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If You Could Sit On This Bench And Chat For 1hour With Anyone...

Either Alan Watts or my deceased dog (Vin.)

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Nicola Tesla.

....Probably Bob Marley....Always Loved Him.....x......

I know that if I set on that bench and chat for an 1 hour, it would be you Peekay … ;)) as it’s your bench … ;)) nice view too ... ;)) or Luke and a few others from ACC ... - now that would be nice ... ;)) but i think that 1 hour would be sufficient enough ... lol ...

...Lol... Sounds Good To Me......Bobs Up For It.....Hes Even Bringing The Weed.... :)......

st. francis of assisi

...I  Love St Francis....I Have A Pic Of Him.....Preaching To The Birds.....One Of My Favorites I Have Up.....xx.....

If I could sit on the bench and talk to someone, it would be my deceased foster son Markie.  I miss him so very much and would love to get the chance to hug him once more, find out who killed him as his murder was never solved, and tell him I love him one more time...It would mean the world to me.  As a matter of fact even though the bench would be crowded I would have my Father and Mother who recently passed there on the bench too, and have a family reunion.  That would be so awesome.  I know they are still with me in spirit, but to be able to hug and hold them would be so healing and wonderful for me.


Thomas Henry Moray

The only real and actually by common man accessible free energy there is.

I'm not surprised the issue is not being actively discussed and worked on in this cabal-infested forum-climate. ;)

I wouldn't need an hour with him though. Just a minute.

I'd say: Tell me the exact composition of your power converter or I'll eff you up! ;)

:-) Absolutely

One of my former lives :) haha. I'm so curious about my past lives and I bet my past life would be curious who I am today.

ohhhh definitely Russel Brandt......he cray



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