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Here you can write where you live and which state you come from and connect with people in your area.

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Beautiful photo
Very beautiful... My favorite colors
This Is Very Touching To The Inner Heart, Soul, Spirit, And Mind. This Lightens Up The Way Through The Darkest Times Of Our Troubles. As We Enter This Inner Light Just Remember That We Should Also Never Fear The Darkness. Just Look Into This And It Will Guide All Of Us!!!!!!!!
Chicago, IL
I live in Chicago IL! I would love to connect with my brothers and sisters in the area!!

Emigrated to the USA from New Zealand in 2004.
Living in Mariposa which is in the foot hills close to Yosemite National Park, central California.
Greetings from the Land of Oz, the Sunflower state.

HI... from charlottesville-virginia...g.
N.W. Missouri the show me state. Just north of Kansas City in Smithville.
I'm from Houma, LA.
Portland, Oregon / San Fran :)



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