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The Key of Andromeda

THE KEY OF ANDROMEDA After the discovery, in Egypt, of the City of Gods, Isabel, an archeologist, sets off in search of another quest, thi…

Started by Pedro Elias

0 Mar 15

Return of Lemuria and the Flood of Noah

The Flood was when Lemuria Sank. Mother Shipton Prophecies are the REAL DEAL. Lemuria will rise from the Ocean, as it does in Secret of Man…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

0 Nov 27, 2016

Super Mario Thoth Brothers

Im trying to rebuild my youtube channel, going to be uploading a lot of videos in the next 30 days. This is about Esoteric symbolism in Mar…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

0 Feb 21, 2016

(1016) As Above So Below (2016)

1000 Years of Fabricated History during the Roman church age. Happy New Years, but it isn't 2016. The church reigned with Christ for 1000 y…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

0 Jan 1, 2016

Noah's Flood and Lemuria - Legend of Zelda Illuminati Symbolism

The flood story concerns the land of Lemuria / MU and the 7 headed serpent who creates the world in 7 days. It is revealed in Legend of Zel…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

1 Oct 18, 2015
Reply by Adalis Stargazing

SECRET ORDERS go this far back to Atlantis

        SECRET ORDERS go this far back to Atlantis. On this beautiful island formed foreign breeds a beautiful civilization. Everyone had t…

Started by In Betwena

1 Feb 8, 2015
Reply by Pet Rock

America - Reincarnation of Egypt. Great Pyramids of Arizona. The Second Exodus

The time has come to reveal how America is Egypt. Hopi Blue Star Prophecy and the Second Exodus. Sacred Sedona and 2 great Positive and Neg…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

2 Jan 10, 2015
Reply by Esoteric Emissary

Break the Ring of Bondage ~ Gaia Consciousness 2015

    Break the ring of bondage.... Hello readers I would like for you all to open your hearts and take a little journey with me regardin…

Started by Crystal Heart

1 Jan 3, 2015
Reply by Crystal Heart

My Wife can be from the Inner Earth?

I pretty much lurk on this site to understand how there are some aliens which help and some that harm.  I noticed that Jesus Christ is disc…

Started by EltonJ

4 Sep 2, 2014
Reply by Starlight1981

Secrets of THE Thoth Hermes Enoch thrice born Last of the Jedi

Star Wars happened in the past. Thoth / Enoch and the ancient Jedai priests, Pyramids, Aliens, etc.

Started by Esoteric Emissary

3 Jun 5, 2014
Reply by Orion Jedi



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