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Here you can write where you live and which state you come from and connect with people in your area.

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Seven Springs, North Carolina here. We're about halfway between Goldsboro and Kinston and Kenansville - downeast. And halfway between Raleigh and Wilmington, NC. Feel like I'm in the middle of the middle of the middle, which might be a good sign.

Sparta, Georgia

Omaha, Nebraska

Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Hertford, North Carolina

Here I am on the Red Rock-----near the Egg rock Island in the North Shore of Boston....

Seven Springs, NC, USA A place where native Americans guarded seven magical healing springs of water that were finally contaminated by the flooding of Hurricane Floyd. No more magical springs. There was a spring for heart issues. There was one for blood sugar issues. There were several, and they were awesome. I remember my family ordering big bottles of water for issues family members had. It tasted wonderful.

Southern California. Would love to make friends with Gen X people anywhere. See my profile to see if we resonate.

In Marlboro NJ area-crazy crazy world-how did this post pop up again after 9 years?



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