As we draw evercloser to the alignment of 21 from december, we are in the midst of a birthing proces, wich will continue trough out next year.
We can feel the enthousiasm within ourselves, but arent able to place it in the right context. I see a lot of people wondering what will happen... will the change be sudden or will it be a smooth proces into 2013? Will we see anything on the surface? will there be any cathaclysmic events? Will we be able to see the full 100% of energies in our own space and all around us? Will we be able to create freely with my thoughts, manifesting immediately? The vision of a 5 Dimensional world is like a fantasy, and it all feels real, but will it truly come into fruition, while we are still experiencing a world of shootings, anger, hatred, separation, and monetary systems who keep us enslaved? These are certain questions besides all the personal questions i hear from the collective of humanity. I have questions to ofcourse, not doubts, no, questions, as i was born to question questions.
So i'd like to share some answers, as we all like to envision the best for humanity and eventually for all of us. 

12-12-12 has opened the energy floodgates from unity, oneness, and the connection we have as a collective with everything around us, it was a unification, a acceptance and a merging of timeliness with us Gaia and humanity as conduit. We have chosen to ascend and this was a huge leap and achievement as a collective. I have experienced a huge letting go of old timelines, a letting go of old beliefs, and a merging from hearth to hearth with everything around us. The veil that had been laid upon each one of us, has been taken away, wich allows us to see freely all the energies surrounding us, all the beings who share the same sacred space are clearer than ever. This does not mean that everyone can see these energies, while this veil has taken away, we have a certain belief system in our unconscious and are not fully aware of what surrounds us. 
We are the only ones who are limiting ourself. We create our own reality and by understanding what the essential core is of any matter, we still have to integrate this understanding.
This ascension proces is also a individual proces, and eventhough we create our collective reality, we are always responsible for our own reality individually. This process is lead by your conscious awareness. Everyone works with their own perspective, and it is eventually you who will get the job done. Not someone else, not some external source who will help you to push you trough your limits. It is all about what you perceive as limits, and it is your emotional reaction, on certain aspects you find important for creating your own reality. So will everything change, and will i wake up in a dream world, with many colours, beings, and will i manifest the reality i have always envisioned? That is completely up to you dear one, for you are own limit, as we are all for the full 100% Unconditional love, and it is only us who limit ourselves. Ascension is letting go, it is the veil taken away by yourself, not some energy wave. You Are the Energy Wave dear one.
You are the full embracement of layers unconditional love, wich can be experienced as a body. 

-The ascension process is the process of letting go, acceptance, forgiveness, transformation, transparency, unification of all aspects of your self, and the recognision and connectedness with father/mother One. -

This is not a "over-night-snap-blink-one-day-winter-to-summer-thing".
This is a neverending proces, of consciousness experiencing itself, over and over again in a unlimited proces of the awareness of Now moments. The letting go, and expanding of this consciousness, and how you can grow, from experience. The taking back your power as a individual is one of the most important aspects, you are beautifull my fellow being, you have no idea how powerfull and bright your unique expression is my beloved. This is not a fantasy, as this is reality as we perceive from the higher realms, and i can tell you the doors here are wide open, with hands reaching anyone who can use a supporting pilar, for we see you growing, in your own expansion of awareness. Recognize your true identity, and become your uniqueness, You know who you are, so why would you wait expressing it? Why would you not do the things you love doing? Why would have conformation of anything, you already know?
It is time to take that step, to expand and explore that what you haven't looked at, the drawer wich has all the dark experiences, the closet where you put all your sorrow, anger, jealousy, all the things that took away your power. You are sacred! you Know you are a great being, with a unique kind of expression, you know what the true identity you see inside yourself, and what the gifts are you have chosen to use in this lifetime. So the process will be speeded up if you become full transparent to yourself; opening the doors you diddnt want to open, open the drawer you where afraid of. These are the things that will push you limits, and shows what you can handle as a being and what not. If you look your fears straight in the eye, and look and feel what it made you so fearfull, you can understand, and recognize the beauty of it aswell. Fear, is just a focus a nailed perspective, and if you can recognize fear you can recognize the beauty of it as well. If you know what you don't like, you also know what you DO like! Look at it, and let it go with unconditional love, forgive yourself for not seeing the value of it, and let go. 

For you dont need to hold on to every thought that takes away your joy, you ARE joy itself. It is only you who limit yourself by doubting because your environment has reflected a image wich you are not. Only You know who you truly are, and now its time to embrace it and share your connection with All-That-Is. Observe-experience-let go and keep the focus on the things that give You Joy, and Express this with every breath you take.

So what will happen 21st of december?
There will be a lot of windows of opportunity on any dimension.
Will you be ascended straight away? into the 5th dimension?
some of us will, some of us already have, it is not exactly that window of opportunity that can be used for this jump into 5D or higher. As we are so fixed and obsessed with our way of planning our future and lay it out in front of us. Every day is opportunity to take that important step. But are you conscious aware of you vibration level? are you at the level you can actually take that step? as with great power comes great responsibility. You cannot sit here and wait untill such a portal will open. No, thats why some of us will immediatly ascend because they choose to, others will be given more time to more smoothen their way over there. If you focus on the fact you want to experience 9th Dimension or higher, you will eventually get there. You can go whenever you want, but the reason most of us havent done this, is because the haven't allowed themselves to embrace the fullness of their being.
After 21st certain people will dissapear from this realm into a higher, where they are able to perceive all the things the are ready to embrace. They will also come back, and help anyone who need to understand how this works, for themselves. How to bring out the inner world, expanding it into the outer realm. Some of us will be able to immediatly manifest their thoughts into reality, but if everyone could do this, than persons wich havent cleared their minds, they would completely destroy this dimension as they are creating lower vibratory creations into this realm, creating destruction and chaos for others to experience. Thats why there are certain safety guardians who help humanity to initiate every higher development of self. They will help you develop yourself untill you are ready to go trough the center of the central galactic sun, and you will experience the fullness of your being, related and connected with All-That-Is. If you werent ready you would simply ex-implode as you can only enter this field of unification and pure consciousness unconditional love energy. 
The more we focus on what brings us joy, and the understanding and awareness of our consciousness development will bring us where we want to, and reality will shape itself in a mirror that reflects what you perceive to be reality. 
The more you understand, and recognision of unconditional love with you and relation with Gaia and all there is will help you lay the path of destiny.

Willingness is much, but acceptance is everything.

You are supported on every level, and know you are doing great, expanding your limits further than you are able to perceive. Knowing that you still wake up every morning because you want to be here, you want to live, and know that you have lived. Keep creating what you wish, and keep enjoying what you enjoy the most!

We love you infinite,

you are love, cause you love YOU!

-wayshower of truth, transparency, beauty and inspiration
Serpahim Merllyn.-


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