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Here you can write where you live and which state you come from and connect with people in your area.

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Portland Oregon Grown! Would love to meet more people who connect with the Ashtar Command:)

Hello I am Barbara and I live in Mesa, Arizona in the USA
I would love to get together with other lightworkers in arizona.
Sedona, Az any one living here lets get our group up and running.... Hugs to all Aprilji
I'm Jennifer and I live in Mesa, Arizona USA
I'd love to meet other lightworkers in Arizona.
you can email me @

St Charles, Illinois :)
hi yakima washington here .
Metaline Falls, Washington in the far NE corner of WA state.
hi yakima washington here from warren wagner the peace ful one

yakima is a nice place to be. I'm from Portland Oregon. If you havn't already i would recommend you check out ECETI in washington. Its a Contact point for sky watching near Mt adams:)

Hello, I am far western Wisconsin..only a mile from the Minnesota border.So far I have only met 1 person from my area and would love to hear from others from the near by part of the 2 state areas.
Hello, I am in Nashville,TN. We do have a group of serious Lightworkers here. Always open to meeting more of our family.
Peace and Love

01/23/13 CloudWalker:  I live in Milwaukee, WI.



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