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Here you can write where you live and which state you come from and connect with people in your area.

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Land of Lincoln (central Illinois)
Utah here. Doug

Atlantic City, NJ

'Wow,, that is Boot Ta Full,,,,,, Sad and PowrFull ,,, its like my Soul that is trying to Awake through Passion and Pain,, and Love and Joy,,, and Toes hanging on for EVerything thats worth it..: )

Portsmouth, Virginia
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Circle Pines, Minnesota! Not that far away.
Greetings from another Minnesota Native, Duluth, Barnum area. living in Kansas Sunflower state

Atlanta, GA


Claudia where do you live in this USA? I am in CA This is what I have been singing to myself when I walk the dogs. I send peace, compassion, unconditional love from the inner chamber of my sacred heart to everyone and everything in every universe. It makes me feel good. I have no conscious memories but here is my story:
It all started with me in about 1979 and early eighties after I finished nursing school I wanted to read books that I was interested in. I got a group of people together about eight or 10 people and we met once a week for whole year. Two of the people turned out to be trance channelers. That was when I first found out about the Ashtar command and a lady named Tuella who claimed to channel Commander Ashtar. While at the hotel in Anaheim before seeing Tuella, l was with the friend of mine who was a walk-in. I did my automatic writing and asked the name of the ship that I was supposed to be associated with and got the word Olympia. Then two weeks later after the seminar, I got a newsletter called universal network. On the front page of it was channeled information from two spaceships one called the Crystal Bell and the other called Olympia

A few years ago I got another channel information from a man named Luis Prada this is his reply to my question “ Can you give me information about what I do on the ship Olympia and if indeed there is a ship called that in the Ashtar Command?”

Yes, there is a ship called like that in the Ashtar Command, you work with us and you come in astral body to our ship and in very rare occasions in you own physical body, but memories are erased, and do work with us. I am thankful to Luis Prada for allowing me to use his vehicle to answer your question. Indeed, you are a creature of the Light working for Divine Plan and I announce you that in the near future we will contact you for starting your earth mission that is related to work with children for the preparation of the new generations who will work in different projects to restore Mother Earth. I do not want to disclose more for you at this time but this is a help to give you reassurance that indeed we care for you and work on activating your DNA for your mission. Congratulations, Dear Commander, for a job well done so far. I am your friend, Iankar. [Pronaounce it, AEE-AN-Kar.]

Good bye for now and God Bless You.

Luis Prada


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