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Sananda Speaks! "CONTACT FROM HIGHER DIMENSIONS" and "DIVINE WILL" -- It is NOW time to be in touch with the DIVINE inside and outside of yourself! Trust your intuition! (Feeling provoking)

Sananda Speaks! "CONTACT FROM HIGHER DIMENSIONS" and "DIVINE WILL" -- It is NOW time to be in touch with the DIVINE inside and outside of yourself!  Trust your intuition! (Feeling provoking)


We communicate with our galactic global family in Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English! Can you contribute 15 minutes per day for the goal of Ascension? Write janisel (at) today to join our global galactic family! We love you!

By Sananda
channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad

You see, I am only in a different NOW than you are, so when you think of me, it puts me in the NOW where you are. Hey!  I would love nothing more than for all of us to just hold hands and walk away!  You see, it is hard on me not to have those I love the most with me anytime I wish. It is hard at times to be in the same room, to reach out and caress your face, and you don't even feel it.

So we stoop to alternative means at times, and I can look at you and I can breathe your name with all the energy from the heart of my soul, and maybe, just maybe, you feel that 'breeze' that brushes across your face. Or...the 'bumps' that arise on your arms. So you see, if we 'scream' your name and you cannot hear it, we have to try other things! If you do hear it, all the better!  TELL us that you hear it!  So, therefore, we are making that connection, yes? 

And if you scream at us, and you say, "Show me a sign!" then pay attention...because we can only do it in the best ways that we can find that let you make up your own mind, yet know that we are still there.  Do you HONESTLY feel that when you get the bumps on your arm, it is due to a chemical reaction in your body from something 'within' you?  You have angels, you have Masters, you have the Creator huffing and puffing and blowing on your constantly attempting to get your attention! And some of you have decided, "This must be good!... I feel the bumps!"  Who would think that blowing on someone's arm would cause such a reaction! <grin>  We do what we can do.
By Sananda

channeled through Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad

Divine Will is following the call of your Heart.  When I say your ‘Heart’, I talk of the Heart of your Soul, not the heart of your body, yes?  Your Soul is the part of you that is of the Creator so, therefore, your Soul calls to you to give you Divine Will at all times.  For you see, the Soul is the part of you that IS the Creator. Therefore, your Soul wishes that you follow a True path.  However, the human brain and human freewill choice does tend to not listen to the Heart of the Soul.  And sometimes the Soul can only be heard when that human is in deep distress from making his freewill choice that took him completely away from Divine Will. 

We do not wish to interfere in anyone’s beliefs… we just wish to explain, because now is coming the most wondrous time of times.  We have all been promised that all questions shall be answered, and we are coming very close to that time.  For you see, the CREATOR calls to the Soul more now than at any other time because the CREATOR feels the Souls crying out in distress from so much freewill choice that has taken these bodies off the Divine Path. 

And when so many of these Souls call at the same time… critical mass!  For you see, the Father answers all calls, and when there are more calls than ever before, the Light of the CREATOR'S emanation of Love is at it greatest.

We communicate with our galactic global family in Chinese, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English! Can you spare a mere 15 minutes per day to send out intentions to light up the grids for the ASCENSION of MOTHER EARTH GAIA, and all of her inhabitants? Inviting ALL Beloved Lightworkers, Starseeds, Shamans, Crystals, Indigos, Walk-Ins, Braid Ins and Star Wanderers! We of Project Eagle Triad (Ashtar's Trinity) welcome you with open starship hatches. Write janisel (at) today to join our global galactic family! We love you!

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