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ACC is going another shift awaking toward 16 dimension Soon!! 6/5/2015

I woke up feeling strange this morning, after the crazy day on ACC. Strong present of blue Nordic beings and Christ. This Vibration is set by ACC globe ball of energy reaching toward the light on the grid.. More people will see more truth , more will will come......  Christ is holding Cross in ACC glowing of people. When energy Upgrade happen, it will happen. I know the time and date when it happen... Right strange energy present. Like like some one has shifted the path, and put us on a new path of Enlightenment.... Strong energy Bring other closer. their is propose for living on earth, why we connect to people naturally in spirituality.........

when we show love and compassion what we do. we are awarded more information from highest vibration,,,, We are light of many, we are  many light........ shift of the 16 Dimension at universe. is to upgrade and stable universe vibration with all energy.............. 

all things that has happen, Has to happen for a reason........we can not ignore the changing of vibration, we had to adapt in peace......... We are light of peace, We need to balance it....

higher vibration, connective to 16 d Nordic and spiritual beings, balance the energy .

activation, awake, connective higher self higher rate. and so on...... i post more information, slowly getting information on next task

Activation 14-15D  and 13 D give me a few week, it will take me few hour link you all up...... I am spending more time on the shift, I know the time is shifted............ Those who are tune and awake can balance the energy in peace........ 

 I am Working on this process. thanks

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this is shift upgrade , 3 dimension Shift, 14,15,16 dimension, give me 4 hour in 2-4 weeks. i had upgrade 3 shift, lots of energy to do so........ i had to speed the shift. before Christ return sometime the future......... RESPECT THIS, it real serious matter..........I HAVE mission, so do you...........

Please don't upset me during this process, I am under Christ mission right now and universe mission.......Activation mean turn on those spiritual vibration to all people on mother earth.........all energy in universe......EARTH upgrade universe vibration threw me. my big responsibility. stay loving and positive.

it a blessing.

Already did the reunion shift 13 dimension march 16, 2015.

I get my color pencil out and draw the blue beings. they are 16d Nordic, different than blue beings. they look human, Different blue hair, or no hair....... they White circle both cheek. they are fully connective, I dont know their name, they are part of this universe shift............ Because What ACC Progress on spiritual is happening at every moment?

Blue beings -echo-nocks. hard to pronounce it. They are Drawn close to Ben book at the moment, last time few months, Prey mantis interest organic and veg people for some reason.  That mean more people see more of them when they tune to their vibration. They are loving beings, They have strong interest in awaking process, with the Christ energy...... confuse............ i will get clarification from them.  Bare with me, i seen over 1000 different Nordic and alien............Mother energy is hard.............It good that i can do this will over whelm a person. communicated all the highest council and highest leader ET or crew members... real fact.

ascension and awaking, they advise Ben spread the word high rate.

drawing Blue Nordic Female JPG, white circle on cheek and shoulder are birth mark......

 This a speed drawing, blue hair, and blue skin, dark blue eyes. they have thin eyebrows. Uniform is blue or other color..... 

Ah- you- ya, Mediation or before sleeping coding, or connect them daily.........Deep love, folks....i trying get drawing done, i trying find color

Thanks for all your efforts, friend...

Yes I agree thanks dear Charlotte for your time and energy very good intention indeed lotsa love you are in my heart....

Yes dearest...she is in both our hearts...

 Omega have you seen those type blue nordic?

thank you both of you

Baby girl are they bringing down energies to you

Blue beings smile after two member connect me, Ben and Omega, The blue beings smile at me, i am already in the highest vibration. energy have not been turn on universe to all human on mother earth yet. there are some human who have master the vibration energy,,,,,,, it had to used. i speed it up,higher your energy, no energy is hold back, it had to turn on to all people.

timing and evolution on spiritual growth.

they give I love and support........... all ET help me in the process. You all have universe, >>>>>



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