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Jesus is comming soon!:)

Ever sinse I was a child, I ofter hear some guys say that a certain guy who surreptitiously disapeared off the land of Palestin is comming…

Started by diamind in Spirituality In General

13 Nov 19, 2014
Reply by Spiritus Gladius

Why do we get bored?

One day, I was very thirsty standing on a dam and watching the lake. It felt like if I would be given the whole lake, I would drink the who…

Started by diamind in Spirituality In General

10 Nov 9, 2014
Reply by Ara

visible music

There is a certain kind of painting that I like so much. This image also often come to my eyes when I close them after some meditation. I r…

Started by diamind in Art, Poetry and Expression

13 Oct 28, 2014
Reply by diamind

why we dream

Scientists are yet to understand why we dream. Probably, they will not underrtand it until the paradigm shift from outside-in to inside-out…

Started by diamind in Spirituality In General

18 Oct 22, 2014
Reply by diamind

The devil does not have a tail

If you go to hell and ask the demons why they are evil, pop! A can of fresh worms will be opened to you! A very long story will be delivere…

Started by diamind in Spirituality In General

18 Oct 18, 2014
Reply by Suiris

how much water should we drink?

I used to think that we should drink water only when we are thirsty. However, I now regard this to be on the same par with taking a bath on…

Started by diamind in Food, Health and Nutrition

18 Oct 14, 2014
Reply by 1 darkstar

'Jehovah's witnesses' paradise

Sometimes back, I almost join Jehovah's witnesses (JW). But I could not harvest all the fantasies I neaded while dodging all the absurditie…

Started by diamind in Spirituality In General

29 Oct 11, 2014
Reply by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser

Music and time

Often, christians are ridiculed for alegedly claiming that we were all created for the sole purpose of playing harps in the clouds for all…

Started by diamind in Spirituality In General

12 Oct 7, 2014
Reply by diamind


Perharps the champion of all the absurd myths is the xenu's story. This fit among the 'why' narratives that attempt to explain why the worl…

Started by diamind in Conspiracy Theories etc

22 Oct 8, 2014

Is ignorance bliss?

Bliss is supposedly a 'positive' thing. Ignorance is far at the other side of the pendulum. So how did the twine met in claiming; ignorance…

Started by diamind in Humour & Playground

14 Sep 28, 2014
Reply by diamind



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