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Who is Ra? - Part 2: Cloaked Light Bodies

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, In our fir…

Started by Wes AnnacLatest Reply


Being on purpose is essential to the health and happiness of us do you get on purpose. being on purpose does not have to be…

Started by turtlesLatest Reply

Indian in the Machine's Blog: Why Friendly Spacecraft Are Often Invisible To Our Eyes

Thanks to: We and our spacecraft wi…

Started by Wes AnnacLatest Reply

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Click for interview.

Started by Malcolm

0 Apr 5

President Obama's Situation

President Obama’s Situation As I See It Written by Wes Annac   While I haven’t been following politics very closely for what to me is a g…

Started by Wes Annac

56 Jan 28
Reply by Pet Rock

John Lennon Talks About A UFO He Saw In New York City

This is brief, but it's hard to find John Lennon telling a lie. Click

Started by Malcolm

7 Nov 20, 2017
Reply by Pet Rock

A MUST SEE UFO VIDEO (October 2017): UFO ARRIVES AT A CHEM TRAIL, MAKES A PART OF IT DISAPPEAR, AND THEN LEAVES THE SCENE (NASA will explain this as a weather balloon farting on a chem trail)

For video, click  In all my 15 years of viewing Infowars, this is the first UFO video I have seen that is post…

Started by Malcolm

0 Nov 19, 2017


Nikola Tesla’s biographer claims the scientist had contact with aliens Published on 08/07/2017 by Ancient Code “…He said it so…

Started by Malcolm

0 Jul 12, 2017

ALIEN / U.S. GOVERNMENT BASE IN DULCE NEW MEXICO??? I talked with a patient who claims to have known someone who saw it, talked about it, and then died in a strange way in Espanola, NM afterwards.

For New Mexico KOAT television report, click The individual reportedly managed to "slip in" w…

Started by Malcolm

0 Jun 15, 2017

FROM THE UFO CHRONICLES: 20th Anniversary Of UFO / Lights Of Phoenix, Arizona. Eyewitness Accounting.

PHOENIX LIGHTS: Original, Eyewitness Account By Mike Fortson | 20th Anniversary      I awoke from a brief nap in my recliner a…

Started by Malcolm

0 Mar 17, 2017

"How The CIA Views UFO Phenomenon," By Victor Marchetti, Executive Assistant To Deputy Director, United States Central Intelligence Agency (1979)

How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon By Victor Marchetti, Executive Assistant to Deputy Director, United States Central Intelligence Agency…

Started by Malcolm

19 Jan 26, 2017
Reply by ET Hugger


Are Aliens Calling to Us? Two Scientists Think So Two Canadian scientists have seen signals they believe to be aliens Fiona Miller - Octob…

Started by Malcolm

12 Oct 27, 2016
Reply by Roaring Lovely

ALIENS CAUGHT ON CAMERA? Check out the filtered portions of Ronnie Dawson's 2011 UFO video. Possible insectoid and humanoid types.

Click for video that highlights portions of Ronny Dawson's famous 2011 UFO video from Coleman,…

Started by Malcolm

2 Aug 15, 2016
Reply by Malcolm



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Krishna Kalki replied to the discussion 'Exposed: Terrorist groups Trained and Equipped by the C.I.A.'
"We got to keep exposing the wrongdoers on Planet Earth until they are all over and out and then we…"
57 minutes ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion

Exposed: Terrorist groups Trained and Equipped by the C.I.A.

Exposed: Terrorist groups Trained and Equipped by the C.I.A.There are a number of journalists that…See More
1 hour ago
Agarther replied to the discussion 'Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 05/15/2018'
"RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - May 23, 2018 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current…"
5 hours ago
Pet Rock replied to the discussion 'Imperial German Maps of How to Reach Hollow Earth and Haunebu Saucer Schematics...GOOD LUCK'
"kk you know your advocating the continuation of the 3rd reich?"
8 hours ago
Michal Tomasz replied to the discussion 'Tronald Dump'
"not right and left alt supporter. neither one ..................."
13 hours ago
Andromedan Antares replied to the discussion 'Tronald Dump'
"This is the world right now."
15 hours ago
Andromedan Antares replied to the discussion 'Tronald Dump'
"Controlled opposition. All players on the board are only that. Players"
15 hours ago
Andromedan Antares replied to the discussion 'Tronald Dump'
"Only 1 thing trump has done which his handlers did not speak strong enough. Netanyu is not the…"
15 hours ago

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