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Published on Mar 29, 2014
Ok, this image was released by the Brasilia Planetarium recently and seems to show a massive disc shaped object stationed above the Earth. The disc is estimated to be around 3-5 thousand miles in diameter. If you look at the bottom left of the image you can see a cloud formation passing over the top of the anomaly, this indicates that the object is not a projection onto the earth. I have no idea what this object is, i can only speculate at this point. I have contacted the Planetarium for further clarification regarding the slide, and will post an update when I get an answer.

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imagine looking out the window from the iss and seeing that

yep, must of been quite the vision.....................

I have witness a cigar shaped vessel over the Pennsylvania skies on a summer day I believe it was last year...Time is going fast that I easily loose track of it...At first I thought it to be chemtrails, but as I stared at it I realized what it was...It was good that I had already read about all types of vessels in a very interesting report from the Ashtar Commanders...I also saw the list of all of them...I wish I could find it again...I didn't think of it being so important at the time...Blessings to you and thanks for the wonderful video...

From where it seems to be stationed this should have been seen by the millions of people living on the landmass that is below that "thing" and since none other have spoken about this than the person that made this vid I must by experience and logical reasoning alone, conclude that this is fake. :)

Not necessarily Acute Observer...They can decloak at anytime if they choose to do so, or they can be invisible as well...Also cameras can capture what the human eye cannot sometimes...Those satelites have the best fotographic equipment on or above earth...Our stellar brothers and sisters are thousands of years ahead of us in technology...So think with logic and without limiting your imagination...With Love always...

ACUTE OBSERVER: logic and scientific reasoning or method are not the ultimate trump cards.  You are using "black and white" reasoning.  Quantum mechanics, DNA replication, and astrology are proof that you can't always get logical outcomes  


Seems like I were right and you were wrong once again:

They are here!!! they have been here for quite some time and our secretive governments have done a good job at hiding the truth from us...Are we still going to accept their words as truth? I know I am not...and I have very good reasons as to why I shouldn't...One of them I can see the truth as to the impossibility of being the only ones in the Universe...It's to be pretty arrogant to believe that we are the only ones in the Universe...That way of thinking shows limitation in logical understanding What do you think?...Love and Peace...thank you UFO-DISCLOSURE for this amazing video...

We are not the only ones in the universe, but seem to be one of the only arrogant ones.  When we loose or at least lessen our egos we will open up enough room in ourselves to allow others of higher dimensional origin to enter into our consciousness, and I speak of humanity as a whole.  Most of us that have been watching these events for quite some time now are sensing a sigh of relief that we are witnessing all that is appearing before us.  At least that's how I feel.  We are no longer the tin foil hat goons, we are an integral part of the planets unfolding.  Amen

 Wonderful <3 

we are not alone anymore, even with the coneheads of the vatican ((mrs. Karen Hudes whistleblew on, and i believe her)) trying to shut it down our awareness of their existance and our space families soon arrival in great force, way too late.

i see u.f.o. flying at night, maybe once a month, i can feel them at times,  so i go outside to my backyard and look in the directions where they are flying way up in the sky, MOVING SO FAST IT TAKES LESS THAN 10 SECOND TO LEAVE THE HORIZON OF THE SKY.


then one day in the daytime, about a year ago i saw for a five seconds a craft by my house, it was oval at least a size of a house, it was dark dirt like grey in color and looked like it had a rough finnish on the surface of it's hull. i had no ill vibes from it for those five seconds.

because i was in a car driving i could not stop and watch, maybe get attention, for i have some hard no sugar coated questions for these guys.


blessings to all of us for we are all one

I meditated on this and searched deep with in, also investigated.

When I first saw this amazing video, I knew I would have to check it out.

The person posting the video from you tube named ADGUKNEWS is the only one with such video.

I have looked.

And the space station has several cameras everywhere, all over it.

Why is this the only 1 catching it on video. There should be several different feeds/cameras showing this craft.

But all we get is this 1 angle and it lasts less than 2 mins.

I respect you all if you truly believe this is a real video.

I am researching this even deeper,so here soon I will give you my full opinion on this topic.



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