that were not Earth-like and were bright purple and pink, with occasional flashes of orange life forms. The closest description I could make were paintings done by Roger Dean, as seen below:





    Be careful concerning who may inquire about your experiences.  Anytime I try to travel into outside countryside and go out in the middle of "nowhere" (for meditation and focus for possible contact), I get followed by Uncle Sam's robot murderers.  I occasionally have light vibrational communiques with what may be extraterrestrials on the astral plane, and I suspect these same murderers are aware of this and are now hiring new age prostitutes from Uncle Sam's "Drop-Pants And Bend-Over Squad" of light-worker wannabes (or light-worker flunkees).   

    • Good thoughts there.  But as someone who I believe may be still awakening, my human vulnerabilities tend to get in the way.  I tend to trust too much, and I have found that I cannot be like that any longer.  How would I know I am being followed in that regard?

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