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[FIXED] 500 Errors - Why you can't access ACC and other Ning websites

Latest updates - April 19, 2016


Update - April 18, 2016

Unfortunately 500 errors are still appearing intermittently across some Ning Networks. We have updated our status blog to reflect that our on-call team is continuing their work on this. We apologize for this downtime and guarantee it has been our #1 priority to get this resolved! Thank you for your continued patience!



I copied this info from the following websites:

Note: When you can't access the Ashtar Command Crew homepage, try to get on your personal page or try the most recent discussions link:


500 Errors

Are you seeing a 500 error when trying to access a Ning Network?

500_ Unexpected Error

This error message indicates that the page or site is currently inaccessible. Try reloading the page to see if you can then access the page.  If not, check out our Ning Status Blog at for current reports, as we will note there when there is an issue which our on-call team is investigating.


Intermittent 500 Errors on some Ning Networks [Update 5]

Thanks for your patience. Our on-call team continues to work on an issue causing in intermittent 500 errors on some Ning Networks. Next update when the issue is resolved.

This entry was posted in Status updates on April 15, 2016 4:11 pm.


Posted 16 hours ago on Facebook:

Good morning all!

We are aware that the intermittent 500 errors are still popping up on some of your Ning Networks and we apologize for the inconvenience. We can assure you that we have had our dedicated on-call team working to resolve this issue around the clock.

Thank you for your patience!!

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Yes, this "500 Unexpected Error" reply has been a recent problem for many trying to reach Ashtar's website. My computer repairman told me a few days ago that Ashtar's website uses a lot of "bells and whistles," and that one may be able to enter the site if Windows undergoes some modifications and only if Internet Explorer is used (and not Google or Google Chrome).

I'm wondering if this is part of some scam to force some people to convert to Windows 10. 

Ive tried with internet explorer too and it was the same problem dear friend

Malcolm, what you say makes lots of sense. Infact I have been thinking so. These website desingers might be conspiring with browser programmers.

Yes, I have had problems getting in for over a week or so.

Too funny, I wanted to check if there were any replies, but I couldn't get in.

It's the main page that doesn't always work: 
But when you bookmark a discussion or your own profile page 
you should be able to get in and from there you can start navigating the website.


Bro  what am i going to do with you?.... fish slap....

Latest updates - April 19, 2016

I can see. Problem is indead solved.:)



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