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.........vegan in dietary terms not some distant , alleged brethren of pale skin living on some distant about being vegan animal flesh free, for 24 yrs.Its about strong language used to defend this diet around this site. Vegans do understand the extreme ways of producing meals for meat eating folks. For most part ,  grusome pictures and vids of that process speak a thousand words. 

...................a wise man once told me , be an example .

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The meat eater need to be given tours of Slaughterhouses and some might change as for the rest sorry they will learn the hard way. Meat eaters and those who kill animals and those who sell animal flesh are all murderers 

Paul McCartney once said that if we had glass walls seperating consumer in restaurant from the kitchen where animals throut is slid and its skin pealed while that animal is still alive , heck of a more people would wake up to dietary change............but most vegans today had been meat eaters before  and what , murderers ? you better throw that first stone at those you condem........... 


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