What is your opinion about Batman?

Is BatMan evil because he wears black? Obviously not!!!!!

After all, he is a hero, a very dear and respected Super Hero, that is a human being, but also a superconsciosness which ultimately makes him more than human. But the fact is he wears a black suit. What should we do with it, how are we going to rainbowize it?

I'm over polarity

I know how to deal with the color black to some extent, but heroes are important to mankind and I thought it was fitting to bring this up. since the whole AS LIGHT AS YOU CAN BE thing and BatMan obviosly is also a light being, and since he es in the collective thought, he exist in the 5th dimension, which is the one of thought. It's obvious.

So, just comment.

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    As the resident Batman fanatic gotta say do watch the new Arrow TV series featuring DC's Emerald Archer, the trailers are awesome, can't wait. Having just read Nightwing #0 which re-tells the Dick (Robin) Grayson origin, Bruce Wayne consequently sees the light much more. His protege has the profound effect of humanizing him, as Dick is a showman and a punster like Spider-Man, the total opposite of his mentor. Incidentally, the Bat-Mite is a 5D character who is an annoying trickster which writer Grant Morrison last used in the classic Black Glove/Final Crisis story a few years ago, brilliant storytelling people.

  • He wears dark because that's where evil lives and he goes after them so they don't go after and hurt anyone else, like what happened to his family.  He's not stronger than Goku, thou, which reminds me... why did you change avatars?  Goku's the best.

  • What pray tell is a Rainbow Warrior?

  • I realize Batman is a contrived, invented character of fiction from someone's imagination.  It's my personal feeling that we invent our heroes to protect and preserve the status quo, never considering that true heroes don't wear armor, nor rely on technological gadgetry to aid in this endeavor.  As soon as these elements are introduced, a door is open to outside forces to interfere with our efforts at securing peace and safety for society.  Nothing wrong with them as an immediate means of defense, but what's wrong with using our abilities as spiritual warriors that make us far more invulnerable? In our resorting to a physical means of defense against crime, we've lessened our chances of eradicating it.  Why is our collective psyche attracted to a warlike defense mechanism?  It seems this is what I would want humanity to resort to if I were to attempt a criminal enterprise.  By the way, the Batman character is based on Azrael, the angel of war and combat.  There are also varied reports of a creature resembling this character in our annals of Alien encounters.  In other words, there exists a being reported by many people, that possesses all the characteristics of the cartoon figure. 

    • he is the brainchild of many authors and is a comic book character not a cartoon character.  later adaptations were made for cartoon. thats the batman facts stuff and not very important really.

      what i think you are trying to say here is that people who teach the coming generations to not be "criminal" is a far better crime fighter than actually fighting the crime.

      however if you look around at people they dont want to do what is more difficult.  look at them foaming at the mouth for ascension chambers and gods and aliens to come fix their planet.  you really think people like that are willing to put in the hard work of raising generations of people who think differently.

      people want easy street, easy is grabbing a gun and some body armour and kicking the carp out of the bad guys.

      REAL work is raising children to not be crinimals in the first place.

      batman is not the only "knight of right" in literature, and surely there are concepts of "wargods" before the introduction of the mythological charater of azreal.  but truly does this mean that azreal uses a utility belt and lives in a cave?

      • Good points One. I read your earlier post about black and the absorption of light. Reminded me of a black hole. Absorbs but does not reflect. IMO a black hole is a sun and a sun is a black hole. Sounds slightly crazy, but those are my thoughts. Maybe possible, as rather large ET craft supposedly use the sun as a worm hole. Maybe the other side of a black hole is a blazing sun and it connects different parts of the galaxy. One day we may know, right now it is speculation on my part.

      • I use my spidey sense


    • Interesting points

      The external war is  reflection of our own inner turmoil.

  • Are you having an aha moment?

    • You take my comment--- as either black or white.

      Am I trying to encourage and help you?

      or Am I trying to put you down and critisize you?One is black and one is white.

      When you go beyond polarity you will become indifferent to all that is heard

      You are sure of yourself and are unable to be swayed and confused.

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