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A message from the Yahyel and Kiara.


" We Know this has been a long and hard jurney for nearly all of you. It has been a hard bumpy ride, but there has been some joys along the way.

We know that many of you are tierd. And some are anchius and scared of the future. We know the world you chose to live in has been very negative, infact, amongs the moast Negative confusing and Limited world in this region of space.

You amongst many of our fellow brothers an sisters are called the "Masters of Limitations" Becouse there is nothing you know better than to limitate yourselves.

Yet we call you "Masters" becouse to all of uss you are Masters and Heroes. We admire you, not becouse of your negative acts but becouse who you are. And all the positive things you do, despise the drakness you live in. All of you living at Earth at this time has choosen to experiance this reality, that will transfom to one of the biggest changes and shifts in creation at this time!

There is no describing how brave you are for choosing this task. We admire you for doing this, you are helping so many other beeing by doing this, others that also live on negative worrlds.

We show you to them, and they see that you can do the moast unbelivable things. For what you are doing are going into the darkest of drakness and stepping out to the lightest of light.

You world are unice, there has been simmilar worlds like yours, that has experiance almoast the same level of negativity, like the planets that are now the astroide belt inside your solar system and the planet Mars, but those world destroyed themselves.

But the Earth we are talking to now will not, not the reality of witch we are speaking to you. For in the future you will concer these limitations.

And it has now started. This year of 2012 you have reatched the critical edge, your planet just got over 7 billion people, and you are now more positive than negative.

Meaning that over 50% of your populatinon choose to be positive. remember that this is a choice you can all make, even in this world, you can all choose to be positive, and if you do this... when you do this Earth will become a paradise.

This is the reality that you are going into now. There might be many bumps along the way but you having experiances so many bumps before will know how to handle it.

And remember you can also have a plesant jurney as well, going with the flow. You don't have to strugle, but many may prefare struggle, since in the end it teach them a great lot.

And when the time is redy, we will Join you in your jurney. Living amongs you, for we are your children.

And others as well, there are so many star nations out there curius abaut you, that also want to meet you, to be with you, to learn from you and you learn from them. And your own Ancestor will join you to!

We belive that this interaction will happen in the near future. We do not set a date becouse a prediction and phropecy are a sensing of your energy, and your energy are changing all the time.

If we say that we will be here in 2015, you energy will probably change trugh that time, and we might come sooner or later.

When the time is redy there will be mass landings, but we do not wish to land when you are in a state where it will create panic and trumoil. When the time is ready we will know, and so will you.

We are connected, we are family. There is so mutch we want to tell you when the time is redy. We are all looking forward to that day.

Until then we will have small induvidual contactswith those agreed with, and we will be in your dreams if you ever wish to talk to us.

Good night and Good day, we wish you mutch joy in your transformation."

~The Yahyel and Kiara~


Hey if you old members that remember who I am where wondering what I have been doing afther I lefts.... This is what I have been doing. I am having a blast doing what I love and following my existment.

Hope you are all having a great time as well... I will put my signature picture here for old times sake. XD




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glad i found this, its messages like this that give relevance to being here, when it seems increasingly pointless,

time for big change, bring it on!



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